Lord’s Prayer

O Lord! Thou art all-existence, all-consciousness, and all-bliss, most merciful, infinite, possessed of knowledge and of the whole universe – the sun, etc, bestower of all happiness and maker of the entire universe. Do thou chase far away from us all ills and evil qualities and surround us and provide us and provide us, through Thy grace, with that good in which there is no admixture of pain, and which, through the acquisition of true knowledge, leads to exaltation in this and to final beatitude in the next state. Do Thou remove all untoward obstacles from this work of writing the commentary on the Vedas even before they have time to occur.

O Supreme Brahma! Be gracious unto us and give us all good things such as bodily health, mental vigor, helpful co-operation of others, skill and the light of true knowledge, etc. May we so compose, through Thy favor, this true commentary on Thy work – the Vedas that I shine forth with the light of true knowledge and have the support of proofs such as direct perception, etc. Make it, by Thy grace, conducive to the good of all mankind. Do Thou ordain O Lord! That all men may have the

greatest faith in and the utmost respect for this commentary.

Om! (Yajurveda, XXX,3)*


We offer our profoundest reverence to God , the greatest and most high, who presides over the whole universe and over all times, past, present and future, who is the Lord of all and whose glory transcends Time, in whom there is neither change, nor the slightest trace of pain and who is the sum total of bliss. We offer our highest reverence to God, the greatest and the most high, whose feet are the earth, living on which we acquire true knowledge, whose abdomen is the space, intervening between the sun and the earth and who has formed the uppermost region, illumined by solar rays, as the head.
We offer our deepest homage to God, the greatest and the most high, whose eyes are the sun and the moon which are renewed again and again in the beginning of creation and who has formed fire as the mouth.

We offer continuous worship to that greatest Being of infinite, wisdom whose in-breathings and out-breathings are the atmospheric air, whose eyes are the illuminating rays and who has formed the directions of space, which are the seat of all activities, as the organ of hearing.

[The word angirasah according to Nirukta III. 17 means illuminating rays]

May we perpetually adore, with offerings of love and devotion, blissful Deity, the Lord of Creatures, who is the giver of knowledge and wisdom, who imparts strength, nourishment, energy, prowess and firmness to the body and bodily
organs, the breath, the soul and the mind, whom the learned worship and whose commandments they obey, whose protection is salvation and whose disfavor and want of protection is the causer of birth and death.


[According to Shatapatha VIII.3, the word Kah means the Lord of Creatures].

O Almighty Lord! May the earth, the shining firmament, the intermediate region between the sun and the earth, water, the annual plants, the learned, the Vedas and the whole universe, through Thy favor and our devotion to Thee, be full of peace, free from disturbance and productive of happiness to us for ever and ever and may they be agreeable to us so that we may be able to write this Vedic commentary with ease and comfort. O Lord! Advance us as well as the whole world in every way by means of this universal peace

and by affording us the best helps of knowledge, wisdom, intellect and health.

O Lord! May we have no fear from any of the regions in which it may be Thy will to plant an maintain a world, so that we may have no cause of fear from any quarter in any way whatsoever. O Lord! May we have no fear from men and animals inhabiting any regions. O Lord! Make all regions as well as their men and animals and source of peace to us and endow us, through thy grace, with the bliss of righteousness, worldly prosperity, enjoyment and emancipation.

O Lord! Ocean of mercy! May the mind in which are firmly established the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda, and the true knowledge

of emancipation and by which men’s faculty of memory is held together like pearls by the thread or spokes by the hub – may that mind of mine, through Thy grace, love only what is good and shine with the light of truth so that the correct interpretation of the Vedas may come to light. O Lord! Thou art possessed of every kind of knowledge and thou knowest everything. Let thy grace descend upon us so that we may be able to make this Vedic commentary, correct and complete, without disturbance and to proclaim the glory and the true interpretation of the Vedas.

May all of us acquire noble qualities of the highest order by reading it. Do thou bestow on us this favor O Lord! With this end in view I offer this prayer to thee. Give me thy blessing without delay so that this work, which will conduce to the good of all, may be brought to a successful termination.

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