The Q’uran promotes sinful conduct

sinful quran

The Q’uran promotes sinful conduct

God forgiveth what is past; but whoever doth it again, God will take vengeance on him.” (5: 96.)

C. ~ The forgiveness of sin is almost as bad as the sanction of its commission which encourages its further growth. A book whose teachings tend to encourage the commission of sin can neither be the Word of God, nor the work of an enlightened author. It is, on the contrary, on that promotes sinful conduct. It is true though that the prevention of the further commission of sin can be secured by one’s praying to God, repenting of his past conduct and by exerting himself to his utmost (to lead a virtuous life.)

 Did Allah, himself send the devil to incite the innocent?

” Dost thou not see that we send devils against the infidels to incite them to sin.” (19: 78.)

C. ~ As God Himself sends devils to incite the infidels, the devils are innocent, neither the devils nor the people tempted by them could, therefore, be liable to punishment. Since all sins are committed at the bidding of the Lord, He alone should suffer the consequences thereof. If He is really the dispenser of justice, He Himself should suffer in hell the consequences of His evil deeds. But if He sets justice at naught, He becomes a sinner, since it is a sin to perpetrate injustice.

“It will be gracious unto him, who shall repent and believe and shall do that which is right and who shall be rightly directed.” (20: 76.)

C. ~ It is written in the Quran that one’s sins are forgiven by mere repentance. This encourages sin, since here is nothing to deter men from its commission. This gook and its author, therefore, place a premium upon sin. Hence it is clear that this book cannot be the Word of God, nor can the Being described therein be Divine.

“And we placed stable mountains on the earth, lest it should move with them.” (21: 31.)

C. ~ If the author of the Quran had been acquainted with the phenomenon of the revolution of the earth, he would never have taught that the earth was immovable, because mountains were fixed in it. It could be argued that if there were no mountains, it would be shaken. Why does it quake when there is a seismic disturbance?

“And remember her who preserved her virginity, and into whom we breathed our spirit.” (21: 88.)

C. ~ It is impossible that such obscene statements should have been recorded in Divine revelation or even in a book written by a decent man. When even human beings do not relish such writings, how can God do so? It is such statements as bring the Quran into disrepute. If its teachings had been good, it would have commanded admiration like the Vedas.


Allah and Enemies

allah and enemies

Allah and Enemies

What kind of God would have enemies?

“Whoso is an enemy to God or his angels or to Gabriel, or to Michael, shall have God for his enemy, for verily God is an enemy to infidels.” (2: 92.)

C. ~ Where does this host of partners come from, if, as the Mohammedans say, God is one without a partner? Is he who is an enemy to others also an enemy to God? This can never be true, since God is an enemy to none.

“And say forgiveness; and we will pardon you your sins, give an increase to the doers of good.” (2:55)

C. ~ Does not this (so-called) Divine teaching encourage people to live sinful lives? Why should one fear sin when he is given the promise of redemption? He that gives such a promise cannot be God, nor can a book that inculcates such a doctrine be the Word of God. God can never do injustice, but if He pardons the sinners, He renders Himself unjust.

“And when Moses asked drink for his people, we said “strike the rock with thy rod;” and from it there gushed twelve fountains.” (2:57)

C. ~ Now can anyone (except the Mohammedan God) utter such impossibilities? It is absolutely impossible to believe that twelve springs could gush forth on striking a rock with a rod, unless it had been hollowed out in the center and filled with water and twelve holes bored therein.

“But God will show his special mercy to whom He will.” (2:99.)

C. ~ Does God show His special mercy to those who do not deserve it? If He does, He works great mischief, for all men will become indifferent to the practice of virtue. No one will then lead a virtuous life and hate sin, since His mercy depends upon His (arbitrary) will and not upon one’s deeds.

“People may not, out of malice, try to turn you away from your religion, for there are among them many a friend of the faithful.” (2:101.)

C. ~ Now behold! God Himself put them on their guard lest the infidels should turn them away from their faith. Is not God omniscient? Such things cannot be true of God.


