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What is Jihad: Abhula La Maududi

Muslims now a days find out various meaning of Jihad. Some says is a spiritual struggle within oneself against sin. Some describes as Jihad is not a violent concept. Jihad is not a declaration of war against other religions etc etc.

Let’s have a view of Abhuda Ala Maududi on this point . He (25 September 1903 – 22 September 1979), was an Indian-Pakistani scholarphilosopherjuristjournalistislamist and imam.

He strove not only to revive Islam as a renewer of the religion, but to propagate “true Islam”.

He believed that politics was essential for Islam and that it was necessary to institute sharia and preserve Islamic culture from what he saw as the evils of secularismnationalism, and women’s emancipation.

He was the founder of the Jamaat-e-Islami, the largest Islamic organisation in Asia. He and his party are thought to have been the pioneer in politicizing islam and generating support for an Islamic state in Pakistan. They are thought to have helped inspire General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq to introduce “Sharization” to Pakistan.


The word ‘Jihād’ is commonly translated into English as ‘the Holy War’ and for a long while now the word has been interpreted so that it has become synonymous with a ‘mania of religion’.


The word ‘Jihād’ conjures up the vision of a marching band of religious fanatics with savage beards and fiery eyes brandishing drawn swords and attacking the infidels wherever they meet them and

.pressing them under the edge of the sword for the recital of Kalima


What Jihad Really is?:  Forcing views on others…


In reality Islam is a revolutionary ideology and programme which seeks to alter the social order of the whole world and rebuild it in conformity with its own tenets and ideals. ‘Muslim’ is the title of that International Revolutionary Party organized by Islam to carry into effect its revolutionary programme.

And ‘Jihād’ refers to that revolutionary struggle and utmost exertion which the Islamic Party brings into play to achieve this objective.

Objective to destroy all states:

Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it.

The purpose of Islam is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and programme, regardless of which nation assumes the role of the standard-bearer of Islam or the rule of which nation is undermined in the process of the establishment of an ideological Islamic State.

Want to rule whole world:

Islam requires the earth—not just a portion, but the whole planet—not because the sovereignty over the earth should be wrested from one nation or several nations and vested in one particular nation. Islam wishes to press into service all forces which can bring about a revolution and a composite term for the use of all these forces is ‘Jihad’.

The Need and Objective of Jihad: Destroy un-Islamic civilizations

Those who affirm faith in Islamic ideology become members of the party of Islam.

In this manner, an International Revolutionary Party is born to which Qur’an gives the title of ‘Hizb Allah’ and which alternatively is known as Islamic Party or the Ummah of Islam’.

As soon as this party is formed, it launches the struggle to obtain the purpose for which it exists. The rationale for its existence is that it should Endeavour to destroy the hegemony of an un-Islamic system and establish in its place the rule of that social and cultural order which regulates life with balanced and humane laws, referred to by the Qur’an with the comprehensive term ‘the

word of God’.

Objectives of Jihadis as explained by Quran:

The Holy Qur’an enunciates only one purpose of the genesis of this party and that is:

“You are the best people, raised for mankind, exhorting good and warding off evil and believing in Allah.” (3: 110)

It is their objective to shatter the myth of the divinity of demi-gods and false deities and reinstate good in place of evil.

(1) “And fight them until there is no persecution and religion is professed for Allah.” (2: 193).)

(2) “If you do not do (that you are enjoined) there will be mischief in the earth and tremendous disorder”. ( 8: 73)

(3) “He is Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, he may make it dominant over all religions, even if the polytheists resent it”. ( 9: 33)

No system other than Islamic is allowed to be in existence :

Hence this party is left with no other choice except to capture State Authority. No party

which believes in the validity and righteousness of its own ideology can live according to its precepts under the rule of a system different from its own.

Extirpate rule of Opposing Ideology

it is impossible for a Muslim to succeed in his intention of observing the Islamic pattern of life under the authority of a non-Islamic system of government. All rules which he considers wrong; all taxes that he deems unlawful; all matters which he believes to be evil; the civilization and way of life which, in his view, are wicked; the education system which seems to him as fatal—all these will be so inexorably imposed on him, his home and his children that evasion will become impossible.

