The word talAq has to be pronounced three times before talAq becomes operative (3491-3493).  But opinions differ as to whether it has to be pronounced on three separate occasions, after three successive menses, or whether three times at one sitting is enough.  According to the translator, �traditions are not lacking in which three pronouncements at one sitting were held as irrevocable divorce even during the time of the prophet� (note 1933).

With such easy conditions of divorce, the limitation of wives to four at a time was not unduly self-denying.  Wives were constantly replaced.  �Abdar-RahmAn, a senior Companion, adviser, and friend of Muhammad, AbU Bakr, and �Umar, had children by sixteen wives besides those from concubines.  Somewhat later, Hasan, the son of �AlI and grandson of Muhammad, married seventy-some say ninety-times.  People in his day called him the Divorcer.

It is no wonder that women had no sanctity.  Wives could be easily disposed of by gifting or divorce.  For example, on emigrating to Medina, �Abdar-RahmAn was adopted by Sa�d, son of RabI, as a brother in faith-in accordance with the arrangement made by Muhammad to join every Emigrant to an ansAr in brotherhood.  As they sat together at supper, the host said: �Behold my two wives and choose one you like the best.� One wife was divorced on the spot and gifted away

author : ram swarup

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