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AUM: Vatsala D. Radhakeesoon


A (अ )*,U (उ )*,M (म् )* –
Three Devanagri* letters shine in AUM*.

The Vedas* with a brush refined
paint it as the golden name for God.

Each Letter with maturity unmatched
branches further to names all- profound.

From A, Virat* flows
From A, Agni* flows,
From A, Vishwa* flows.

God illuminates the universe immense,
God is all- knowledge, omniscient,
God is in all, omnipresent.

From U, Hiranyagarbha* smiles,
From U, Vaayu* smiles,
From U, Taijas* smiles.

God is the source of light all-bright;
God creates, then destroys with all might.

From M, Ishwar*emerges,
From M, Aaditya* emerges,
From M, Praajna* emerges.

God has knowledge infinite, perfect;
God is immortal, free from damage effects.

Thus, in AUM dwell God’s attributes,
AUM is wholesome, unfailingly absolute.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

*(अ ), *(उ ), *(म् ): Main letters used in Sanskrit and Hindi forming the word AUM

*Devanagri : The alphabet used to write Sanskrit ,Hindi and other Indian languages

*AUM: According to the Vedas, the main name of God

*Vedas: The main sacred books of Hinduism

*Virat : God who illuminates this multiform universe

*Agni: God who is all-knowledge, omniscient and worthy of adoration

*Vishwa: refers to the fact that all the world and worldly objects dwell in God and he resides in all of them

*Hiranyagarbha: God as the source of light

*Vaayu: God as being the life and support of the universe and the cause of dissolution

*Taijas: God who gives light to the sun and other luminous bodies

*Ishwar: God, whose knowledge and power are infinite

*Aaditya: God as being immortal

*Praajna: God whose knowledge is perfect and He is omniscient

This is treason: Dr. Dharmveer

This is treason 

“ Pakistan Zindabad, India will bleed with a thousand cuts, How many Afzal’s will you sentence to death when each house will given birth to an Afzal, Kasmir will win its freedom, This fight will continue till India is destroyed”. These slogans even if heard in Pakistan would have been enough to make us agitated. We would have cursed Pakistan, made some announcements condemning the episode may be even announced action, but these slogans were heard on the 9th February in India’s capital at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. These slogans were raised by the students of the university. These slogans were repeated and the sentencing of the terrorist Afzal Guru was claimed to be the murder of justice. The Supreme court of India and her constitution were cursed repeatedly. Can a country expect its very own citizens to raise such slogans in the heart of its capital city and in a university! This is the tolerance of India! and it seems that these people are very miserable living in India.

JNU Delhi, has always been notorious for its anti national activities. From treason to nudity of Hindu goddesses, everything is seen to be a sign of being progressive, liberal and freedom of expression. The very foundation of this University is anti India. When the university was established it had all the departments except Sanskrit. When the then HRD Minister Murli Manohar Joshi decided to open Sanskrit department in the university, the students organized strikes, demonstrations and protests. However the central government went ahead and opened the Sanskrit department here.

The University also organized a beef festival on its campus which could not materialize due to protests by the ABVP and other hindu organizations. All the anti national and anti social activities are in the name of progress and freedom of expression.  These activities had so far not been brought to light and therefore no action had been taken. The past governments were also with them.  The University management and officials were also guardians of the same anti national brigade. The statement of the university professors and the officials in light of this incident is the result of the same tradition that has so far continued at this university.

Sandip Patra recently said on a news channel that the students and faculty who had earlier protested against the anti social and anti national activities at the university were punished, insulted and ultimately thrown out of the university.

When Zee news first broadcast the recent incident at JNU, the whole nation was enraged. Which citizen would hate his own country and detest his own fellow countrymen and claim his behavior to be his right. Those who study with the money paid for by the country declare their treason as their freedom of expression. There cannot be a greater misfortune for a country than this.  If this incident had transpired in China, Tiananmen square episode would have been repeated by now. The more disgraceful part of this episode is the way the media, political parties like Congress, AAP and the marxists are supporting these anti national students. Some want to dismiss this episode as just another incident by some outsiders and not the students. Others are trying to defend the incident as the freedom of expression.

This episode is nothing but treason and all those who are defending it are India’s traitors. Anyone who supports a traitor is also definitely a traitor himself. This episode could come to light because it was all captured over camera. When the president of the student union was brought before the judge he declined having shouted anti India slogans and blamed it on the outsiders. When he was shown the video evidence of him shouting the slogans, he blamed it on the students of ABVP of having spoilt the JNU environment. Basically he is saying that to stop a thief from stealing is spoiling the environment.  Some shameless politicians have also adopted this line and saying that it is not confirmed who was shouting the anti national slogans. They are also saying that the police should not enter the university campus to arrest these anti national students. It is interesting to note that the Pakistan supports can stay there, pakistani spies can live there, but the police protecting Indian citizens cannot enter the university.


We should also note here that this is not the first incident of this kind. There has been a chronology of such events. A similar episode had happened in Hyderabad. However a camera recording was not available for that incident. There it was associated with the atrocities on the Dalits. In the Hyderabad University more than 300 students had gathered to protest against the death sentence given to Yakub Menon. Students prayed for his soul and shouted that Yakub Menon will be born in each house. One of the member of the students’ council protested against this episode and wrote a scathing piece on his Facebook page. More than 30 Yakub Menon supporters dragged him out of his room in the middle of the night, beat him up and forced him to write an apology letter and got his Facebook post removed. Is this tolerance? Is it freedom of expression or social justice? Even if you do wrong it is your freedom of expression and if someone protests you will kill him? The mother of the student approached the court after this episode. The students of the University went on a strike and amidst all this the student” Rohit” committed suicide. The politicians and the anti national forces used this episode as the atrocities of the Modi Government on the Dalits and oppressed class. Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal went to Hyderabad University to express their solidarity with the students. No one wants to pay attention to the real cause of this incident. No one went their to dissuade the students and no one criticized their actions.


The JNU episode is the second in the series. The student Rohit from Hyderabad had written to the central government to intervene and put an episode to such incidents. The central government’s response was in the interest of the society and the country. But India is a nation of Jaichands. Today the Congress and the whole opposition is occupied with just one thing – to make every action and every episode as an act against the Modi Government.  While the students of JNU were shouting anti India slogans, another episode was taking place simultaneously. Pamphlets with photos of Afzal Guru and Yakub Menon were distributed. They were criticizing the death sentence awarded to these terrorists. This was organized in another liberal bastion, the press club of India. Needless to stay that the faculty members of JNU were also a part of this group.


Is it possible in any other country of the world to use the government institutions for anti national activities?  It can happen only in India because the enemies of the State are a part of the system and the government machinery. From Nehru to Sonia gandhi, the objective of all governments was the same – destruction of India’s culture and it traditions. It is a result of their policies that Indians do not take pride in their own country, culture and traditions. Newer generations consider our beliefs to be backward and obsolete. The Western traditions were glorified and considered ideal at the same time destroying our own values. JNU is an example of this policy. These policies have nurtured anti national elements in the country. To grab the power appeasement has been followed to such an extent that all anti national activities were ignored.


The protests against the JNU episode are the result of awareness in the general public. The fact that some members of the student council opposed it and that a couple of news channels like Zee news stood firm and brought this episode to light have made a judicial investigation and action possible. These traitors are weak and cowardly and most of them ran at the first sign of trouble. Some of them are still at large. If those arrested are dealt with strictly then most of the supporters and comrades would be seen absconding.


Anyone in public who supports Afzal guru, shouts Long live Pakistan, eulogizes terrorists is a traitor. Anyone who shouts slogans of “ Long live Khalistan, praises Bhindarwale and distributes pamphlets in support of his actions is a traitor. Those who support them are also guilty of treason. Treason is an unpardonable offense and if dealt with strictly and firmly it might restraint these anti national activities. The students, zee news and times now and the public who raised their voice against the anti national activities at JNU deserve to be lauded.

Our scriptures say that the traitors should be punished severely –

In a nation where leadership is strong and justice and punishments is severe, it does not let its subjects deviate from the righteous path.

Did the Aryans really come from outside India?: Dr. Dharmveer

The leader of opposition in Loksabha (lower house of the parliament), Mallikarjun Khadge in a recent debate said that the Aryans invaded India 5000 years ago and have been exploiting the dalits ever since. He also proclaimed that the dalits would continue the struggle against the Aryans. He also declared BJP to be a party of the outsiders who is ruling India. No one can understand the gravity of this falsehood better than the Arya Samaj. MP Swami Sumedhanand deserves commendation for having contested Khadge’s claim by protesting it in writing and getting it removed from the day’s  proceedings.


It was not the first time that this issue was raised in the parliament. Many years ago, an Anglo Indian remember of the Rajya Sabha (Upper house of the parliament) had raised a similar issue. No one had however understood the gravity of the situation at that time. The honorable member had said that the Indians should not consider English to be a foreign language. Indians love Sanskrit which is a language of the Aryans who too had come from outside India. When they love Sanskrit why do they dislike English and consider it to be a foreign language?


