Allah Himself allowed abrogation of oaths if need be.  �God has already ordained for you the dissolution of your oaths� (QurAn 66:2).

A vow which is in disobedience to Allah or which is taken for un-Islamic ends is not to be fulfilled.  Muslim jurists differ as to whether a vow taken during the days of ignorance (i.e., before one embraces Islam) is binding or not.  Some hold that such a vow should be fulfilled if it is not against the teachings of Islam.

An oath can be broken, particularly if the oath-taker finds something better to do.  �He who took an oath, but he found something else better than that, should do that which is better and break his oath,� says Muhammad (4057).  Some people once asked Muhammad to provide them with mounts.  Muhammad swore: �By Allah, I cannot provide you a mount.� But immediately after they were gone, he called them back and offered them camels to ride.  Muhammad explained: �So far as I am concerned, by Allah, if He so wills, I would not swear, but if later on, I would see better than it, I would break the vow and expiate it and do that which is better� (4044).

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