The Q’uran is neither the worked of God nor an intelligent person


The Q’uran is neither the worked of God nor an intelligent person

 We lay this criticism on the teachings of the Quran before all thinking people. let them decide for themselves as to what sort of book it is. As for your opinion, we think that this book can neither be the work of God nor that of an enlightened person, nor does it contain knowledge. We have pointed out some of its many faults so that people may not be taken in and thereby waste their lives. Whatever little truth it contains being in harmony with the teachings of the Vedas and other scientific works, is acceptable to us as it is to other wise and enlightened men who are free from bigotry and religious prejudices.

The rest is superstition and error. It increases the sufferings of the human race by making man a beast, and disturbs the peace of the world by promoting war and by sowing the seeds of discord. Besides, the Qoran is simply replete with useless repetitions. May God be Merciful unto all men so that they may love one another, live together in peace and a promote each other’s happiness.

If all enlightened men were, like us, to point out, in an impartial spirit, various defects found in different religions, it is not at all impossible that all quarrels should cease, that people should live together in peace all following one religion, and that truth should thus triumph. The wise and the good, it is hoped, will understand the motives which actuated the writer of these lines and profit by what little has been said her about the Qoran. They are requested to correct any mistakes that might have crept into the book through error of judgment.

If the Quran were the work of God, how could He swear by it?

 ” I swear by the instructive Quran, that thou art one of the messengers of God, sent to show the right way. This is revelation of the most Mighty, the Merciful God.” (34: 1 – 4.)

C. ~ If the Qoran were the work of God, how could He swear by it? If the prophet had been a messenger of God, he would not have fallen in love with his daughter-in-law. It is foolish to assert that the believers in the Qoran are on the straight path, for he alone is said to tread that path who believes in truth, utters truth, acts in conformity with truth and shapes his conduct in accordance with the dictates of Dharma (duty) which consists of justice and freedom from prejudice and forsakes all that is opposed to them. Neither the Qoran nor the Mohammedans nor their God satisfies these conditions. If Mohammad had been the greatest prophet, he would have been the most learned and the most virtuous among men. The praise of Mohammedanism by Mohammad is like the praise by a coaster-monger of his own plums.

“And the trumpet shall be sounded again, and behold they shall come forth from their graves, and hasten unto their Lord. And their hands shall speak unto us, and their feet shall bear witness of that which they have committed. His command, when He willeth a thing, is only that he saith unto it “Be!” and it is.” (36: 50, 63, 80.)

C. ~ How absurd! Can the feet ever give evidence? When there was none else except God, to whom did be issue the command and who heard it and what came into existence? If there was nothing else at that time, this statement is false and if there was something else, then the statement that there was nothing else except God must be thought to be false.

Other books sent down by Allah before the Q’uran.

 “And we spake by revelation unto Moses, saying, “March forth with my servants by night; for ye will be pursued.” And Pharaoh sent an officer through the cities to assemble forces. Who has created me and directeth me; and who giveth me to eat and to drink. And who, I hope, will forgive my sins on the day of Judgment.” (25: 50, 51, 76, 77, 80.)

C. ~ When God first sent down His book to Moses what need was there for sending down books to David, Christ and Mohammad? God’s knowledge must be Unchangeable and Infallible but sending down later books would show that the knowledge contained in the first book was fallible and imperfect. If these first three works contained true knowledge, the Qoran must be false.

It is impossible for all the four books to teach true knowledge because their teachings contradict each other. If God has created souls, they must need cease to exist some day or the other. If it is God Who gives sustenance to man and other creatures, why do people suffer from disease and why does not each man get an equal amount of food? Why do some people, such as kings, get sumptuous food and others like the paupers get poor food?

The Q’uran is meaningless if the book was already given to Moses

 “We gave Moses the book and the miracles. We said unto them, be ye changed into scouted apes. And we made them an example unto those who were contemporary with them and unto those who came after them, and a warning to the pious.” (2:53.)

C. ~ if the book was given to Moses, the revelation of the Qoran becomes meaningless. Both Qoran and the Bible assert that Moses was endowed with miraculous powers, but it is absolutely incredible, inasmuch as no man can work miracles now-a-days, and what cannot be done in our day, could never have been done in the past.

Moses must have resorted to hypocrisy in the same way as the selfish impose upon the credulity of the ignorant at the present time. Now why does not God endow anyone with miraculous powers when both He and His devotees exist in our day. Where was the necessity of sending down the Qoran when God had already given Moses a book? If the teachings about dong good and abstaining from evil are the same in the Bible and Qoran, the sending down of two different books was nothing but a mere repetition of the same. Again, did God forget to record something in the book given to Moses that He had to send down another book later on?