The theory of Aryan invasion in India is the result of British creativity to divide and rule the country.  Before the British the Muslims had invaded India and enslaved it. They used force to destroy its culture, beliefs and traditions.  The British however adopted a systematic and organized intellectual approach to achieve the same objective. Malikarjun Khadge is a victim of that same conspiratorial approach. The West is still active in its efforts to break India. Religious conversions by Muslims and Christians one hand and Naxalite and Maoist violence on the other are active in creating an atmosphere of anarchy and instability in the country. In the name of spreading modern values and trade they are destroying the moral and the cultural fabric of the society. The Aryan- Dravidian conflict is also one such approach to break India. It is a systematic effort by the West and the church to divide India into a “ Christian Nation, a Muslim nation and a Dravid nation”.  However the purpose of this discourse is the “ Aryan Invasion theory” and why it should be debunked. The Aryan invasion theory should have been quashed right at the time of independence. But for over 60 years the administration was in the hands of “ Mr. Khadge”s Party” which had considered the destruction of India, its beliefs, its traditions and its language as its primary goal. It considered the British and English language the synonym of progress and encouraged the same. Till date the students in India study that the Aryans came from outside, defeated the indigenous people, the Dravidians, drove them to the South and established their rule in India. The lie is so widespread that Congress party’s MP stands as the spokesperson of the theory and believes himself to be a non Aryan.


Today India has the opportunity to expunge this false theory from our educational syllabus and remove the words like “ indigenous people or Adivasis (scheduled tribes) from our administration. If Khadge had been different from the Aryans, his name would not have been Mallikarjun. If he considers BJP to be a party of the Aryans the outsiders, then he should see who he represents in the parliament, Sonia Gandhi? Khadge is an Indian and I am sure he loves his motherland, he should also then understand the conspiracy behind it.


Before even starting discussing this theory, I would like to mention that the word Arya is qualitative and not casteist. When the Veda says “ Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam”, it means be noble and make the whole world noble. When we wish to make the whole world noble, how does Mr. Khadge plan to remain non noble or non Aryan? The world Aryan and non Aryan is used in context of good and bad people. Manu says that Aryans and dasysus( non Aryans) live in this country. The word dasyu was used for thieves and robbers. Would Mr. Khadge still like himself to be called a non Aryan, considering what the real meaning of the word is? Do thieves and robbers have a separate caste and how can Mr. Khadge want himself to be a representative of thieves and robbers.


According to the ancient Indian texts and literature, Aryans are the people who believe in a noble ideology and traditions, who accept Vedas and follow the Vedic tradition. Those who believe this are Aryans and those who do not are the non Aryans. On this principle any one can be an Aryan and anyone can become an Aryan. In the Aryan tradition a wife addressed her husband as “Arya Putra” (son of a noble man). The westerners created the Aryan invasion theory out of thin air with a single objective of creating a rift and dividing the Indian society. This school of thought has long been discarded of scientific factual grounds. The enemies of India however keep raising it again and again to divide the country.


This conspiracy was first understood by Swami Dayanand and he contested it in his various texts. He has written that there is no evidence of the Aryans having come from outside in any of our text or literature. If the Aryans had indeed come from outside, a historical event of such great significance would have been recorded somewhere in our history. It is impossible that such an event occurred and there is no trace of it in the history. It is a kind incident that people quote for centuries.  Today if some one take asylum or a there is a terrorist attack, in either case we find the incidents mentioned. In the society there are stories, folklores and traditions. Do we find Aryan traditions anywhere else in the world? Is the language of the Aryans spoken anywhere else in the world? Has there been any evidence that it was spoken in a different part of the world in the past? The answer is a resounding NO.



Such a big race or tribe such as the Aryans could not have migrated over night from their homeland to India. There should have been evidence of this migration somewhere on the route they might have taken. If they came and conquered India then did they leave all the nations in between unconquered? If they conquered these nations too, then why do we not find any evidence of the Aryan invasion in these countries? Swami Dayanand writes that Aryans were the very first people to have inhabited India. Our texts and Swami Dayanand both believe that at the time of creation of the earth it was all submerged under water. The first part too come out of the water was Tibet and because it was the highest, man first originated there. Humans first came to India from there. They made it their home and from here they spread to other parts of the world. The Aryan invasion theory is false imaginative and at best a conspiracy.


All the ancient texts all over the world do not have a single mention of Aryans coming to India from outside. Some of them of course do mention that their ancestors came from India. For example Avesta, the religious and historic text from Iran mentions that their ancestors came from India and settled in Iran. When one race conquers another they commemorate their victory in several ways. They write manuscripts and inscriptions about the event, they erect pillars and stupas to mark the victory. They create history in order to ensure that the event is remembered. We do not find any such evidence in India. This further discredits the Aryan invasion theory. Various Brahman text and Manusmriti mention that Aryans came to India from Tibet and were its first Inhabitants. There is however no mention of the Aryans coming from central Asia and ousting India’s original inhabitants.


Are the people who are today called Dalits, Shudras or Scheduled castes really that different from the Aryans? Their clan, traditions, food habits, clothes and ornaments are all the same. Their gods and goddess are also same. They all worship Ram, Hanuman, Shiv and Ganesha. Their fasts, festivals, rite and rituals are also same. Both societies are divided into rich and poor, master and servant on the basis of level of affluence. The society is overall the same. The only difference are in education, wealth, justice and injustice. This is however a feature common to all societies all over the world. The differentiating factor of this society is the evil practice of determining the caste by birth. Because of this ignorance, hypocrisy, divide of low caste and high caste and the practice of untouchability, the British were able to take advantage of this division to spread hostility and malevolence in the country and have been doing it to this date.


The British had sent their messenger to Pandit Bhagwadutta to write in his texts that the Jats had come from outside. But Pandit Bhagwadutta had declined this vehemently. Where some people declined to follow the British diktat, there were others who obliged them for money or perks associated with it.


Rishi Dayanand understood the the British conspiracy and fought against it with evidence. Manu’s shlokas determine Aryavarta boundary as “ Aasamudrata” which is interpreted as being from Vindhyas/Satpura to the Himalayas. Swami Dayanand interprets it is as being until Rameshwaram. In his chapter on the genesis of the Vedas, Swami Dayandand writes that when we recite the Sankalp path – Aryavarte Jamboo dweepe Bharat Khande” we reiterate as the Aryans being the first people ever to have to come to India and naming it Aryavarta.


India was given various names during different phases of history. But there is no evidence of any name being given it before Aryavarta or Brahmavarta. This again proves the Aryan invasion theory to be bogus. The fact that Aryans came to Aryavarta from outside is self contradictory.


The reason that Mr. Khadge still quotes this false theory is the propaganda machinery being used to peddle this lie. The reservation system given on the basis of caste is being used as the basis to keep this falsehood alive and burning. Various christian organizations in Europe and America pump large amount of money through various agencies to keep this theory alive. Two such prominent agencies active in India are the BAMCEF – Backward And Minority Communities Employees Federation and the Indigenous Affairs Group. Several universities in Australia, Eurpose and America have set up seats to research the history of the Indigenous “Adivasi” dalit people and try to establish with DNA evidence that the adivasi DNA is different from the Aryan DNA. These organizations use the name of Jyotiba Phule and Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar to separate this group from the other Hindus. More than 200 books have been published by these organizations and distributed amongst dalits to convince them that they are different from the other Hindus. The objective is to convince the Dalits that they had nothing to do with India’s freedom movement. It was a fight of the high caste hindus for their rights. The British were their saviors who saved them from the oppression of high caste hindus who had been till then exploiting them. Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, Shivaji or Maharani Pratap were all high caste Hindus fighting for their own rights.  These organizations do not discuss any reform movement by Swami Dayanand, Swami Shraddhanand or the Arya Samaj. They are active in instigating the dalit castes against the so called high caste Hindus. They distribute literature, show various movies to aggravate this divide. They organize seminars in different parts of the country and encouragee Dalits to participate in them. They do not allow people with an alternative view or other caste people to participate in these seminars.

BAMCEF was established in 1973 with American help by the BSP founder Kanshiram and DK Khapde. The objective of this associations to take advantage of the reservation system and increase the divide between the high caste and the low caste. Most of the people are not aware of the activities of this organization and those who are do not give it much importance. However Mr. Khadge through his speech in Loksabha proved that this idea is gaining ground. The society and the government need to be pro active in order to deal with it.



Sri Ram had said for his homeland India that “ mother and mother land are better than even the kingdom of heaven. Not only this, the Aryans have described India as a land of envy for the gods of heaven. Can a person describe any other country other than his homeland in such beautiful words as these

गायन्ति देवाः किल गितकानि

धन्यास्तु ते भारत भूमिभागे

स्वर्गापवर्गास्पद मार्गभूते

भवन्ति भूयः पुरुषाः सुरत्वात्



The lords of heaven laud those who are lucky to have been born in this divine country which is even better than heaven itself and whose people are better than the gods of heaven.

My Only True Friend By Vatsala Radhakeesoon

My Only True Friend

Hectic, hectic is mundane life;
Human beings can barely enjoy time.

To No Human Heart I’m now attached,
Fragile expectations have long ago been smashed.

