Vedas: Sources of Science, Spirituality and Healthy Living: Acharya Ashish Arya

Vedas: Sources of Science, Spirituality and Healthy Living

(Acharya Ashish Arya , Vaidic Sadhan Ashram,Tapovan,Nalapani,Dehradun, Bharat,India)

The divine knowledge of Vedas was revealed in the beginning of human civilization in the hearts of four Rishis by Almighty, is the basis of both physical as well as spiritual sciences. All the essential knowledge to live happy life in this transitory world and attain the state of total liberation is efficiently given in four Vedas.  According to Maharishi DayanandSaraswatiसर्वेषांवेदानाम् ईश्वरे मुख्येsर्थे मुख्यतात्पर्यमस्ति। तत्प्राप्तिप्रयोजना एव सर्व उपदेशाः सन्ति ।(Rigvedadi-Bhashya-Bhumika)means that the main purpose of Vedas is to experience God and become enlightened by knowing the truth.Materialistic and Spiritual knowledge in Vedic hymns is given only for this very purpose. Hence, the primary object of physical sciences as well is to understand Creator through His well-designed creation. Some glimpses of physical sciences in Vedas are mentioned below with references and evidences. Some of which are even unknown to modern science today. For instance

  1. As is well known, there is yet no definite theory about the birth of the moon in modern science.

As per modern view, the Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago.  Other smaller planetary bodies were also forming.  One of these hit earth late in Earth’s formation process, blowing out rocky debris. A fraction of that debris went into orbit around the Earth and aggregated to form moon.

However, According to Vedas the birth of our nearest neighbor and the earth’s only natural satellite is described in the mantra of the famous AsyaVamasyaSukta, which gives almost an eyewitness account of the phenomenon, which brought the moon in existence.

सा बीभत्सुर्गर्भरसा निविद्धा नमस्वन्त इदुपवाकमीयु:||  (Rig. 1.164.8)

The mantra clearly illustrates that our neighbormoon is partof mother earth, which wasdisembodied. The earth, which was upright in the beginning and full of liquid mass at a high temperature and pressure and was constantly pierced by the fierce radiation of the sun, which  produced a tremendously high pressure.Due to that high pressure the basic fluid material, by the immense force of the sun’s gravity and its own internal pressure burst out as moon at a suitable point in the earth’s orbit.

That the moon is the child of the earth with the sun as his father is confirmed by another mantra of Rigveda, in which the moon himself describes his own parentage.

द्यौर्मे पिता जनिता नाभिरत्र बन्धुर्मे माता पृथ्वी महीयम् (Rig. 1.164.33)

(The sun is my father, the progenitor; here is my navel. This great earth is my mother and ‘bandhu’ or one who binds me in bonds of affection).

2.सप्त वीरासो अधरा Rig. 10.27.15According to the Veda, the total number of planets of the solar system are 10, including the asteroid belt. Out of these, the first seven came out of the sun and the last three were captured by the sun from outside by its strong gravitational field. Out of the last three, the eighth came from above, the ninth from behind and tenth from the front of the sun as it went about in its orbit around the Centre of the galaxy and the first seven plants went around the sun in their respective orbits.(Courtesy: The Cosmic Yajna by Dr.M.L.Gupta)

In addition, Millions of years before Copernicus’ discovery Holy Vedas revealed this scientific truth that the earth revolves around the sun which is clearly stated in the hymn given below.

आयं गौ: पृश्निरक्रमीद (Yaj. 3/6)This Earth with its oceans revolves in the space around the Sun.

Moon is illuminated by Sun LightRig. 1.84.15॥ ॥Rig.10.85.9

Solar eclipseRig. 5.40.5

In Atharva Veda total age of the universe (duration of one creation) is given

शतं तेs युतं  हायनान्  द्वे युगे त्रीणि चत्वारि Atharv. 8.2.21I, Creator of the cosmos creates the beautiful universe for you. Having the duration of an Ayuta(ten thousand) multiplied by a Shata( a hundred).Thus totaled ten lac a Prayuta, A million, in figure 10,000,00. Then place the digits of 4, 3 and 2 serially before the figure of ten lac (10, 000, 00) making it 432, 0000,000 years. Thus, the total duration of the universe is Four billion, thirty-two crore years.

Rigveda 1-50-4 speaks about the high speed of the light and states that the Sun quickly pervades the whole world. In the commentary on this mantra Saayanaacharyawrites : “It is remembered that the sunlight travels two thousand two hundred and two(2,202) Yojnas in half a Nimesha. According to this speed of light is 187083.97852863=187084 miles/second.

Thus the modern value of 1,86,000 miles/second for the velocity of light is close to the above value. “Saayana” wrote his commentary in the 15th century AD, while the modern science finds out the velocity of light in 20th century. This is praiseworthy for Vedic science.

Medical Sciences in Vedas: In eleventh chapter of Atharva Veda (11.4.16), there is mention of four kinds of Therapy: 1. Psychotherapy, 2. Naturopathy,3. Drug Therapy, 4. Surgical Therapy

114 hymns in Atharva Veda are devoted to the medical subjects. For instance –Gulgulu, bdellium,olibanu for Tuberculosis  (Atharv. 19/38/1)

Dark-ColouredRajani plant (Curcuma Longa Lim) for Leprosy (Atharv. 1/23/1)

Cheepudru (PinusLongifoliaRoxb) for mental disturbance,tumors in arm-pit , pain in bone joints  (Atharv.  6/127/2-3)

Arundhati (Soymidafebrifuuga) for bone fractures i (Atharv.  4/12/1)

Pippali (Piper Longum Linn) for the Insane and the patient with Rheumatism (Atharv.6/109/11) etc.

There are so many Ved mantras, which deal with the art of building ships and Aircrafts.we should think of Sh. Shivakar Bapu ji Talpade, An Indian Vedic Scientist , who utilized the ancient knowledge of Vedas, to fly an unmanned aircraft up to height of 1500 ft., eight years before his foreign counterparts.Please click the given link below, to know how this modern world is wholeheartedly accepting the glory of ancient Vedic scriptures,
















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