Hence a person or a group of persons are compelled by the innate demand of their faith to

strive for the extirpation of the rule of an opposing ideology and setting up a government which follows the programme and policies of their own faith, for under the authority of a government professing inimical doctrines, that person or group of persons cannot act upon their own belief. If these people evade their duty of actively striving for this end, it clearly implies that they are hypocrites and liars in their faith.

“May Allah forgive you (O Muhammad) Why didst you permitted them (to remain behind) till had become manifest to you those who were truthful and who were liars. Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, will not seek permission (for exemption) from striving with their riches

and their lives. And Allah knows the righteous Only those will seek permission from you (to be exempted) who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and whose hearts are full of doubts and in their doubts they waver.” (9: 43-45)


In these words, the Qur’an has given a clear and definite decree that the acid test of the true devotion of a party to its convictions is whether or not it expends all its resources of wealth and life in the struggle for installing its faith as the ruling power in the State.


Eliminate rule of un-Islamic system

It must be evident to you from this discussion that the objective of the Islamic ‘ Jihād’ is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule. Islam does not intend to confine this revolution to a single state or a few countries; the aim of Islam is to bring about a universal revolution. Although in the initial stages it is incumbent upon members of the party of Islam to carry out a revolution in the State system of the countries to which they belong, but their ultimate objective is no other than to effect a world revolution.

The same conception has been enunciated by the Holy Qur’an in the following words:

“What has happened to you? Why don’t you fight in the way of God in support of men, women and children, whom finding helpless, they have repressed; and who pray, “O God! liberate us

from this habitation which is ruled by tyrants”. (4: 75).

Hence it is imperative for the Muslim Party for reasons of both general welfare of humanity and self-defence that it should not rest content with establishing the Islamic System of Government in one territory alone, but to extend the sway of Islamic System all around as far as its resources can carry it.

Forceful conversation of un Islamic establishments:

The Muslim Party will inevitably extend invitation to the citizens of other countries to embrace the faith which holds promise of true salvation and genuine welfare for them. Even otherwise also if the Muslim Party commands adequate resources it will eliminate un-Islamic Governments and establish the power of Islamic Government in their stead. It is the same policy which was executed by the Holy Prophet (peace of Allah be upon him) and his successor illustrious caliphs (may Allah be pleased with them). Arabia, where the Muslim Party was founded, was the first country which was subjugated and brought under the rule of Islam. Later the Holy Prophet (peace of Allah be upon him) sent invitations to other surrounding states to accept the faith and ideology of Islam.


Historical Evidence of such wars initiated by Mohemmad and Khalifas

 When the ruling classes of those countries declined to accept this invitation to adopt the true faith, the Prophet (peace of Allah be upon him) resolved to take military action against them.

The war of Tubuk was the first in the series of military actions. When Hadrat Abu Bakr  assumed leadership ofthe Muslim Party after the Prophet have had left for his heavenly homes he launched an invasion of Rome and Iran, which were under the dominance of un-Islamic Governments. Later, Hadrat ‘Umar  carried the war to a victorious end.

The citizens of Egypt, Syria, Rome and Iran initially took these military actions as evidence of the imperialist policy of the Arab nation.

Religion of Peace that orders to kill Non Muslims

In 2001 president Bush quoted at Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. that “Islam is Peace”.  General people who doesn’t have that much knowledge of Islam feels in similar manner. Various Muslim scholars also quote the same and say that Islam literally means “peace or submission” .Muslims who are keen to emphasize their rejection of violence have used the term “a religion of peace” as a description of Islam they says that “The Prophet  did not found a terrorist religion, but a religion of peace.” .but when we look at the history and the current affairs of various Muslim organizations like ISIS, BOKO Haram and Indian Muzahiddin etc, situation is totally different. On looking the activities of these organization and the similar emperors and organization in past it seems that it’s a different world which is shown to general public.

There is an uncanny irony here that many have noticed. The position of these Muslim organizations like ISIS in the face of all provocations seems to be: “Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say that it isn’t, we will kill you. “

Of course, the truth is often more nuanced, but this is about as nuanced as it ever gets: Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say that it isn’t, we peaceful Muslims cannot be held responsible for what our less peaceful brothers and sisters do. When they burn your embassies or kidnap and slaughter your journalists, know that we will hold you primarily responsible and will spend the bulk of our energies criticizing you for “racism” and “Islamophobia.”