‘OM,OM,OM*’ in my mind his name rhymes,
Senses, Soul connect to the Omniscient Divine;
My anger,fears, torments he deeply understands,
His justice, love ,strength aren’t like slippery grains of sand.

I feel for me he’s always there,
Whatever he does he’s always fair,
He’s my only True Friend -The Divine
whom in my life flawlessly, constantly shines.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

*OM: According to the Vedas, the main name of God

The sad decline of the Arya Samaj By Dr. Vidhu Mayur

It is not possible to say with certainty as to when the Arya Samaj movement began to decay.  As good a guess as any on this is 1947, the year in which Punjab was partitioned into India and Pakistan.  It is probable that this dealt a grievous blow to the Arya Samaj movement because Lahore was where its heart had beat since its inception; with one fell swoop the arteries, connecting it to other parts of its body in India, were thus severed.  Whether this decline is terminal is too painful a question to contemplate. Why has the slump occurred?

For a start, the modern practice of democracy must shoulder considerable blame.  At its birth, the Arya Samaj movement adopted a constitution informed by the colonial system in place at that time. The legacy, left by the British legal and political system to India, includes the civil law guidance that charities should have in place an electoral system where leaders are elected by members who pay an annual subscription, on a one-member-one-vote basis.  There are fatal weaknesses in this because almost anyone can become a member of an Arya Samaj through the ridiculously expedient route of paying a tiny sum of money for annual membership, and by signing a form pledging allegiance to the movement.  Svami Dayanand must have recognised this flaw because, before he died, he set up the Arya Paropkarini Sabha to manage his affairs.  Crucially, this Sabha was, in legal terms, a Trust – a body run by Trustees who were not elected but appointed by him (presumably on the basis that he fully trusted them to be Aryas in the true sense of the word). Dharma is about one’s conduct being compatible with Vedic ethics – it takes a life-time (if not more) for an Arya to acquire sanskaars that signally cannot be acquired instantly.  It is true to say, therefore, that far too many so-called Samaj members, and leaders, have obtained their ‘brand’ identity through this completely insincere approach.  Amazingly, it is even possible to purchase life membership in many Arya Samajs – this is sold on the basis that, thereby, one can pay a greatly discounted annual fee!  Tragically, such is the extent of the rot that has set in within a movement intended to spread the practice of nishkaam (selfless and unconditional) yajna (altruism).  Arya Samajs are therefore dangerously vulnerable to easy infiltration and sabotage by enemies intent on weakening it; could it be that this is mainly why it has been brought to its knees?

Even worse, however, is that this system of organisation spawns leaders who are elected, exactly, as are politicians. Instead of leaders being appointed on merit, they come to the fore via popularity contests. It would be fair to say that the vast majority of Arya Samajs worldwide are and have been led by people whose political skills are far superior to their Vedic morals; greed for office is the result. Is it any surprise therefore that the sublime principles and goals Svami Dayanand Sarasvati intended for preservation and propagation by the society he set up have lapsed into dormancy?  For, politicians the world over are, essentially, populist.  Becoming popular in order to attract votes does not mix at all well with acting in a principled manner – in fact, are these two behaviours not mutually exclusive? Almost invariably, such people are more willing to compromise key principles (to remain in power) than preserving them.  For example, they fail with Principle 9 – no one should be content to promote their own good but should instead look for their own good in promoting the good of all.

Another historically alien concept that has taken root in the Arya Samaj is secular humanism.  Atheistic humanism is ultimately antithetic to the Vedic dharma – principles 1, 2 and 3 of the Arya Samaj embrace, celebrate and eulogise God, unambiguously so. Unfortunately, those who are too ignorant or lazy to worship God as taught by the Vedas tend to become followers of the idea of moral relativism that now is in the ascendancy all over the world, and consequently fail in practising principle 5 of the Arya Samaj, that is, all acts should be performed in accordance with dharma by differentiating right conduct from wrong.  How can people succeed in this if they are expected to accept that there are no absolute rights and wrongs?  And so, we see evils such as abortion, deviant sexual behaviour and mercy killing now being promoted as examples of modern day ethics.  Other such aberrations bequeathed by the so-called Age of Enlightenment are the industrialised slaughter of animals, genetic modification of living organisms and a selfish emphasis on human rights rather than selfless responsibilities – almost all resulting from the worship of science having supplanted that of God.  This explains why Samajs are following and teaching what is not truly Vedic, but a contaminated or diluted version of Dharma.

For a creed that totally rejects the idea of a hereditary caste system, it is shocking that the Arya Samaj has actually been infected with the notion of Aryan identity being inherited; it is not uncommon for people in positions of leadership uttering with pride ‘my father was a great servant of the Samaj’ or ‘I come from a strong Arya Samaj family’.  The intention behind such statements is to offer evidence of sincerity or authenticity of their qualifications for leadership or membership of the organisation, irrespective of the merits – or demerits – of their day-to-day conduct.  Nepotism, in the form of reserving committee posts for family members, is a consequence of this.  At AGMs or elections, dissensions between factions occur frequently and are settled on the basis of voter turnout.  Egos run rampant, with elections being won by those who boast their achievements most volubly.  It is a bitter irony that these so-called Aryas are, therefore, operating exactly like the corrupt Brahmins that have been the scourge of India for so long, justifying seizure of the status of dominant and self-perpetuating elite by dint of birth-right, and not on ability or merit.

Capitalism rears up its ugly head in the form of power-seekers trying to show that they have raised the most donations, held the biggest yajnas or organised the erection of big halls or new premises. Officers attend weekly meetings infrequently, but are unfailingly present at meetings of the executive committee.  The few sincere servants in each Samaj are taken for granted or sidelined.  Devout members are mocked for being unfashionably and unhealthily faithful to God.  Hypocrisy is rife, as commonly exemplified by non-vegetarianism, alcohol use or sympathy for non-Vedic religious practices and beliefs.  Fund-raising has become an end in itself with sizeable savings being deposited in bank accounts.  Herein lies a most sinister danger; because such wealth is a magnet for the corrupt to scurrilously try to acquire power as Samaj officials in order to attempt to embezzle such funds.  It is probably true to say that litigation has done more than anything else to weaken the Arya Samaj in India into a state of paralysis.  The motive behind such law suits is, usually, pecuniary gain or megalomania.  What has been completely forgotten is that the key reason for fund-raising through donations by the public is for the funds to be immediately spent on good causes; instead of making such charitable investments funds are being kept saved in ‘war-chests’ as an end in itself.

Sadly, what has also become vanishingly rare is the spirit of daana and seva; a painful irony in light of the sixth principle of Dayanand’s mission: that the prime object of the Arya Samaj is to do good to the world, that is, to promote the physical, social and spiritual good of all.  Philanthropic works or charitable schemes are so few and far between that the Samaj can no longer claim to be meaningfully active in ongoing social reform.  By becoming to depend on government funding the DAV schools have sold their soul, for he who pays the piper calls the tune.  The Indian State is secular and has no interest whatsoever in prioritising or preserving the teaching of the Vedic Dharma to schoolchildren.  For the DAV educational wing of the Arya Samaj to have sold out in this way was a monumental error.

Another fatal mistake made by the movement early in its history was to train and employ priests to run branches of the Samaj.  The deathly blow this has delivered is twofold: firstly sustaining an apathy amongst members to study the Vedas (because svaadhyaaya for them begins and ends with listening to the occasional sermon) and secondly because many priests succumb to the evil of monetary gain – ironically one of the evils of Puranic Hinduism that Dayanand wanted to stamp out most of all. The worst consequence of this is that the weekly agnihotra has become a meaningless religious ritual not dissimilar to attending a temple to worship an idol of God (in this case the idol being a fire). This hugely important point needs further explanation.  Devayajna is an act the daily performance of which is encouraged by the Vedas; this act of sacrifice is to be carried out at home for spiritual and environmental cleansing.  Instead, the vast majority of Samajists see fit to observe yajna being conducted by a priest as their main contribution towards practising the Vedic dharma.  Priests encourage this non-performance when their duty is actually as teachers, that is, to teach and propagate the domiciliary performance of yajna in community households.  Lay members capable of conducting homa are vanishingly rare.  So, purohits trained in Arya Samaj Gurukuls, with the intention of spreading the Vedic light, actually end up working to maintain darkness in community life.  This entirely thwarts not only the third principle of the Arya Samaj, namely, that it is the duty of every Arya to read, study and teach the Vedas in order to deliver the ideal of krinvanto vishvam aryam – making all humanity noble by cleansing society of wrong beliefs about God but even more importantly, failing with the seventh principle of the Arya Samaj – instilling a sense of devotion to duty, the duty to make the world a better place by promoting justice, morality and fraternal love.