Now either what God said regarding their (transgressors’) being changed into scouted apes in order to make an example for others never came to pass or He must have resorted to trickery.

Whoever does such things cannot be God, nor can the book containing them be divine in origin.


Does Allah ride a camel

camael riding

Does Allah ride a camel ?

 “And thy Lord shall come and the angels rank on rank. And hell on that day shall be brought there.” 89: 23, 24.)

C. Does the God of these people, like a police inspector or a commander, parade his forces? Is hell like an earthen pitcher that it can be carried somewhere? If it is so small, how will it be able to contain countless prisoners?

“And said the apostle of God to them – “Look after the camel of God and let her drink water. But they treated him as an impostor and hamstrung her. So their Lord destroyed them for their crime, and visited all alike.” (101:15; 15, 18.)

C. ~ Does God also go out for a ride on the camel? If not, why does He keep that animal, and why did He break His own law by afflicting these people with plague before the day of judgment? If He afflicted them with this disease, He must have done it by way of punishment, then the day of Judgment and the judging of people on that day cannot but be false. This verse about the camel leads to infer that in Arabia there were but few animals other than the came for people to ride on. This also proves that he Qoran was written by a native of Arabia.

” Nay, verily if he desist not, we shall seize him by the forelock, the sinful, lying forelock! We too will summon the guards of hell. (126: 15, 16, 18.)

C. ~ God did not escape performing the duties of a menial servant – that of dragging a person. Can the forelock be ever guilty and lying? It is only the soul that can be so. Can He be God Who summons the guards of Hell just as the governor )of a jail) sends for his warders?



ISLAMIC Paradise


Sexual intercourse in Paradise

“Aye, blooming youths round among them, when thou lookest at them: thou wouldst deem them scattered pearls. With silver bracelets shall they be adorned and drink of a pure beverage shall the Lord give them.” (76: 19, 21.)

C. ~ Well Sir, why are boys of pearly complexion kept there? Cannot those in paradise be satisfied with being served by grown up men, and their desires being ministered to by women? It would not be at all surprising of the unnatural crime, which some of the most wicked people commit with boys, had had its origin in this verse of the Qoran.

And why is in paradise partiality shown to some of the inmates by providing them with servants? This must afford pleasure to the served and be of a source of misery to the servants? And if God fills their cups with wine for them, He is more like one of their servants. What does His greatness and glory then consist in?

And do women become pregnant in paradise as the result of sexual intercourse with men and do they give birth to children? If they do not, the sexual connection is useless, and if they do, whence do those souls come from? And why are they born in paradise without having worshipped God ( (on the earth)? If they are born there without believing in the true religion, they enter paradise without having deserved it. What can be more unjust than that some should enjoy happiness by being religious and others without it?

“They shall have meet recompense. And the cups are full. Ruh and the angels shall be ranged in order.” (78: 25, 32, 36)

C. ~ If the dead are judged according to their deeds, what did Houris, angels, and boys of pearly complexion do to deserve perpetual residence in paradise? When they will drain whole cupful of wine, will they not become intoxicated, and fight with each other? Ruh is here name of an angel who is stronger than the rest. Will God make Ruh and other angels stand in a line and form them into a regiment? Will He invest it with power to punish all (erring) souls? Will He himself at that time be sitting or standing? If God were to gather all His forces before the judgment day and thereby capture Satan, His rule would become secure. Well! This is indeed God-head!

Drinking of alcohol forbidden on earth, but not in Paradise.

“A cup shall be carried round unto them, filled from a unruffled fountain, for the delight of those who drink; and near them shall lie the virgins of paradise, refraining their looks from beholding any besides their spouses, having large black eyes, and resembling the egg of an ostrich covered with feathers from the dust. And Lot was also one those who were sent by us. We delivered him and his whole family, except an old woman, his wife, who perished among those that remained behind; afterwards we destroyed the others.”43:,44, 45, 48, 57, 131, 133, 134.)

C. ~ Well! The Mohammedans cry that it is a sin to drink wine on this earth but in their paradise streams of wine flow. It is good that Mohammedans have rendered some service to the cause of temperance here, but they have been more than compensated for this abstinence in paradise. So many women have been allotted to each man there, he would find it difficult to fix his affections on one. The place must be afflicted with maladies. If the dwellers have go t bodies, they must die and if they have go no bodies, they cannot gratify their lust.