The problem, however, is that the credo of these Muslim organizations like Taliban ISIS actually happens to be “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

It is strange that ISIS wants to establish Islamic state. They says that they are on path of Allah. Looking into their views. Its stranger that Allah, the Islamic God, wants to make people Muslims through a cruel scheme of terror. Being the Creator, he could have achieved this goal by creating everybody a Muslim.

It is amazing to maintain appearance, Islam does not include Jihad in its Five Basic Canons, that is the confession (Kalma), Namaz, Roza, Zukat and Hajj. The reason for this exclusion is to create ambiguity to baffle the followers so that freedom is given to carry out acts of barbarity as holy deeds without inquiring into the nature of religion

Jihad is the surest way of securing paradise. Look at the following Qur’anic Evidence to lure Muslims for Jihad.


Look at the hatred verses in Quran against the non-Muslims:

is3is3is3is3Sura Repentance 9:5

 “But when the sacred months expire slay those who associate others with Allah in His Divinity wherever you find them, and besiege them and lie in wait for them. But if they repent and establish the prayer and pay Zakah leave them alone. Surely Allah is all – forgiving ever merciful. And if any of those who associate others with Allah in His Divinity seeks asylum, grant him asylum that he may hear the Word of Allah and then escort him to safety for they are a people who do not know.”

AllamaShabbir Ahmad Usmani describes that it is told that though no covenant stood between the Muslims and the covenant breakers and the Muslims were justified to take any prompt actions against them befitting their crime, yet the reverence of the Holy Months demanded some toleration either because first action might have been forbidden in the holy months up to that time or because of some expedient reason that why confusion should be created among the people for a minor things since warring during these months was conventionally infamous among them. However they were given respite till the end of these month to manage their affairs as they liked.

He further explains that After that for the purification of Arabian Peninsula (an area of land that is almost surrounded by water but is joined to a larger piece of land:
the Iberian peninsula (= Spain and Portugal)) there would be no way out save war. And what is done in war – Killing, arresting, besieging, confining, lying in wait for ambush shall be done necessarily.

Look at the further explanations how clear they are in way of forcing the people to convert to Islam. :


According to Imam Ahmad, Imam Shafaee, Imam Malik repent it is obligation of an Islamic State to slay the offender of Salat if he does not repent and begin to pray. Imam Abu Haneefa(Be God’s mercy on him) says that he should be beaten harshly and sentenced to confinement till he dies or repents.


How poor that GOD is who is dependent on these terrorists to spread his views.

If he would have been that much of powerful why he didn’t created all the people as Muslims.

Why he is so helpless aginst the Shiatan who is creating obstacle in making the whole world an Islamic State.

Jihad: A contract between Allah and Muslims

Everyone is aware about the word “Jihad” i.e. also known as holy war. Muslim scholars defines it as “in a religious sense, as described by the Quran and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (s), “jihad” has many meanings. It can refer to internal as well as external efforts to be a good Muslims or believer, as well as working to inform people about the faith of Islam.”

Muslim scholars describes that:

  • Jihad is not a violent concept.
  • Jihad is not a declaration of war against other religions. It is worth noting that the Koran specifically refers to Jews and Christians as “people of the book” who should be protected and respected. All three faiths worship the same God. Allah is just the Arabic word for God, and is used by Christian Arabs as well as Muslims.
  • Military action in the name of Islam has not been common in the history of Islam. Scholars says most calls for violent jihad are not sanctioned by Islam.
  • Warfare in the name of God is not unique to Islam. Other faiths throughout the world have waged wars with religious justifications

After studying the above one remains in no doubt the nature of Islamic Jihad. It will convince a lot of people those are not that much familiar with the Quran and Hadiths as well as the history?

Let’s examine what Quran said about the Jihad.

“Surely Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their belongings and in return has promised that they shall have paradise. They fight in the way of Allah and slay and are slain. Such is the promise He has made incumbent upon Himself in the Torah, and the Gospel and the Quran. Who is more faithful to this promise than Allah? Rejoice, then in the bargain you have made with him”
Al – Tawbah 9:110

Defining the contract between Allah and the Muslims Mr. ZagarIshaq Ansari writes that “when a man has true faith it involves a commitment to devote himself sincerely to God and thus attain His reward in return for that commitment. This two way commitment has been described as “Transaction”. What this means is that faith is in fact a contract according to which man places all that he has – his life, his wealth – at the disposal of God; he “sells” them to God. In Return he accepts God’s promise of paradise in the next life.