The sad conclusion is that the Arya Samaj movement has, effectively, become yet another sect.  It was Dayanand’s intention to defeat sectarianism by uniting the entire human family and even having the lofty aspiration of a world with one country and one government.  Instead, Samajs behave as do other religions, such as, having their own church or temple as well as their own tribal identity.  Although communal worship is an essential means for promoting social cohesion, it should not be an end in itself.  Samajs were intended to function as adult education colleges aimed at training congregation members to (i) practise the five mahayajnas at home and (ii) go out into the world to spread the word of the Vedas.  Instead, members retreat inwards – by seeing their role as no more than attending a communal havan as their main act of worship.  It cannot be emphasised enough that the main cause of this is having priests in situ.  The great Vedic age dating back to six thousand years ago was based on preachers acting as atithis.  These were ascetics with no fixed abode who served the world by delivering Vedic education by, selflessly and dedicatedly, visiting place to place.  Our salaried priests, indolently, do the exact opposite (other than making money by conducting weddings and funerals).

The great philosopher Aristotle judged democracy to be the worst type of government.  He argued that suffrage is a type of mob rule.  Certainly, this is true for what has happened to the Arya Samaj movement – a body once great enough to play a key role in securing independence for India but now being led into irrelevance by unprincipled politicians working in cahoots with salaried priests.  Ultimately, the grass-root ‘members’ must take the blame for this downfall because of their individual diffidence and disinclination towards either practising the Vedic Dharma with dedication and diligence or, more importantly, seeing it as a major priority that the upbringing of their children is founded upon the sixteen sanskaars.  A key failing is that very few young people attend Arya Samaj meetings regularly; ultimately this is down to how parents bring up their children from infancy and whether parents bother with the Samaj themselves. Furthermore, income received from donations is embarrassingly low – the Arya Samaj movement is, effectively, failing with fund-raising. The format of the 3-hour long satsang is anachronistic i.e. belongs to a bygone era of 125 years ago. Arya Samajs are are failing to both spread Dayanand’s teachings as well as at putting them into a 21st century context.  A measure of the extent of the decline is that the websites of most branches are either quite primitive or not regularly updated; or both.

How Dayanand’s mission can be revived and resurrected is a most forbidding challenge that needs to be addressed urgently.

पंडित गुरुदत्तजी विद्यार्थी


पंडित गुरुदत्तजी विद्यार्थी

लेखक – पं मास्टर आत्माराम जी अमृतसरी

प्रोफ़ेसर मैक्समुलर ने सब से पहले जब लिखा की ऋग्वेद संसार के पुस्तकालय में सब से प्राचीनतम है अब इस लिए भारत के अन्य संस्कृत के भारतीय हिंदू विद्वान भी इसके साथ ही “ चारो वेदों “ को प्राचीनतम ग्रन्थ लिखने लगे है | यदि मैक्समुलर लिख जाता की सायण अंधे की वैसाखी नहीं हो सकती, किन्तु “ निरुक्त “ ही पुराने ववेद के प्राचीनतम शब्द समझने का दीपक है तो फिर हमारे देश के संस्कृत के भारी बाबू विद्वान आज तर्क युक्त वैज्ञानिक अर्थ स्वयं करते हुए सर्वत्र दिखाई देते है और “ वैदिक निघंटु “ और उसके भाष्य “ निरुक्त “ को चार चाँद लग जाते | महामुनि पंडित त्यागवीर श्री ग्रुरुदत्त जी “ M.A  science professor Lahore ने अपने सब ग्रन्थ अंग्रेजी में लिखे है और यह open secret  है की वह अमेरिका में अपने ग्रंथो तथा Vedic magazine का भारी प्रचार करने के लिए महात्मा गाँधी के समान, नहीं, नहीं किसी अंश में उनसे भी बढ़कर प्राणों की बाजी लगा गए | अमर शहीद पूज्य स्वामी श्रद्धानंद जी सदा अपने लेखो तथा अपने भाषणों में “ तपस्वी महामुनि पंडित गुरुदत्त जी को ‘जिन्दा शहीद ‘ कहा करते थे | कौन नहीं जानता की गुरुदत्त सचमुच “ अमेरिका में वेदिक सन्देश पहुचने के लिए अपने उस शरीर को जो पहलवानी शरीर था यौवन काल में एक एक इंच करके त्यागने लगे | आर्य समाज के वृद्ध नेता श्री “केदारनाथ जी” थापड लाहौर निवासी ईश्वर कृपा से अभी जीवित है, वह मुनिवर की निम्न दिनचर्या की साक्षी दे सकते है |

गर्मी की ऋतु है, जेठ-मास चल रहा है | गुरुदत्त जी लाहौर के कुचा ‘जोड़े-नोरी’ में अपने घर की सब से उप्पर की छत वा ममटी पर चुभने वाली मुंज के परम सस्ते एक अर्ध कसी व “ढीली खाट” पर बिना धरी, बिना तकिया और बिना कोई वस्त्र के पहने सो रहे है | जिस वक़्त कुक्कुट पहली बांग के लिए बोलता है, ठीक उस समय वह कभी-कभी उस से भी पहले महा मुनि जी उठकर चोला पहन १० व १२ मूल उपनिषदों का गुटका एक जेब में दूसरी जेब में मूल योग दर्शन और तीसरी में “ प्रशस्तपाद “ नामी आर्ष ग्रन्थ लिए घर से तीन व चार मिल बाहर गोल बाग से परे “ बाग बानपुरा “ की सीमा वा चुबरजा के आगे इस तेजी से चलते हुए पहोचते है मानो सादारण घोडा सहज दौड रहा है | वहा एकांत जंगल में यह प्रथम “ दिशा जंगल “ जाते है अपने महले पर पुष्कल मीठी दाल देते है | जैसा की मनु शास्त्र में लिखा है | फिर चलते हुए कुए पर दन्त धावन तथा स्नान करते है और एक जेब में से लोटा तथा कपडे दोने का स्वदेशी “ मुल्तानी “ टिक्की है उसे निकाल खूब हाथ मार कर दोभी समान अपनी कोपीन, धोती और चोला व लंबा कुर्ता जेबो वाला दाल देते है | सुखी कोपीन एक जेब से निकाल कर धारण कर एक उर्नासन को जो कमर अंदर लपेट लाए थे धोती के उप्पर कमरपेटी की जगह उस को बिछाकर पूर्व की मुख कर “ गायत्री मंत्र “ का उच्चारण उच्चे स्वर से करने के पिच्छे कम से कम एक घंटा तक ओम का मन में जप तथा ध्यान योग व योग्यभ्यास करते है | इसके पिच्छे कम से कम आधा घंटा वह उपनिषद के एक वचन पर मनन करते वा योगदर्शन की बारी है तो उसके किसी मूल सूत्र पर मनन करते वा प्रशस्तपाद की बारी है तो उसका एक पृष्ट बाचते तथा मनन करते | फिर सूर्य चढ़ने के पिच्छे सब वस्तु संग लेकर बिजली के वेग से चलते हुए सिद्धे चुपचाप मार्ग में किसी से बात न करते हुए घर बहुचते और जिस कोठारी में Vedic Magazine लिखनी है- उसी कोठे में उनके “जेठा नामी” नौकर हवन लकड़ी सामग्री घृत आदि रखे हुए है | हवन करते वक्त संस्कार विधि उनके हाथ में जरुर होती थी वह पास रखी रहती थी,चाहे मंत्र वह बिना पुस्तक देखे मुख से क्यों न बोले अब वह गौ दूध एक गिलास मुल्तानी खांड सहित पिया करते व बिना खांड के कभी-कभी इस समय दूध न पीकर लेमुं का शरबत जो घर में बने पिया करते बिना बर्फ डाले | इसके पिच्छे वह एक घंटा तक ऋषि दयान्द कृत भाषा  वा Andrew Jackson Davis  के अंग्रेजी ग्रंथो में से किसी ग्रन्थ का पाठ व मनन करते | कारण की वह कहा करते थे की इस समय संसार में दो ही योगी है मेरी दृष्टी में है |

एक तो महर्षि दयानंद और तो दूसरे अमेरिका के Seer अर्थात योगी Andrew Jackson Davis वह उक्त अमेरिकन डेविस को इन्द्रजय देव कृष्ण भी कहा करते | उनकी संगत में जो जिज्ञासु आता है उसको वह सदैव ऋषि दयानंद के सब ग्रन्थ तथा डेविस साहब के सब ग्रन्थ जो ( Theosophical Society Adyar Madras ) मिल सकते है पढ़ने के लिए कहा करते | भोजन करने के पीछे कमरे में आधा घंटा टहलने के पीछे वह अपने कमरे में इस गर्मी की ऋतू में दूसरी मंजिल पर नाकि नीचे की मंजिल पर, बिना छत के,पंखे के और बिना अपने हाथ के पंखे के वह एक धोती तथा मुल्तानी तथा एक लंबा चोला पहने पैर में कास्ट की खडावे नंगे बालो वाले सर और लंबी मुछ दाडी सहित ( Vedic Magazine ) के लेख लिका करते | जब हम देखने जाते तब वह बारा बजे से लेकर पांच बजे तक इस गर्मी की ऋतू में वेदिक मैग्जीन लाहौर ही में लिख रहे है | वह भी निचे की ठंडी मंजिल में नहीं | फिर दूसरी गरम मंज़ल के गरम कमरे में किसी नौकर को खसकी दर लगा पानी छिडकने व पंखे खेचने को आज्ञा नहीं और स्वयं भी हाथ में हाथ पंखा नहीं लेते और पसीना छूट रहा है | अंगोछे से पसीना पूंछ पूंछ कर १२ बजे से ५ बजे तक कुर्सी पर बैठकर काम करते |

