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In Modi’s Victory is India’s Victory! Dr. Dharmveer


It is ludicrous to see people in the country debating on the capabilities required for the
position of India’s Prime Minister. In a country where Manmohan Singh could remain
the Prime Minister for 10 years, this discussion is a sheer waste of time and energy.
During his tenure, capabilities of the Prime Minister became a popular subject of
mockery and ridicule in media. As an example, a journalist once asked Manmohan
Singh, “What is two plus two?” He answered, “It should be four but let me first confirm it
with Sonia ji”. When a person like him can become India’s Prime Minister, then surely
there should be no doubt on the candidature of Narendra Modi. The only requirement
here is a majority in Parliament, capability is immaterial.! !
If someone thinks being an economist justifies Manmohan Singh’s capability to be the
Prime Minister, it is naiveté. This economist has only contributed in further ruining our
economy. There are scores of people who, in name, are the officers of the Government
of India but actually serve the American interests. Having worked earlier for them in
Institutions like the World Bank etc., they still take pride in taking orders from them.
Whether it is Mr. Manmohan Singh or Mr. Ahluwalia of the Planning Commission or our
Finance Minister, Mr. P Chindambaram, their loyalties lie with America rather than
India. Manmohan Singh left no stone unturned to achieve the Nuclear deal with the US.
He went so far as to bribe for the vote but ultimately fulfilled the US desire to accomplish
the deal. Similarly for FDI, the government bent over backwards to ensure that it was in
accordance with America’s wishes, completely neglecting Indian interests. All regional
Governments, belonging to the Opposition parties, opposed this decision, but Mr. Singh
did not heed anyone and went ahead with it. Is this the eligibility and qualification we are
talking about?! !
In India, normally, the President is a nominal head, but for the first time, India’s Prime
Minister became one. Mr. Manmohan Singh held the office but the real power remained
with Sonia Gandhi. The country in reality was being run from 10, Janpath. The decisions
taken there were released from the PMO. To be a part of Sonia Gandhi’s Council (as is
now revealed in Mr. Baru’s book: The Accidental Prime Minister), one did not have to
contest an election or be a Cabinet Minister. Being her loyalist was good enough. This
membership however had one clause – one needed to hate India and everything Indian.
If one’s heart filled with hatred on hearing the word “Hindu”, then no other qualification
was required. The greater your efforts to disintegrate India and Hindus, the more points
you gained. The perfect example of this is the “Communal violence Bill”. Sonia Gandhi
and her team would forever regret not being able to pass this bill. Efforts to shut all
Hindu Institutions and organizations, spending the offerings made to the temples for
spreading Islam and Christianity, treasury of the temples being spent on Madarsas and
missionaries, these have been the major contributions of this Government. Maligning
the image of Hindu saints and Institutions, putting Hindu reformers in jail in the name of
“Hindu Terrorism” and charging them with false accusations is what the Government has
done in the last ten years. Is this the qualification required for India’s top job?! !
“Minorities have the first right to this country’s resources” – This ideal statement by
India’s Prime Minister is the result of the policies implemented by his Government.
Never before in the history of India, were the terrorists and traitors bestowed with so
much honor and wealth as has been done by this Government, all in the name of being
from a minority community. It was only possible in Sonia’s and Manmohan’s
Government for a nation to declare its majority population as terrorists and the actual
terrorists as innocent. In a recent interview, Mr. RN Singh, who was until very recently
an officer of RAW (India’s external intelligence Agency), made a most startling
revelation on Mumbai’s 26/11 attacks: the Manmohan Singh Government and Sonia
Gandhi had planned to declare the Mumbai attack as a Hindu Terrorist Attack.
According to this plan, Ajmal Kasab was to commit suicide, then there would have been
no proof of who was behind the attack and it could have been easily termed as an
attack by the Hindu Terrorists. It would have had two advantages: Islamic Terrorism
would have been spared from another act of disgrace and all Muslim votes would have
come to the Congress. The Hindus would have borne the brunt of the incident and could
have easily been put at par with Islamic Terrorism. Shri RN Singh also revealed that
there is an ongoing conspiracy to create a history of Hindu terrorism. The Malegaon
blasts and then the Samajhauta Express accident were both declared as Hindu terrorist
acts. Some army officials were accused of being co-conspirators. It was said that they
stole RDX from the army. This is a baseless allegation, as RDX is not even used by the
army. However these people were and are still being arrested, jailed and tortured. Is
this the qualification and eligibility of Manmohan Singh that we are talking about?! !
Criticizing the Indian Army and lowering its morale, restricting and interfering with the
Army actions on the borders, unprecedented corruption and nepotism in the purchase of
Aircrafts, submarines and helicopters – They did everything in their power to weaken the
army. Humiliating its own Army General on some random issue and appointing corrupt
officials in his place is dishonesty and treason towards one’s own country. Being a
traitor is the sole qualification that he has. ! !
Manmohan Singh’s government conveniently ignored the attacks and tortures on our
soldiers by China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. China has been repeatedly encroaching
our borders. Forget about retaliation, the government did not even register a token
protest. Only those who have no respect and love for their country can behave like that. ! !
Under their skewed policies of Muslim appeasement at all cost, the Government
destroyed the entire security structure of the country. With fake encounters and a pro
terrorist policy, it made the Intelligence Bureau (India’s internal security agency) fight