It is clear that Islam is a contract between God and Muslim. God guarantees paradise to the believer provided that he is willing to kill or get killed for God’s sake. It shows how desperate Allah is for an acknowledgement from the unbelievers.

Dr. Anwar Shaikh elaborate it that Allah:

–          Has no respect for human life and dignity, whatsoever; al He is concerned with is His Self and the most urgent need for praise, pacification and prostration. Yet He declares in the Quran that he is Samad i.e. He is totally independent and has no needs or desires.

–          Murder is the most heinous crime but Allah thinks of it as a Holy Play (Jihad). It expresses His regard for morality!

–          Most importantly, it is a contract between Allah and Muslims. Again, Allah declares that so beneficial this contract is to believers that It ranks as a bargain. In other words, it is quite legitimate to commit a crime like murder if it benefits the perpetrator!

–          To persuade believers for commission of heinous misdeeds, Allah assures them that he is the best keepers of promise.


He further adds that it is evident that Jihad means challenging non- Muslims to a duel, which legalizes all the horrors of war and immorality.


Another famous scholar of Quran AllamaShabbir Ahmad Usmani writes in “Tafseer – E- Usmani that “what a better trade and mightier success might be than that God became the buyer of our ordinary persons and transient wealth? He further describes that how much merciful Allah is that “the wealth selves of ours, as a matter of fact, are His creations and a little relation with them has made them our wealth and our person. Despite this fact, God has fixed the price of ourselves and wealth and that is paradise, the highest place of virtue and honor and the means to reach the purchase himself. It is the kindness of God and a great honor given to man”


            How a man is lured to indulge in Jihad?  AllamaShabbir Ahmad Usmani has quoted that The Holy Prophet has said, “There will be such bounties in the paradise that no eye, ear or heart have ever perceived them.” So it is the most excellent reward of GOD.

He said that He only demands their sacrifice when needed.  This is why it is said that they kill and are killed in His way – they present their wealth and their persons in His way, then they kill are or are killed. In both cases the bargain is done and the price paid became their fortune.

Then what a better occasion for the believers would be to rejoice and feel proud in their fortune than that God, the most honored and glorious himself becomes the purchaser and with such a glorious style.

Abdullah bin Rawaha has rightly said that this is such a glorious bargain where after there is no question of loss whatsoever. May God admit us into the party of such believers?

Hence credo of Muslims organization like Taliban ISIS actually lies with the lines of their scholars that  “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

How they can be said wrong when they are following what is being taught to them. They are bound to do that as they are believers and are bound with the agreement they has entered with Allah.

Can a Muslim take Non-Muslim as a friend?

We are taught since childhood, that we should love and respect everyone. We should not hate anyone and should consider everyone as friends, without discriminating on grounds of religion, sex, or color.Even Muslims are first to claim, that they can co-exist with each and every community in this world peacefully. But, does their scripture (Qur’an) permit them to co-exist peacefully with people of other religions? Are they allowed to take Non-Muslims as a friend? To know these answers, we have to open Quran, and read what Allah has to say on the relevant topic.

In this article we will try to expose, what Islam teaches its believers about the relations with Non-Muslims. Fatwa below is taken from a Islamic site for which source is provided, which explains relation of Muslim with a Non-Muslim.


We hope that you will be able to explain, with examples, what is meant by the phrase, “Taking kaafirs as close friends and protectors is haraam.”?


Praise be to Allaah.

Yes, examples will certainly explain and clarify what is meant, so we will move straight on to quoting some of the most important points that the scholars and leaders of da’wah have said about different ways of showing friendship towards kaafirs.

Accepting their kufr and doubting that it is kufr at all, or refraining from labelling them as kaafirs, or praising their religion. Allaah says about the kufr of the one who accepts them (interpretation of the meaning): “… but such as open their breasts to disbelief…” [al-Nahl 16:106]. Allaah says, making it obligatory to label the kaafirs as such (interpretation of the meaning): “… Whoever disbelieves in Taaghoot [false deities] and believes in Allaah, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break…” [al-Baqarah 2:256]. Allaah says about the munaafiqoon (hypocrites) who prefer the kuffaar to the Muslims (interpretation of the meaning) “… [they] say to the disbelievers that they are better guided as regards the way than the believers (Muslims).” [al-Nisa’ 4:51].