महामुनि पं गुरुदत्त जी के जीवनचरित्र के शेष भाग में हम उनको ऋषि दयानंद द्वारा रचित वेदांग प्रकाश, अष्टाध्यायी, निरुक्त तथा वैदिक निघंटु के प्रचार के लिए अपनी पर्णकुटी में लगातार कम से कम तीन वर्ष स्वर्ग सिधारने तक शिक्षण देते हुए पाते है | उक्त वैदिक संस्कृत वर्ग में बड़े बड़े संस्कृतज्ञ पंडित भक्त रैमलदास जी हैडमास्टर, पं ऋषि रामजी, पं जयचंद्र जी, महाशय दशबंधीराम जी, महाशय केदारनाथ जी थापड आदि शाम को रोज एक घंटा उक्त ग्रन्थ पढते हुए पाते है |

जब यह पंडित वर्ग उनसे पढ़ जाता तो हमारा दूसरा लघु वर्ग पढ़ने आता जो केवल अष्टाध्यायी का था | इसमें महाशय जगन्नाथ मरवाहा सदैव परीक्षा में प्रथम रहा करते थे | और मई, डॉ चिरंजीलाल, महाशय शालिग्राम, महाशय गणपतराय, महाशय धनपतराय आदि पढ़ा करते थे |

दोनों वर्गों में पढाते हुए वह ऋषि दयानंद के भाष्य शैली को मार्गदर्शक सिद्ध कर दिखाते थे | यही नहीं वैदिक सिद्धांतों पर जो आक्षेप मि० अग्निहोत्री आदि ब्रह्मसमाजी व देव समाजी किया करते व अंग्रेजी वर्तमान नास्तिक साहित्य में ईश्वर जीव आदि के विरुद्ध पुस्तकों में पाये जाते उन सब का भी समाधान उक्त दोनों वर्गों को पढाते हुए वह रोज कर जाया करते |

जब उनकी अंग्रेजी में पुस्तक The Terminology of the Vedas तो इस पुस्तक ने उनकी संस्कृत विद्या की धाक जहाँ पंडित मंडल में बिठा दी वहाँ कलकते में रहनेवाले एक नामी German Theosophist Dr Salzer M.D जो डॉक्टरी करते थे, उक्त पुस्तक को देख कर मुग्ध हो गए और पत्र में लिखा की वेदार्थ करने की जो चाबी आपने सिद्ध की है वह मात्र यथार्थ है | उन्होंने कई कौपिस इसकी मंगा कर जर्मनी में अनेक विद्वानों के पास भेजी |

उक्त महामुनि के स्वर्गवास पीछे Oxford University में एक व दो वर्ष उक्त पुस्तक text book  रही |

उनकी मौत के पीछे सर्वस्व त्यागी पूज्य महात्मा दुर्गा प्रसाद जी ने वैदिक Readers बनाई जो की ऋषि दयानंद कृत भाष्य पर आधार रखती थी | हाई स्कुल में अंग्रेजी classes  में यह उत्तम Readers अनेक वर्ष प्रचार पाती रही |

फिर जब आर्य प्रतिनिधि सभा पंजाब यौवन में आई तो महात्मा पार्टी में यह प्रश्न सामने खड़ा हुआ की महत्मा दुर्गा प्रसाद जी समान यदि सभा अंग्रेजी में वेदों के अनेक सूक्तो के अनुवाद कराकर अपने आर्य High Schools में दाखिल कर दे तो जो विष University द्वारा रचित Vedic Readers देश के  Colleges  में फैला रही है वह दूर हो सकेंगा | बहुपक्ष महात्मा दल का स्वर्गीय श्री पं गुरुदत्त जी के मत का था और जिस प्रकार उन्होंने अपनी कुटी में दो संस्कृत वर्ग खोल थे, उसी प्रकार के वर्ग खोलने के लिए Gurukula बनाने की Scheme उक्त दल के नेता महात्मा श्री मुंशी राम जी को सूझी और उन्होंने गुरुदत्त जी की स्कीम को संजीवन करने के लिए गुरुकुल कांगडी को जन्म दिया |

इसके पीछे जब एक सनातनी पंडित ने मुरादाबाद से एक पुस्तक लिख कर सत्यार्थ प्रकाश तथा उक्त निरुक्त शैली द्वारा ऋषि दयानंद व आर्य पंडितो के वेदार्थ करने का खंडन किया तो स्वर्गस्थ पूज्य श्री पं तुलसीराम जी स्वामी मेरठ निवासी ने अपना अमर ग्रन्थ भास्कर प्रकाश रच कर निरुक्त शैली से वेदार्थ करने की महिमा दर्शा दी |

आर्य सामाजिक पत्रों में वह सज्जन जो वेद में इतिहास मानना चाहते है, वह एक मंत्र पेश किया करते है, जिसमे त्रित शब्द आता है और इसको लिखकर कूप में गिरे हुए ऋषि की कथा ठोका करते है | उक्त स्थल का प्रमाण तथा युक्ति पूर्ण खंडन पं श्री तुलसीराम जी के उक्त ग्रन्थ में मिलता है | जिसका खंडन आज तक कोई भी सायण भक्त व इतिहास वादी नहीं कर सका |

अंत में वेद शब्द के अर्थ संसार भर के संस्कृत तथा Sanskrit English कोष तो Knowledge  वा विद्या के करे और वेद को परम शास्त्र संस्कृत साहित्य लिखे | शास्त्र शब्द के अर्थ कोई भी विद्वान महाभारत आदि इतिहास ग्रन्थ के नहीं करेंगा | आप्टे कृत कोष तो Knowledge or science शास्त्र शब्द के अर्थ करे, फिर वेद को परम शास्त्र भी मानते जाओ साथ ही इतिहास ग्रन्थ कहते जाओ | यह बात भला कोई तर्क प्रिय जिज्ञासु कैसे सत्य मान सकता है ?

रक्षोहाग्नि वेदों से

RV10.87-AV 8.3- रक्षोहाग्नि


Author- Subodh Kumar


 पायुर्भारद्वाज:। रक्षोहाऽग्नि: । त्रिष्टुप्, 22-25 अनुष्टुप् ।

ऋषि:-पायुर्भारद्वाज: ‘पातीतिपायु:’ = शत्रुओं से प्रजा की रक्षा करने वाला  पायु है. शक्ति से भरा होने पर ही यह शत्रुओं से रक्षा कर सकेगा, इसी से इसे ‘पायु: भारद्वाज’ नाम मिला।

This Sookt is about obtaining protection from agents that cause pain, disease and destruction of healthy life and community. It can be interpreted at different levels. Our enemies can be germs carrying diseases in the environments, and can be treated by Agnihotra. Enemies of society can also be criminals, thieves, saboteurs, black marketers, smugglers, adulterators, from which society has to be protected by joint actions of community and law enforcement by ruling forces.

Modern Science on importance of AgnihotraNegative Ion generation by Agnihotra

  Fire is Plasma & creates Negative Ions

The big difference between regular gas and plasma is that in a plasma a fair fraction of the atoms are ionized.  That is, the gas is so hot, and the atoms are slamming around so hard, that some of the electrons are given enough energy to (temporarily) escape their host atoms.  The most important effect of this is that a plasma gains some electrical properties that a non-ionized gas doesn’t have; it becomes conductive and it responds to electrical and magnetic fields.  In fact, this is a great test for whether or not something is a plasma.

For example, our Sun (or any star) is a miasma of incandescent plasma.  One way to see this is to notice that the solar flares that leap from its surface are directed along the Sun’s (generally twisted up and spotty) magnetic fields.


A solar flare as seen in the x-ray spectrum.  The material of the flare, being a plasma, is affected and directed by the Sun’s magnetic field.  Normally this brings it back into the surface (which is for the best).

We also see the conductance of plasma in “toys” like a Jacob’s Ladder.  Spark gaps have the weird property that the higher the current, the more ionized the air in the gap, and the lower the resistance (more plasma = more conductive).  There are even scary machines built using this principle.  Basically, in order for a material to be conductive there need to be charges in it that are free to move around.  In metals those charges are shared by atoms; electrons can move from one atom to the next.  But in a plasma the material itself is free charges.  Conductive almost by definition.


A Jacob’s ladder.  The electricity has an easier time flowing through the long thread of highly-conductive plasma than it does flowing through the tiny gap of poorly-conducting air.

As it happens, fire passes all these tests with flying colors.  Fire is a genuine plasma.  Maybe not the best plasma, or the most ionized plasma, but it does alright.


The free charges inside of the flame are pushed and pulled by the electric field between these plates, and as those charged particles move they drag the rest of the flame with them.

Even small and relatively cool fires, like candle flames, respond strongly to electric fields and are even pretty conductive.  There’s a beautiful video here that demonstrates this a lot better than this post does.

