Atharva Veda On Cow Urine

Atharva Veda On Cow Urine
Author – Subodh Kumar


 AV  6.57.1  इदमिद्‌ वा उ भेषजमिदं रुद्रस्य भेषजम्‌ । येनेषुमेकतज­नां शतशल्यामपब्रवत्‌   ॥अथर्व 6-57-1

To cure व्रण – wrana ie. All diseases the medicines made available by Rudra are indeed  the only cures. According to (Monier Williams wrana stands for wound, sore, ulcer, abscess, tumors, cancer, boil, scar, cicatrix, cracks etc.)

The cures are carried out by, sharp ended single arrow or multiple arrows of the medicine.


AV  6.57.2  जालाषेणाभि षिञ्चत जलाषेणोप सिञ्चत। जालाषमुग्रं भेषजं ते­न ­नो मृड जीवसे ॥अथर्व 6-57-2

The body parts affected by disease should be thoroughly washed with the mixture of Cow Urine and activated water. The nearest to the disease parts of the body should also be washed with mixture of Gomutra and activated water. This is the most potent remedy blessed by Rudra for giving healthy life to us for the treatment of these diseases.

हे परिचारको, (जालाषेण) जल से- गोमूत्र फे­नामिश्रित जल से (अभिषिञ्चत) व्रण को अच्छी तरहधोओ । (जालाषेण) उसी जलोषध से (उप सिंञ्चत) उस के समीपस्थ भाग को प्रक्षाल­न करो ।क्योंकि (जलाषम्‌ उग्र भेषजम्‌) गोमूत्र फे­न मिश्रित जल रोगि­निवृत्ति की उग्र दवाई है। हे रुद्ग(ते­न) उस औषधि से (जीवसे ­न मृड) जीव­न प्रदा­न कर­ने के लिए हम पर कृपा करो।अथर्ववेद संहिता , सनातन-भाष्ये­नोपेतः, माधवपुस्तकालयः ।

AV  6.57.3  शं च ­नो मयश्च ­नो मा च ­नः कि च­नाममत्‌ । क्षमा रपो विश्वं ­नोअस्तुभेषजं सर्वं ­नो अस्तु भेषजम्‌ ॥ अथर्व 6-57-3

Let there be  health for us, peace for us, pleasure for us, let nothing cause injury and harm to us, let all diseases be banished, let all the objects in this world be promoters of our health,

हे देव हमें आरोग्य और सुख मिले। हमारी  प्रजा पशु आदि कोई भी रोग ग्रस्त ­न हो। पापकी शान्ति हो। स्थावर जंगम यह समस्त विश्व हमारे लिए औषधिरूप हों । सब कुछ औषधिरूप हो।

These Veda mantras describe the Urine of Cow to be the ultimate treatment against unicellular amoeba like organisms (Vedas call them creatures without mouths) . Use of the cow urine is suggested as a mixture with  vigorously stirred – foaming water- activated water, similar to the making of Homeopathic & Bio dynamic preparations. Modern techniques to treat water describe such water variously as ‘Activated water, Alkalized water, Structured water etc. Russian scientists are reported to have done considerable research work on such water. In addition to germicidal properties of such water, great improvements in Soil fertility by improving the microorganisms in the soil, and increased agricultural crop production when irrigated with such waters have been reported. In addition to study of germicidal actions of Ganga Jal in view of above references in Vedas, It is a matter for our agriculture scientists to also investigate whether irrigation with Ganga Jal gives larger crop productions.  

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