Chapter 18, The Medical Science

“The following verse contains the root of the medical science:-

“O God, thou art the great Healer! My the medicines, soma, etc., be our friends, promote our welfare and destroy diseases through Thy favor and may we know t hem thoroughly. May the pranas be our good friends. May they be unfriendly to and inflict pain on the oppose those unrighteous men or evil passions such as anger, lust, etc., and diseases, who or which oppose us or whom or which we oppose.

That is to say, medicines like friends destroy the afflictions of those who follow a proper regimen and like enemies inflict pain on those who violate it.” Yaju VI. 22.
[In Sumitriya and durmitriya according to the supplementary rul ‘Iya diyach and i should ‘also be enumerated’ diyach has been substituted for ghas the sign of plural nominative.]

There are many verses in the Vedas which contain the root principles of the medical science. This not the proper place to quote them, but we shall explain them at the proper place.

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