Negative ion production has many benefits. In general negative ion production produces air similar to the air outside after a thunder and rain storm. If you have experienced a thunderstorm then you have noticed the tension that builds up in the air before a storm as the positive ions in the air reach a peak. When the storm hits electrical charges are produced in the atmosphere and rain falls. The resultant air is oxygen rich and full of negative ions. The sensations of calm and clarity can be felt in the air after a storm. This is similar to the quality of the air produced in the home with negative ion production especially if combined with ozone production as ozone (03) is also produced in abundance after a thunderstorm. There are hundreds of scientific papers and studies on the positive effects on negative ions. The following lists a few of the findings.

  • Seasonal depression symptoms decreased for the group receiving high density treatment with negative ions.
  • Neg. ions, counteracted the effects of cigarette smoke, specifically the slowing down of the cilia (mucous and carcinogenic removing filaments) in the lungs.
  • After exposure of 15 min./ day for 25 days to male subjects. After 9 days work capacity increased 50% and by the 25 the day 87%.
  • 100s of patients treated for relief from hay fever and asthma. After 15 min. in front of a negative ionizer they felt so much better they didn’t want to leave. Relief lasted for about 2 hours after returning to unionized conditions.
  • Plants show and increased growth rate.
  • Increased in alertness in humans as well as reduced symptoms of migraines, asthma, palpitations, depression and irritability.
  • Over 5 year period treating 500 patients, negative ionization cured 45% of hyperthyroid cases.
  • Bacteria counts reduced. Escherichia, pseudomonas, klebsiella, staphylococci, streptococci and candida counts reduced by 50% within 6 hours and 70% within 24 hours of neg. ion exposure.
  • Aerosol sprayed bacteria cultures in air were virtually eliminated in 60 min. with high negative ion exposure.
  • Headaches in office air conditioned computer room reduced by 78%.
  • Hospital usage for burn victims. Sealed room with negative ion treatment for severe burn patients reduced pain to nil without the usage of morphine or narcotics in 85% of the cases. 57% of post surgical cases experienced significant pain reduction upon negative ion treatment.


1.रक्षोहणं वाजिनमा जिघर्मि मित्रं प्रथिष्ठमुप यामि शर्म ।
शिशानो अग्नि: क्रतुभि: समिध्द: स नो दिवा स रिष: धातु नक्तम् ।। 10.87.1

यज्ञाग्नि घृतादि हवि से बलशाली हो कर राक्षस- विनाशी रूप धारण करता है. समोधाओं से प्रचंड हो कर  दिन और रात्रि में (हर समय) हमें (दूषित पर्यावरण के) कष्ट से बचावे.

Homa strengthened by offerings of Ghee etc. destroys all negative elements unfriendly to our life. Homa fires on being fed by wood etc. gain sharpness to proved protection all time-day and night.

अयोदंष्ट्रो अर्चिषा यातुधानानुप स्पृश जातवेद: समिध्द: ।
आ जिह्वया मूरदेवान् रभस्व क्रव्यादो वृक्त्व्यपि धत्स्वासन् ।। 10.87.2

The offerings in the fire by its contact reduce the disease causing germs to ashes. This is as if the Agnihotra provides steel teeth in their jaws to chew away ‘flesh eaters’ and a tongue to digest the flesh eating enemies.

 हे सर्वज्ञ अग्ने! हमारी समिधा से प्रदीप्त हो कर अपनी लपटों जैसी डाढ़ों से मृत्यु तुल्य पीड़ा देने वाले  मांस भक्षी राक्षसों को चबा जा.


.(Following scientific information is thankfully acknowledged from Wikipedia)

Many different microorganisms can be in aerosol form in the atmosphere, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and protozoan’s. In order to survive in the atmosphere, it is important that these microbes adapt to some of the harsh climatic characteristics of the exterior world, including temperature, gasses and humidity. Many of the microbes that are capable of surviving harsh conditions can readily form endosperms, which can withstand extreme conditions (Al-Dagal 336).

Details of well known airborne diseases causing germs are being given in the two tables here.



Germs’ life cycle in the environment/ atmosphere is depicted in the figure below:


The microbes undergo the emission process, in which they are emitted from surfaces such as water, soil or vegetation and become airborne and transported into the airstream. The red boxes indicate some of the harsh environmental conditions that the microbes must withstand while airborne. The microbes that are able to withstand and survive these environmental pressures are the more resistant varieties. The microbes make it into clouds, where they can begin the breakdown of organic compounds. Finally, the microbes are “rained” out of the clouds through wet deposition, and they begin colonization of their new location (Amato 2012).


Following is a digression to demonstrate how Agnihotra destroys various types of disease causing enemies in the atmosphere.

(Vedic tradition lays down a ten day regime of Havan in the maternity wards to bring about resistance and immunity to new born child and the mother both.

प्रातः सायं दोनो समय प्रसूतिका के कक्ष में अक्षत् – साबत चावल और सरसों के पीले बीजों से गो घृत से निम्न मंत्रों से अग्नि में न्यूनतम  दो आहुति देनी होती हैं ।

1.ओं शण्डामर्का उपवीरः शौडिकेय ऽउलूखलः ।

मलिम्लुचो द्रोणासश्च्यवनो नश्यतादितः स्वाहा ।। इदं शण्डादिभ्यः इदन्न मम् . pa gr sookt.1.16.23

2. ओं आलिखन्ननिमिषः किंवदन्त उपश्रुतिः।

हर्यक्षः कुम्भीशत्रुः पात्रपाणिर्नृ मणिर्हन्त्रीमुखः सर्षपारुणश्च्यवनो नश्यतादितः स्वाहा।। इदमालिखन्ननिमिषाय किंवदद्भ्यः उपश्रुतये हर्यक्षाय कुम्भीशत्रवे पात्र पाणये नृमणये हन्त्रीमुखाय सर्षपारुणाय च्यवनाय, इदन्नमम् 1.16.23

 Roughly translated by a non medical science person these two mantras carry the following sense.

(शण्डामर्का –are names given to two demons. They have  killer habits and are  from  the family of bacilli such as  found in milk curds etc. being of organic origins– उपवीरः शौडिकेय  with abilities to cause physical pains discomfort to the ऽउलूखलः  the bacteria being very small in size  as if ground and mixed together in a pestle with mortar…

मलिम्लुचो  disease caused by contagion associated with lack of hygiene  द्रोणासश्च्यवनो objects entering with breath through nose (manifesting as colds and coughs in the initial stages), नश्यतादितः and causing debility to the body of this new born may get destroyed. इदं शण्डादिभ्यः इदन्न मम  This offering in the fire is for them and not for me.

2. आलिखन्ननिमिषः causing invisible scratches /coatings /injuries (insect bites)  किंवदन्त  inimical to children (those without teeth) उपश्रुति: said to be demons, हर्यक्षः depriving eyesight कुम्भीशत्रुः  enemies of both the eye cavities पात्रपाणिर्नृ  as if  seeking alms with both hands मणिर्हन्त्रीमुखः  as if  with mouths wide open to kill/destroy सर्षपारुणश्च्यवनो of different colors नश्यतादितः  may get destroyed and thrown away)

Agnihotra changes the temperaments

उभोभयाविन्नुप धेहि दंष्ट्रा हिंस: शिशानोऽवरं परं च ।
उतान्तरिक्षे परि याहि राजञ्जंभै: सं धेहयभि यातुधानान् ।। RV10.87.3, AV 8.3.3

The fire in Agnihotra –Homa has two rows of teeth. These are sharpened by strong intense fires of agnihotra, to march radiantly to reach far wide and high to crush the two enemies शिशानोऽवरं परं च desires and anger at non fulfilling of the desires from our temperament in life there. उतान्तरिक्षे परि याहि राजञ्जंभै: सं धेहयभि यातुधानान्- The agnihotra is also to establish on the horizon of our temperaments the  habit of constantly engaging in constructive activities that prevent negative self destructive /depression in our life.

यज्ञैरिषू: संनममानो अग्ने वाचा शल्याँ अशनिभिर्दिहान: ।
ताभिर्विध्य हृदये यातुधानान् प्रतीचो बाहून् प्रति भङ्ध्येषाम् ।। RV10.87.4, AV 8.3.6

The arrows and javelins of fire get directed and motivated by mantras recited loudly accompanying the Fires of Agnihotra.

अग्ने त्वचं यातुधानस्य भिन्धि हिंस्राशनिर्हरसा हन्त्वेनम् ।

प्र पर्वाणि जातवेदो शृणीहि क्रव्यात्क्रविष्णुर्वि चिनोतु वृक्णम् ।। RV10.87.5,AV8.3.4

Oh fire of Agnihotra percolate in to the skin of sufferers from skin disease. Select all the germs that eat in to the flesh and destroy every one of them.

हे यज्ञाग्नि रोगी की त्वचा का भेदन करो , मांस खाने वाले कृमियों को लक्षित कर के प्रत्येक को नष्ट कर दो.

यत्रेदानीं पश्यसि जातवेदस्तिष्ठन्तमग्र उत वा चरन्तम् ।
यद्वान्तरिक्षे पथिभि: पतन्तं तमस्ता विध्य शर्वा शिशानो ।। RV10.87.6,AV8.3.5

Agnihotra flames (and gases) travel far and wide in to the atmosphere and wherever in the environments they see a disease carrying organism they direct their arrows to destroy them.