with RAW (Research Analysis Wing, External security agency of India) and with the CBI.
It not only undermined the reputation and prestige of these services, but lowered the
morale of the officers working in them, making India even more vulnerable. It had no
scruples in humiliating those who sacrificed their lives for the country. They were not
even spared posthumously. The terrorism in Punjab could not have been tackled without
a brave and dedicated officer like Mr. Gill. Even he was not spared. A low level officer
was instigated to accuse him of the death of innocent people in fake encounters. There
is no security apparatus that has not been systematically destroyed and no department
whose officers have not been left disenchanted. On various international fora, in the
parliament, foreign missions and other platforms, they talked again and again about
saffron terror, Hindu Terror and RSS terror. Hindus have been made synonymous with
terrorism and RSS has been portrayed as the training ground for Hindu terrorists. This
is the game plan through which they plan to rule this nation. ! !
Whilst patriots were being punished for doing their duties, the traitors were being
showered with awards and honors. Dr. Binayak Sen, a known Maoist sympathizer and
activist, was arrested on account of his anti-national activities. Human Rights agencies
worked over-night to get him released and even came to India to inspect our justice
system. Finally when released on bail, it was celebrated as justice having prevailed. On
his release, Dr. Binayak Sen was promplty made a member of the Planning
Commission. He is now working towards punishing the people who work for the country.! !
India is being attacked by terrorists and they are being protected by the Government
and the NGOs. This is a strange country where its own Government first invites
terrorists, then provides them protection by standing between the terrorists and
judiciary. Our forces are sent on the borders with their hands tied. The terrorists decide
the number of soldiers and army posts for different areas. For instance, though the
armed forces have been successful in crushing the terrorist movement in Kashmir, the
only credit they ever got was that of destroying innocent lives. The Armed Forces
Special Act, which has helped in nabbing terrorists, is seen as a violation of Human
Rights. Nowadays we hear voices saying that the number of army men in Kashmir
needs to be reduced and the Armed Forces Special Act to be expunged. Kashmir being
a part of India is being contested by those organizations which are funded by terrorist
organizations. Prashant Bhushan, a known terrorist sympathizer, has no qualms in
declaring Kashmir a part of Pakistan. His political organization “AAP” shows Kashmir as
a part of Pakistan. Is providing patronage to anti nationals the only qualification to be
India’s Prime Minister?!
The Government forbids our soldiers from opening fire. It says if you have to fire, fire
slowly. Army is still to understand what is meant by that. It is a gross misfortune and
injustice to our soldiers that if they act under the instructions of the Government,
innocent people lose their lives and they are termed inefficient. If they do their duty and
kill terrorists, they face legal action for causing fake encounters. This Government
naturally considers the life of a single terrorist far more valuable than the lives of
hundreds of innocent men and women.! !
During Punjab insurgency about 20,000–25,000 people lost their lives. In Kashmir,
40,000 people died due to terror attacks. Naxalites have killed thousands in different
parts of India. No Government, no NGO or Human Rights Group talks about them, their
rights and our duty towards them. When a terrorist is killed in an encounter, NGOs,
Human Rights Groups and even foreign Governments come forward to his defense. Not
to mention the Government of India being the front runner. Laws are normally there to
protect the citizens of the country; the only law that is an exception is the “Human
Rights Law”. No other law has been abused the way this law has been. The primary
purpose of this law is to protect the terrorists. It is safe to say that it has become the first
and the last refuge of the scoundrels masquerading as the Government of India and
Non-Governmental Organizations. They get funding for providing protection to terrorists.
People of India don’t mean anything to these self-serving groups. We need a law that
protects India and the Indians who fight for the country and this certainly cannot be
done by this Government. ! !
Today, using these laws we have been enslaved by these organizations and people,
who are keen on breaking India into fragments. Today more than ever we need
someone who calls this country as his own, who stands for this country, represents this
country and believes in it. We need someone who can become a symbol of a capable,
strong and great nation.! !
For the last 15 years there is only one person who has been fighting these anti national
forces. Yes he is not a top notch economist and doesn’t hold a foreign degree, the
degree that is awarded only by USA’s approval. He has been called harbinger of death,
a terrorist and Hitler. Muslims and Christians call him an enemy of the minority
communities. For the last 10 years, the Government of India has left no stone unturned
to demonize him. All Government agencies have been trying to prove him guilty. All
Commissions, foreign Governments, Institutions want to see him behind bars. To enable
this, the Supreme Court appointed the SIT outside of Gujarat. No Literature Fest, no
news article or program, no event is complete without denouncing him. To the pseudo
intelligentsia of this nation, his name is synonymous with evil and terrorism. Christians
don’t trust him and Muslims see him as their enemy. Politically he is a pariah. His own
party people consider him arrogant. Governments of Europe and United States, all
news channels, all newspapers, all leading politicians, foreign journals, and his own
party men have used all their might to destroy him, to defeat and demean him. The
reporters even found out his estranged wife, leveled snooping charges, and he is still
standing unfazed, undefeated and firm. He is challenging his enemies. Is this quality not
enough to be the Prime Minister of India? Narendra Modi is the Arjun of this
Mahabharat. He is heard saying like Arjuna – ‘Neither will I run away nor will I plead!!