What then is the use of paradise? If you believe that Lot was a prophet, do you also believe what is recorded in the Bible that he begot children of his own daughters. If you do, it is foolish to regard such a person a prophet. If your God grants salvation to such persons and their associates He must also be like them. A being who recites old wives’ tales and kills other people through prejudice cannot be God, for such a God can only live in a Mohammedan house and nowhere else.


 “But bear good tidings unto those who believe and do good works that they shall have gardens watered by rivers; so oft as they eat of the fruit thereof for sustenance, they shall say, this is what we have formerly eaten of; and they shall be supplied with several sorts of fruit having a mutual resemblance to one another. There shall they enjoy wives subject to no impurity, and there shall they continue forever.” (2: 24.)

C. ~ The paradise as described in the Qoran is in no respect better than this world, because the same sort of things that are obtainable here are to be had there. The only exception being that men here die and are born again, whereas this is not the case with them in paradise, te women also here do not continue to live forever, whereas in paradise they do so. We should like to know how these poor women pass their days till the Day of Judgment.

Of course it will be alright if the Mohammaden God extends His helping hand to them and thereby they manage to pass their days with comfort. Tut Tut! Tut! But this goes to show that the paradise of the Mohammedans justly resembles the Golak and the temple of the Gosaeens of Gokal wherein women are valued more than men. Similarly in the temple of God (paradise) women are valued and loved more than men by God. They live forever in heaven but not men. How can this arrangement last unless God desires it? The Mohammedan God is surely in danger of falling in love with these women!!!

 Deceiving angels to impress them of his (Allah.s) greatness.

 “And he taught Adam the names of all things, and then propose them to the angels, and said, “Declare unto me the names of these things if ye say truth.” God said, “O Adam, tell them their names” and when he had told them their names, God said, “Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of heaven and earth and know that which ye discover, and that which ye conceal.”

C. ~ Could God ever deceive His angels in this way in order to impress them with His Greatness? It was an act of sheer imposture on His part. No enlightened man could ever believe such a thing of God, nor would he display such hauteur. Was it by these means that God wanted to display His supernatural powers? Such quackery can only flourish among the savages but not among the civilized.


Believers of the Q’uran must be illiterate


Believers of the Q’uran must be illiterate

 “As to the youth his parents were believers, and we feared lest he should trouble them by error and infidelity. Until when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it to set in a mire fount; and hardly he found a people. They said, “O Dhoulkarnain!” Verily, Gog,and Magog waste their land, shall we then pay thee tribute, so thou build a rampart between us and them.” (18: 79, 84, 93.)

C. ~ How unwise of God! He feared lest the parents of the boy might be led to rebel against His authority. This cannot be compatible with the nature of God. Again mark the ignorance of the author of the Qoran! He thinks that the sun sinks into a lake at night, and comes out of it again at day-break. As a matter of fact, the sun is very much larger than the earth. How can be then set it in a river or lake or an ocean?

This proves that the author of the Quran was ignorant of Physical Geography and Astronomy. Had he known these Sciences, why would he have written such things as are oppose to the dictum of knowledge? The believers in this book are also illiterate; other wise they would not have believed in a book which is do full of error. Now mark God’s injustice? Though He is Himself the Creator of this earth and is its King and Judge, yet He allows Gog and Mogog wage constant war with exh other. This is also incompatible with the nature of God. Such a book can only be believed in by savages and not by enlightened men.

“And remember in the book of the Quran the story of Mary: when she retired from her family to a place towards the east, and took veil to conceal herself form them: and we sent our spirit Gabriel unto her, and he appeared unto her in the space of a perfect man. She said, fly for refuge unto the Merciful God, that He may defend me from thee, if thou fearest Him, then do not approach me. He answered, verily I am the messenger of thy Lord, and am sent to give thee a holy son. She said, how shall I have a son, seeing a man hath not touched me and I am no harlot. Gabriel replied, so hall it be: thy Lord saith, this is easy with me; and we will perform it, that we may ordain him for a sign unto men, and a mercy from us: for it is a thing which is decreed. Wherefore she conceived him and she retired aside with him in her womb to a distant place.” (19: 12 – 16, 18.)