हे यज्ञाग्नि जहां कहीं भी तुम रोगाणुओं को बैठे हुए, चलते फिरते अथवा अंतरिक्ष में उड़ते पीड़ा देने  वाले  रक्षसों को देखो उन्हें एक धनुर्धर के तीक्ष्ण बाणों से बींध दो.

यज्ञैरिषु: संनममानो   अग्ने  वाचा शल्यां अशनिभिर्दाहन: ।

विंध्य हृदये यातुधानान्‌ प्रतीचो बाहून्‌ प्रति भँङ्ग्ध्येषाम्‌॥ AV8.3.6

Mantras chanted with Agnihotra further sharpen the arrows and coat them with medicines (of Havi) which the enemies are destroyed by Agnihotra.

यज्ञों की अग्नि के  साथ साथ मंत्र ध्वनि से आचार्यों द्वारा तीक्ष्ण किये वज्र और हवि की ओषधियों से लेपन किए बाणों  द्वारा राक्षस  (रोगाणुओं की) भुजाओं को नष्ट भ्रष्ट कर के उन्हे पलट दो.

उतालब्धं स्पृणुहि जातवेद आलेभानादृष्टिभिर्यातुधानात् ।

अग्ने पूर्वो नि जहि शोशुचान आमाद: क्ष्विंकास्तमदन्त्वेनी: ।। RV10.87.7,AV8.3.7

हे यज्ञाग्नि शत्रुओं द्वारा पकड़े यज्ञ करने वाले जनों को सुरक्षा प्रदान कर. शब्द करने वाले राक्षसों ( मच्छर मक्खी आदि को) अपने चमकते हुए  आकर्षण से मार. ( अग्नि की ज्योति की ओर ऐसे कीटाणु आकर्षित हो कर नष्ट हो जाते  हैं ) पुन: कच्चा मांस खाने वाले राक्षसों को  सफेद सफेद चीलें अपना आहार बनावें .(मच्छर मक्खी इत्यादि  कि  रोक के लिए विद्युत प्रकाश से आधुनिक सन्यंत्र  बनते हैं )
Fumigation Wood treatment 

इह प्र ब्रूहि यतम: सो अग्ने यो यातुधानो य इदं कृणोति ।
तमा रभस्व समिधा यविष्ठ नृचक्षसश्चक्षुषे रन्धयैनम् ।। RV10.87.8,AV8.3.8

( निरीक्षण कर के) यह बताओ कि किस  काष्ठादि में कृमि  अनुचित  कार्य कर रहे हैं. हे यज्ञाग्नि उन को अपनी पकड़  में ले कर उन काष्ठादि को  सब जन निरीक्षकारियों द्वारा उपयुक्त बना.

Inspect and identify wooden materials which are liable to get damaged by undesirable pests (White ants, Termite etc.). Subject the wooden material to Agnihotra fumes to reach these wood damaging organisms and destroy them to make the wooden materials acceptable on inspection. (Wood treatment by in special process for fumigation is a very standard modern technique.)

तीक्ष्णेनाग्ने चक्षुषा रक्ष यज्ञं प्राञ्चं वसुभ्य: प्र णय प्रचेत: ।
हिंस्रं रक्षांस्यभि शोशुचानं मा त्वा दभन्यातुधाना नृचक्ष: ।। RV10.87.9,AV8.3.9

Sharpened vision strategy of regularly performed Agnihotra (with Mantras and medicinal Havi) , directly attacks the enemies ( the infections) and strengthens the positive healthy elements in life.

हे यज्ञाग्नि अपनी तीक्ष्ण  दृष्टि से हमारे इस यज्ञ व्यवस्था से रक्षा कर. (हम नित्य यज्ञ करने  के कर्तव्य से कभी विमुख न हों ) हमारी दी हुइ हवि समस्त वसुओं –हमारे निवास स्थानों  तक पहुंचे. हमारे चारो ओर के पर्यावरण में हमें हानि  पहुंचाने वाले शत्रु कृमि इत्यादि को भस्म कर दो. हम जीवों को ये राक्षस कभी दबा न पाएं. ( कभी कोइ महामारी रोग हमरे समाज को न पकड़े )

नृचक्षा रक्ष: परि पश्य विक्षु तस्य त्रीणि प्रति शृणीहयग्रा ।
तस्याग्ने पृष्टीर्हरसा शृणीहि त्रेधा मूलं यातुधानस्य वृश्च ।। RV10.87.10,AV8.3.10

हे अग्ने ! तुम मनुष्यों के पाप पुण्य कर्म देखने वाले हो , सब ओर निगरानी रखते हुए मुख्यत: तीन प्रकार के रोगदायक राक्षसों का विनाश करो

Agnihotra ensures well being of all. They traverse the environment to keep a watch over the three types of harmful Germs and destroy these three types of germs by appropriate three methods. (According to modern science the germs are broadly classified in to three types based on their shapes and behavior. 1. Bacteria is from ‘bacillus’ Latin word for ‘little rod’ like shapes. 2. Spherical bunch grape like shapes growing in chains are called ‘Staphylococcus’.3. Flagellate germs that have a self propelling flagellate at one end.)

अग्निहोत्र नित्यकर्म है रोगाणु 3 प्रकार के 

त्रिर्यातुधानो प्रसितिं त एत्वृतं यो अग्ने अनृतेन हन्ति ।
तमर्चिषा स्फूर्जयंजातवेदो समक्षमेनं गृणतेनि वृङ्ंधि ।। RV10.87.11,AV8.3.11

ये 3 प्रकार के रोगाणु अग्निहोत्र द्वारा बार बार नष्ट किए जाते हैं  ( और पुन: उत्पन्न हो जाते  हैं.) नित्य अग्निहोत्र करने वाले को पर्यावरण के रोगाणुओं से सुरक्षा प्राप्त होती है.

These three types of disease causing pain giving organisms come under your grips again and again. But Homa provides continuous protection to regular performer of Agnihotras, by destroying these germs. (According to modern science germs are broadly classified in to 3 categories as shown here)

  1. Bacteria – meaning little rod shaped forms, from Latin word Bacillus meaning “little rod.lax7S
  2. Streptococcus- round shaped in bunches like grapes, from “cocas” meaning round Kernel.








2. Flagellate germs- that have whip like flagellae-tails, at one end to propel themselves.



तदग्ने चक्षु: प्रति धेहि रेभे शफारुजं येन पश्यसि यातुधानम् ।
अथर्ववयोतिषा दैव्येन सत्यं धूर्वन्तर्मचितं न्योष ।। RV10.87.12,AV8.3.21

Agnihotra with their divine powers destroys the obvious/ visibly perceptible and invisible enemies of honest simple life style, like even the polluted earth- in soil on which cows dig with their hoof.

भूमि में दृष्य और अदृष्य सभी रोगाणुओं को जिन्हे गोपशु इत्यादि अपने खुर से खोद देते हैं,उन्हें भी अग्निहोत्र नष्ट करता है

यदग्ने अद्य मिथुना शपातो यद्वाचस्तृष्टं जनयन्त रेभा: ।

मन्योर्मनसो शरव्या जायते या तया विध्य हृदये यातुधानान् ।। RV10.87.13,AV8.3.12

मंत्रोच्चार में जिन शत्रुओं को नष्ट करने के लिए कड़े शब्दों  का प्रयोग होता है अग्निहोत्र का प्रभाव उस के अनुसार ही होता है यज्ञाग्नि से निजी मानसिकता भी इष्टनुरूप बनती है

When the performers of Agnihotra are expressing their anger in chanting mantras against enemies of the community, their anger should impel you to destroy those harmful elements.

परा शृणीहि तपसा यातुधानान् पराग्ने रक्ष: हरसा शृणीहि ।

परार्चिषा मूरदेवाञ्छृणीहि परासुतृपो अभि शोशुचानो ।। RV10.87.14,AV8.3.13

यज्ञाग्नि से अमानवीय पीड़ादायक मानसिकता  का विनाश होता है. अवसाद दूर होता है, मानव तेजस्वी, तपस्वी , उत्साह पूर्ण बनता है.

Agnihotra kills those that take delight in causing self defeatist hedonistic attitudes as disease. Agnihotra performer gets the mind rid of depressive thoughts and blesses with a cheerful disposition.

वाणी की मधुरता

पराद्य देवा वृजिनं शृणन्तु प्रत्यगेनं शपथा यन्तु तृष्टा: ।
वाचास्तेनं शरव ऋच्छन्तु मर्मन् विश्वस्यैतु प्रसितिं यातुधान: ।। RV10.87.15, AV8.3.14

कटु तीक्ष्ण शब्दों  पर हिंसक प्रतिक्रिया जैसे घातक शत्रु  के स्थान पर सभ्य समाज में  उत्तम भाषा के प्रयोग से प्रतिद्वन्दी को  निरस्त्र करने की क्षमता उत्पन्न होती है .

(Agnihotra) Empower the noble well behaved persons to defeat the evil tendency to react to harsh speech by violence or harsher words.   Ability to disarm the wrong doers by well spoken words is developed in a civil society.