Referring to them for judgement. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “… they wish to got for judgement (in their disputes) to the Taaghoot (false judges, etc.) while they have been ordered to reject them…” [al-Nisa’ 4:60]

Befriending and liking them. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “You will not find any people who believe in Allaah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allaah and His Messenger…” [al-Mujaadilah 58:22]

[Here the lord of world’s says, that those who are Muslims, will not befriend those who are disbelievers. Allah prejudge them (Disbelievers) as hypocrites, and even Muslims today believe that they are better guided than Non-Muslims. For the last quoted verse al-Mujaadilah 58:22, Ibn Jalalalayan explains “You will not find a people who believe in God and the Last Day loving, befriending, those who oppose God and His Messenger, even though they, the opposers, were their fathers, that is to say, the believers’ [fathers], or their sons or their brothers or their clan, rather [you will find that] they intend to do them harm and they fight them over [the question of] faith, as occurred on one occasion with some Companions, may God be pleased with them. [For] those, the ones who are not loving of them, He has inscribed, He has established, faith upon their hearts and reinforced them with a spirit, a light, from Him, exalted be He, and He will admit them into gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide, God being pleased with them, for their obedience of Him, and they being pleased with Him, because of His reward. Those [they] are God’s confederates, following His command and refraining from what He has forbidden. Assuredly it is God’s confederates who are the successful, the winners.” This is enough to say that Allah forbids Muslims to befriend their fathers, brothers, and other member of clan if they are disbelievers.] [Source]

Inclining towards them, relying upon them and taking them as a support. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And incline not towards those who do wrong, lest the Fire should touch you…” [Hood 11:113]

[In above verse, the people who do wrong are those who disbelief, or are polytheist, and idolaters. If Muslims rely on them, and take support from them, then they too will go to hell fire. ]

Helping and supporting them against the Muslims. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “The believers, men and women, are awliya’ (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) of one another…” [al-Tawbah 9:71]. He also says of the kuffaar that they are “ but awliya’ (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) to one another…” [al-Maa’idah 5:51]. And He says (interpretation of the meaning): “…And if any amongst you takes them as awliya’, then surely he is one of them.”[al-Maa’idah 5:51].

Becoming members of their societies, joining their parties, increasing their numbers, taking their nationalities (except in cases of necessity), serving in their armies or helping to develop their weapons.

Bringing their laws and rules to the Muslim countries. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Do they then seek the judgement of the Days of Ignorance?…” [al-Maa’idah 5:50]

[Allah wants Muslims not to support Non-Muslims, by helping them in Armies, Joining their parties and taking their Nationalities. It is evident from the number of Muslims in Indian army, they are only 1.5%- 2% Muslims in Indian Army in 14% Muslims in Total.]

Taking them as friends in general terms, taking them as helpers and supporters, and throwing in one’s lot with them. Allaah forbids all this, as He says (interpretation of the meaning): “O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as awliya’ (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but awliya’ to one another…” [al-Maa’idah 5:51].

[Allah forbids Muslims to take protectors or helpers among Jews and Christians, to explain it much better let;s see what Ibn Jalalayan says about the verse, “affiliating with them or showing them affection; they are patrons of each other, being united in disbelief. Whoever amongst you affiliates with them, he is one of them, counted with them.” ]

Compromising with them and being nice to them at the expense of one’s religion. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “They wish that you should compromise (in religion out of courtesy) with them, so that they (too) would compromise with you.” [al-Qalam 68:9]. This includes sitting with them and entering upon them at the time when they are making fun of the Signs of Allaah. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And it has already been revealed to you in the Book that when you hear the Verses of Allaah being denied and mocked at, then sit not with them, until they engage in a talk other than that; (but if you stayed with them), certainly in that case you would be like them…” [al-Nisa’ 4:140]

[Allah forbids Muslims in 4:140, to hear not anything against Allah, Muhammad and Qur’an. This is because, if they hear them( Disbelievers), they will become like them. Muslims run away from reasons and Logic, also questioning their faith makes them sad and frustrated. So they opt a very easy way out of it. By running away from all these.]