C. ~ It is a thing for the wise to consider that if all the angels are the spirit of God, they could not exist as separate entities from Him. Moreover, Mary while she was a Virgin, gave birth to a son, although she did not like to co-habit with any man, yet contrary to her wishes she was conceived by the angel at the Lord’s command. Now how wrong it was of God to have done so! There are many other objectionable things recorded in the Quran which we do not think advisable to mention here.


What an injustice of Allah


What an injustice of Allah!

“These are they whose hearts and ears and eyes God hath sealed up; these the careless ones. And every soul shall be repaid according to its deeds, and they shall not wronged.” (16: 110, 112.)

C. ~ When God Himself had sealed up their hearts, etc., the unfortunate ones are condemned to destruction without any fault on their part. They are denied the privilege of being free-agents. How unjust it is! And yet we are told by the Qoran that everyone shall be repaid according to his deeds, and shall have neither more or less than what he is entitled to.

When the sinners were not free-agents in committing sin, but did it yielding to a stern necessity, having been compelled to do so by God, why are they to blame? They should not suffer for their deeds, on the contrary it is God who ought to suffer punishment. And if everyone is repaid according to the full measure of his deeds, wherein does God’s forgiveness consist? And if God does forgive sins, He destroys justice. God never act in this reckless fashion; only an erring mortal can act like this.

“And we have appointed hell the portion of infidels. And every man’s fate have we fastened about his neck. And on the day of resurrection will we bring forth to him a book which shall be proffered to him wide open. And since Noah, how many nations have we exterminated.” (17: 8, 14, 18.)

C. ~ If those who do not believe in the Quran, the Prophet and the God of whom the Qoran speaks, and have no faith in the seven heavens or in the Muslim prayer, etc., are infidels, and if it is they who are destined for hell, we can then say without the least hesitation that all this is nothing but sheer partiality. Is it possible that those who believe in the Qoran are all good, whole others are wicked? It is childish to assert that everyone has his fate fastened about his neck. As a matter of fact we don’t see it fastened round the neck of a single person. If by this is meant that men shall have the just reward of their deeds, it sounds preposterous to assert that their hearts, eyes, etc., have been sealed up. We are told that God will bring forth His book on the day of judgment; if so where is that book now? Does God make daily entries in His book after the fashion of the shopkeepers?

There is another thing which should be considered in this connection. If there is not previous birth, where did the deeds of men come from and how could the book of deeds be made out? If it has bee prepared in the absence of deeds, God has wronged the parties concerned. Why did He bestow happiness upon some and subject others to misery in the absence of the good or bad works? If it be said that He did it, because it pleased Him to do so, in that case too He wronged them.

To add to or take away from the felicity or suffering of any person with out any regard to his merits or demerits is termed injustice. And will it be God who will read the book at the time specified or will He have a reader by? If God dooms to destruction souls that have been waiting for an indefinite period without any fault on their part, He is a tyrant. But he who is a tyrant, cannot be God.

There can be no delay in the administration of Justice

“We gave to The mood the She-camel before their very eyes. And entice such of them as thou canst by thy voice. One day we will summon all men with their leaders: they whose book shall be given into their right hand.” (17: 61, 66, 73.)

C. ~ Verily, one of the most convincing proofs which God can advance in favor of His God-head is the possession of the she-camel! If God ordered Satan to beguile human beings then He Himself is a greater Satan. But to call one, who leads people to commit sin, God is a most foolish thing. If God will call the Prophet and all his followers on the day of judgment in order to decide  the fate of the dead, all of them will have to remain in custody till that period. But custody without any trial is extremely irksome and it is, therefore, the duty of every good judge to decide cases promptly. It is like the justice administered by Popan Bai. What will you think of a judge who would say that he would not administer justice till all the criminals and the law-abiding citizens of fifty years back had been gathered together in one place. What sort of justice will this be? He will keep one man in custody for this cannot be called justice.

If you want to see what justice is, read the Vedas and Manusmriti, which declare that there is not a moment’s delay in the administration of justice and that all souls are judged according to their deeds. Again, to hold that God summons the prophets as witnesses is to question His Omniscience. Can such a book ever be the Word of God and can its author ever be an Almighty God?