यो पौरुषेयेण क्रविषा समंक्ते यो अश्व्येन पशुना यातुधान: ।
यो अघ्न्याया भरति क्षीरमग्ने तेषां शीर्षाणि हरसापि वृश्च ।। RV10.87.16,AV8.3.15

पाशविक आचरण जो स्वार्थ वश अपने पशुओं पर अत्याचार करते हैं, घोड़ों को भरपेट भोजन नहीं देते ,समाज में  अमानवीय व्यवहार करते हैं , गौओं से  बलात ज़बरदस्ती दूध निकालते हैं , उन की मानसिकता धार्मिक वृत्ति से अग्निहोत्रादि करने से ठीक होती है.

Those who fill their belly by starving people, those who live by stealing horse feed, those who forcibly steal milk of cows, they should be eliminated by strong actions.( Regular performers of Agnihotra develop the temperaments of “Manyu” and there by destroy the enemies of society.)

संवत्सरीणं पय उस्रियायास्तस्य माशीद्यातुधानो नृचक्ष: ।
पीयूषमग्ने यतमस्तितृप्सात् तं प्रत्यञ्चमर्चिषा विध्य मर्मन् ।। RV10.87.17,AV8.3.17

जो अमानवीय ढंग  से गौ का दोहन साल भर  करते  हैं, जो नवजातबछड़े को पीयूष ( आरम्भ दूध भी स्वयं उपयोग करते हैं ,उन की इस प्रकार की प्रतिकूल भावनाओं का सात्विक यज्ञादि करने से निराकरण होता है.

Those who milk the cow throughout the year, themselves consume the colostrums meant for newborn calf year after year; their conduct undergoes change by following the agnihotra in life.

विषं गवां यातुधाना: पिबन्त्वा वृश्च्यन्तामदितये दुरेवा: ।
परैनान् देवो सविता ददातु परा भागमोषधीनां जयन्ताम् ।। RV10.87.18 AV8.3.16

इस प्रकार से प्राप्त किया गया दूध विष समान होता है. ऐसे दूध के सेवन से अनेक असाध्य रोग उत्पन्न हो जाते हैं . ऐसे लोग गौशाला में यज्ञादि कर के दूध मे ओषधि  तत्व को भी बढ़ा  पाएंगे. विष तुल्य दूध को सुधारना तथा   गोमूत्रादि का पान भी   करना  चाहिए .

Milk derived forcibly from cows is poisonous and leads to innumerable incurable diseases. Perform Agnihotra among cows in order that their milk is full of medicinal nutritive qualities.  Along with good milk, Cow urine should also be taken for drinking.

सनादग्ने मृणसि यातुधानान् न त्वा रक्षांसि पृतनासु जिग्यु: ।
अनु दह सहमूरान् क्रव्यादो मा ते हेत्या मुक्षत दैव्याया: ।। RV10.87.19 AV8.3.18

चिरकाल से  राक्षसी वृत्ति के रोगाणु प्रजाजन (मनुष्यों और पशुओं) को पीड़ा देकर उनका मांस खाते रहे हैं. अगिनि होत्र यज्ञादि के प्रकाश्मय वज्र से ही इन का विनाश होता है,

Agnihotra have always destroyed the disease carrying germs the enemies of men and animals disease carrying germs in the environments. Agnihotra should be performed in such a manner that it succeeds in completely destroying these infections.

(This has reference to the scale and size of Agnihotra performances to match the scale and size of the objectives.)

त्वं नो अग्ने अधरादुदक्तात् त्वं पश्चादुत रक्षा पुरस्तात् ।
प्रति ते ते अजरासस्तपिष्ठा अघशंसं शोशुचतो दहन्तु ।। RV10.87.20,AV8.3.19

अग्निहोत्र द्वारा ही सब ओर से रोगाणुओं को नष्ट कर के पूर्ण सुरक्षा प्राप्त होती है.

Agnihotra should be adequate to destroy all the infections on all sides from top to bottom and from front to our back.

पश्चात् पुरस्तादधरादुदक्तात् कवि: काव्येन परि पाहि राजन् ।
सखे सखायमजरो जरिम्णेऽग्ने मर्ताँ अमर्त्यस्त्वं न: ।।RV 10.87.21,AV8.3.20

यज्ञ देवता अमर्त्य  हैं वही हम मर्त्यों को  सदैव एक सखा के रूप में  वेद मंत्रों द्वारा स्वस्थ जरारहित शरीर और मानसिकता प्रदान करते हैं .

The immortal institution of Agnihotra provides protection from all sides. This institution that like a true friend with Veda Mantras of Agnihotra provides a lifelong is an everlasting immortal strategy for healthy body and mind for us mortals.

परि त्वाग्ने पुरं वयं विप्रं सहस्य धीमहि ।
धृषद्वर्णं दिवेदिवे हन्तारं भंगुरावताम् ।। RV10.87.22,AV8.3.22

अग्निहोत्र द्वारा चित्त वृत्तियों का निरोध होता है. प्रति दिन मंत्रोच्चारण के साथ अग्निहोत्र राक्षसी वृत्तोयों का नाश करके  मन को निर्मल बनाता है

Wise men perform Yajnas to obtain from Agnihotras all-round protection of their powerful blinding irradiance. Agnihotra are providers of bounties by always destroying our enemies the baser instincts.

विषेण भंगुरावत: प्रति ष्म रक्षसो दह ।
अग्ने तिग्मेन शोचिषा तपुरग्राभिर्ऋष्टिभि: ।। RV10.87.23,AV8.3.23

हमारी राक्षसीवृत्तियों को एक एक कर यज्ञाग्नि भस्म कर देती है वासनाएं जल जाती हैं. तीव्र ज्ञान की ज्योति सूर्य के समान सब अवगुण दाहक है.

Powerful, intense flames of Agnihotra turn to ashes all those indulging in demonical behavior by developing virtuous mentality…

प्रत्यग्ने मिथुना दह यातुधाना किमीदिना ।
सं त्वा शिशामि जागृहयदब्धं विप्र मन्मभि: ।। RV10.87.24,

पाशविक वृत्तियो के मिथुन- द्वंद्व  (जैसे काम –क्रोध, लोभ – मोह, मद – मत्सर ) हर समय अब क्या खाएं , औरों को पीड़ित कर के क्या हड़प  करें केवल यही विचार रहता है,  यज्ञाग्नि अ न्त:करण शुद्ध कर के इन वासनाओं से मुक्ति दिला कर अहिंसक बनाता है.

Duality of indecision –to be or not to be- is acting like an enemy of life. Create the wisdom in our temperaments (by Agnihotra and Vedic education) to have clear vision for leading a healthy life.

प्रत्यग्ने हरसा हर: शृणीहि विश्वत: प्रति ।
यातुधानस्य रक्षसो बलं वि रुज वीर्यम् ।। RV10.87.25, AV 13.2.22

आसुरी  भावनाएं  अति प्रबल होती हैं , इन पीड़ा देने वाली राक्षसी वृत्तियों से यज्ञाग्नि का तेज  विशेष रूप से भग्न करता है.

Agnihotra and Vedic wisdom empower to destroy the demonical enemies from our life (both in our minds the ill thoughts and disease organisms in the physical environments)

विषेणं भङ्गुरावत: प्रति स्म रक्षसो जहि।

अग्ने तिग्मेनशोचिषा तपुग्राभिरर्चभि: ॥ AV8.3.23

यज्ञाग्नि कुटिल व्यवहार करने वाले  राक्षसों को अपने व्यापक तेज और तप्ताग्री ज्वालाओं से उलट कर नष्ट कर देते हैं

Agnihotra overpowers and destroys by its powerful flames the enemy organisms that promote unhealthy life.

वि ज्योतिषा बृहता भात्यग्निराविर्विश्वानि कृणुते  महित्वा ।

प्रादेवीर्माया: सहते  दुरेवा: शिशीते शृङ्गे रक्षभ्यो विनिक्ष्वे ॥ AV 8.3.24

सब से महान ज्योति पुंज सूर्य भी अपनी तीक्ष्ण तिरछी किरणों के द्वारा  आसुरी दु:ख प्रद मय्यओं को दूर करता है .

The largest source of illumination SUN with its vast resource is also performing the actions to destroy diseases by its rays that come in slanting and straight manner. (This has a clear reference to UVB –Ultra Violet B in the slant morning and evening sun rays as source of Vitamin D and IR-Infra Red rays for solar pasteurization)

ये ते शृङ्गे अजरे जातवेद स्तिग्महेती भ्रह्मसंशिते ।

ताभ्यां दुर्हार्दमभिदासन्त  किमीदिनं प्रत्यञ्चमर्चिषा जतवेदो  वि निक्ष्व ॥ AV8.3.25

The two horns –the direct heat of flames and radiated energy never get old and lose their effectiveness to destroy our enemies. In fact they become more deeply penetrating & forceful by the mantras that are chanted simultaneously.

अग्नी रक्षांसि सेधति शुक्रशोचिरमर्त्य: ।

शुचि:  पावक ईड्य: ॥ AV8.3.26

White flames of the Agnihotra also make the entire environment clean and pure white.