Trusting them and taking them as advisors and consultants instead of the believers. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “O you who believe! Take not as (your) bitaanah (advisors, consultants, protectors, helpers, friends, etc.) those outside your religion (pagans, Jews, Christians, and hypocrites) since they will not fail to do their best to corrupt you. They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed We have made clear to you the aayaat (proofs, evidence, verses), if you understand. Lo! You are the ones who love them but they love you not, and you believe in all the Scriptures [i.e., you believe in the Tawraat and the Injeel, while they disbelieve in your Book (the Qur’aan)]. And when they meet you, they say, ‘We believe.’ But when they are alone, they bite the tips of their fingers at you in rage. Say: ‘Perish in your rage. Certainly Allaah knows what is in the breasts (all the secrets).’ If a good befalls you, it grieves them, but some evil overtakes you, they rejoice at it…” [Aal ‘Imran 3:118-120].

Imaam Ahmad and Muslim reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) went out to (the battle of) Badr, and a man from among the mushrikeen followed him and caught up with him at al-Harrah. He said, “I wanted to follow you and join you, and have some of the war-booty with you.” (The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)) said: “Do you believe in Allaah and His Messenger?” He said, “No.” He said, “Go back, I do not need help from a mushrik.”

From these texts it is clear that we are forbidden to appoint kaafirs to positions whereby they could find out the secrets of the Muslims and plot against them by trying to do all kinds of harm.

Putting them in administrative positions where they are bosses of Muslims and can humiliate them, run their affairs and prevent them from practising their religion. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “… and never will Allaah grant to the disbelievers a way (to triumph) over the believers.” [al-Nisa’ 4:141]. Imaam Ahmad reported that Abu Moosa al-Ash’ari (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “I said to ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him). ‘I have a Christian scribe.’ He said, ‘What is wrong with you, may Allaah strike you dead! Have you not heard the words of Allaah (interpretation of the meaning), “O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as awliya’ (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but awliya’ to one another…” [al-Maa’idah 5:51]”? Why do you not employ a haneef [i.e., a Muslim]?’ I said, ‘O Ameer al-Mu’mineen, I benefit from his work and he keeps his religion to himself.’ He said, ‘I will never honour them when Allaah has humiliated them, and I will never bring them close to me when Allaah has expelled them from His mercy.’”

[This is a clear proof, that Muslims can’t be friend of Non-Muslim. This is further approved by Islamic apologists who want this world to be ruled with Sharia Law, see what law Islamic apologist propose to India. They say, “The Whole of India is in Fact [a] Muslim Land, the Authority Belongs to… [Muslims] and That They Should Take It From the Current Ruling Party to Implement the Shari’ah… Instead [of] Begging for Rights from the Hindus, the Muslims in India Must Govern By the Law of the Creator Allah”[Source]

Similarly, we should not employ them in Muslim homes where they can see our private matters and they bring our children up as kaafirs. This is what is happening nowadays when kaafirs are brought to Muslim countries as workers, drivers, servants and nannies in Muslim homes and families.

Neither should we send our children to kaafir schools, missionary institutions and evil colleges and universities, or make them live with kaafir families.

Imitating the kaafirs in dress, appearance, speech, etc., because this indicates love of the person or people imitated. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘Whoever imitates a people is one of them.”

It is forbidden to imitate the kaafirs in customs, habits and matters of outward appearance and conduct that are characteristic of them. This includes shaving the beard, letting the moustache grow long, and speaking their languages, except when necessary, as well as matters of clothing, food and drink, etc.

[ Allah forbids Muslims even to live in Infidel’s country, state or house. Muslims are also forbidden to send their children in Infidels school. Now I guess, why most of the Muslims are illiterate and uncivilized. Muslim world has much less universities and Schools in comparison to Non-Islamic world. So, Muslims prefer there children to be illiterate, rather that sending them to Non-Muslim schools and colleges.]

Staying in their countries when there is no need to do so. Allaah forbade the weak and oppressed Muslims to stay among the kaafirs if they are able to migrate. He says (interpretation of the meaning): “Verily! As for those whom the angels take (in death) while they are wronging themselves (as they stayed among the disbelievers even though emigration was obligatory for them), they (angels) say (to them): ‘In what (condition) were you?’ They reply, ‘We were weak and oppressed on earth.’ They (angels) say: ‘Was not the earth of Allaah spacious enough for you to emigrate therein?’ Such men will find their abode in Hell –what an evil destination! Except the weak ones among men, women and children, who cannot devise a plan, nor are the able to direct their way.” [al-Nisa’ 4:97-98].