Islamic Cleric: Indian Politicians should be more critical of Modi to get certificate of secularism

Imam of city’s Tipu Sultan Mosque Maulana Barkati lashed out at Modi for seeking the votes of the Muslim community. He asked Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee to be more critical of Modi in order to prove her secular credentials.

He added, “Mamata Banerjee (CM of West Bengal) should be more critical of Narendra Modi (BJP PM candidate) like Rahul Gandhi to prove her secular credentials.

The Imam of city’s Tipu Sultan Mosque, Maulana Barkati, told PTI, “We know she is secular, but if Mamata Banerjee wants to prove her secular credentials, she should be more aggressive and critical about Modi. Rahul Gandhi has been critical of Modi, we want Mamata Banerjee also to come out openly in criticizing Modi.”

In India, the politicians who sports Skull caps like Muslims, even on Hindu Festivals, and openly abuses & criticizes Hindu Nationalist leader Modi, is offered certificate of secularism by the great clerics of Islam.

Indian National Congress leader, & Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde refused to be anointed by a vermilion tilak when a Hindu priest approached him, but he went forward enthusiastically to wear a skull-cap, when offered by a Maulvi (Islamic Cleric), just to woo Muslims of India, and to prove his secular credentials.

Even, the newly born Aam Aadmi Party’s chief ‘Arvind Kejriwal’, who is accused of having relations with Anti-India organizations, too wore skull-cap in public meeting to woo Muslim voters, and to project himself as a secular leader.

Now Indian voters need to realize that wearing or sporting skull-cap has nothing to do with secularism. Secularism is defined as “the view that public education and other matters of civil policy should be conducted without the introduction of a religious element”, but this is not the case with Indian secularism, in India secularism is decided by some of the powerful Islamic Clerics, who are free to abuse Hindus, Hindu leaders and right-wing politicians, and the Politicians who follow them blindly are rated high in their certificate of Secularism.