Nobody will be excused for staying in a kaafir country except for those who are truly weak and oppressed and cannot migrate, or those who stay among them for a valid religious purpose such as da’wah and spreading Islam in their countries.

It is forbidden to live among them when there is no need to do so. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I disown the one who stays among the mushrikeen.”

Travelling to their countries for vacations and leisure purposes. But going there for a legitimate reason – such as medical treatment, trade, and learning specialized skills that cannot be obtained in any other way – is permitted in cases of need, and when the need has been fulfilled, it is obligatory to return to the Muslim world.

This permission is also given under the condition that the would-be traveller has sufficient knowledge to dispel his doubts, to control his physical desires, to demonstrate his religion, to be proud of being Muslim, to keep away from evil places, and to be aware and cautious of the plots of his enemies. It is also permissible, and even obligatory, to travel to their lands for the sake of da’wah and spreading Islam.

Praising them and their civilization and culture, defending them, and admiring their behaviour and skills, without taking note of their false ideology and corrupt religion. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And strain not your eyes in longing for the things We have given for enjoyment to various groups of them (disbelievers), the splendour of the life of this world that We may test them thereby. But the provision (good reward in the Hereafter) of your Lord is better and more lasting.” [Ta-Ha 20:131]. It is also forbidden to honour them, give them titles of respect, initiate greetings to them, give them the best seats in gatherings, and give way to them in the street. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not be the first to greet a Jew or a Christian (do not initiate the greeting), and if you meet one of them in the street, then push him to the narrowest part of the way.”

Forsaking the Islamic calendar and using their calendar, especially since it reflects their rituals and festivals, as is the case with the Gregorian (Western) calendar, which is connected to the supposed date of the birth of the Messiah (peace be upon him), which is an innovation that they have fabricated and that has nothing to do with the religion of ‘Eesa (Jesus). Using this calendar implies approval of their festivals and symbols.

In order to avoid all of that, when the Sahaabah (may Allaah be pleased with them) established a calendar for the Muslims during the time of ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him), they ignored all the systems of the kuffaar and created a new calendar starting from the date of the Prophet’s Hijrah. This indicates that it is obligatory to differ from the kuffaar in this matter and others where it is the matter of distinct characteristics. And Allaah is the Source of Help.

Taking part in their holidays and festivals, helping them to celebrate them, congratulating them on these occasions or attending places where such celebrations are held. The phrase al-zoor [falsehood] in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning) “And those who do not witness falsehood…” [al-Furqaan 25:72] was interpreted as meaning the festivals of the kuffaar.

Using their names that have bad meanings. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) changed names whose meanings involved shirk, such as ‘Abd al-‘Uzza and ‘Abd al-Ka’bah.

Seeking forgiveness for them and asking Allaah for mercy for them. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “It is not (proper) for the Prophet and those who believe to ask Allaah’s forgiveness for the mushrikeen, even though they be of kin, after it has become clear to them that they are the dwellers of the Fire (because they died in s state of disbelief).” [al-Tawbah 9:113]

These examples should give a clear picture of what is meant by the prohibition of forming close friendships with the kaafirs. We ask Allaah to keep our belief sound and our faith strong. And Allaah is the Source of Help.


After going through the details provided by Islamic apologists and Islamic scriptures do I need to write any thing else? We come to know that Allah has forbidden Muslims to be friend of Non-Muslims. They are also forbidden to imitate us in anything, and sending their children to our school. Muslims can’t live in Non-Islamic country, and if they live, they need to demand Sharia Law in that country. Muslims can’t praise Non-Muslims, their culture, and their skill. Muslims should not celebrate Non-Muslim’s festivals and should not seek forgiveness from us. Muslims are only allowed to travel in Non-Islamic country, when they are going to spread Islam over there, and will then return to Muslim world. If any Muslim does not do all the above stated thing, then Allah and his prophet is going to disown them.

To me the conclusion if full of hatred for us, and no other religion ever commands its believers to do all these, which Allah wants from his believers.

What is jihad? Reply to Sheikh Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt

Muslims Scholars spend Billions of $ in Dawah to convert people into Islam. After getting fooled(converted) into Islam, still the new converts have many misconceptions about Islam. Following is a Question asked by a New Convert to Islam to the Grand Mufti of Egypt. The Grand Mufti replies him, but as usual his replies is full of lies. Below I’ll try to correct him based on authentic teachings of Islam. His wrong answers will be  STRIKETHROUGH  with my comments in bold red below.


I am a new convert to Islam and I have read in Islamic sources that Jihad is obligatory till judgment day. At the same time I understand that there is no compulsion in religion then what is the meaning of Jihad? Also should Muslims wage wars against non Muslims every where and slaughter them? How do we balance between the concept of no compulsion in religion and between the following verse “And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, God is Forgiving and Merciful. (9:5) And the prophetic hadith which says “I was commanded to fight people until they attest that there is no god but God…” Please clarify.


The original state which guides the relationship between Muslims and non Muslims is coexistence and peace not war.God says in the Quran, “God does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, God loves those who act justly”. 60:8

COMMENTS:- The original state of relation between Muslims and Non-Muslims can never be peaceful, as the Holy Quran itself says, “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.” [Quran 9:5] As this verse is used in this reply, so we will talk about it later. Grand Mufti cleverly uses Quran 60:8 to prove that Islam is a religion of peace and Quran commands Muslims to be righteous and peaceful towards Non-Muslims if they are not hostile. But this is not completely true. If we read verse 60:8 with is context then we will find that this verse is talking about a specific family. As Ibn Kathir in explanation of this verse writes:-

 Imam Ahmad recorded that Asma’ bint Abu Bakr said, “My mother, who was an idolatress at the time, came to me during the Treaty of Peace, the Prophet conducted with the Quraysh. I came to the Prophet and said, `O Allah’s Messenger! My mother came visiting, desiring something from me, should I treat her with good relations’ The Prophet said,(Yes. Keep good relation with your mother.)” The Two Sahihs recorded this Hadith. Imam Ahmad recorded that `Abdullah bin Zubayr said, “Qutaylah came visiting her daughter, Asma’ bint Abi Bakr, with some gifts, such as Dibab, cheese and clarified (cooking) butter, and she was an idolatress at that time. Asma’ refused to accept her mother’s gifts and did not let her enter her house. `A’ishah asked the Prophet about his verdict and Allah sent down the Ayah

So as per evidence the above verse was revealed in context of Abu Bakr’s daughter and cannot be taken in general, so here Allah is not commanding to be in peace with Non-Muslims who are not fighting Muslims. Even if Allah does commands Muslims to live peacefully with Non-Combating idolaters in 60:8, then there is a contradiction in Quran, as 9:29 commands Muslims to fight all those who does not believe in Allah and his Messenger.

God also says “And if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also] and rely upon God. Indeed, it is He who is the Hearing, the Knowing.” (8:61)

Therefore the legal evidence from both the Quran and the Sunnah along with the Muslims’ actions along centuries indicate that they opened people’s minds and hearts before entering their lands and this understanding does not defy the concept of Jihad and its role in fighting oppression and elevating injusticeIn other words, it is a mutual fighting and not one sided killing which means that non Muslims are not fought because of the mere fact that they are non Muslims. For this reason Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prohibited desecrating place of worship of non Muslims or subjecting them to any kind of harm and even the non Muslim militant combatants who fight against Muslims in a war, if they back off from oppression and tyranny then Muslims have no right to continue fighting them. God says, “Fight in the way of God those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. God does not like transgressors.” (2:190)

COMMENTS:- Here the entire paragraph is deceitfully written to put a veil on the verses from Quran and narrations from Hadith which exhorts Muslims to become terrorist, inhumane and barbaric. At the very first place the verse used by the respectable Mufti, in view of many early scholars is abrogated. Ibn Jalalayan and Ibn Abbaas view the verse is abrogated by the verse of SWORD, i.e. 9:5. Ibn Jalalayan writes:-

And if they incline to peace (read silm or salm, meaning, ‘settlement’), then incline to it, and conclude a pact with them: Ibn ‘Abbās said, ‘This has been abrogated by the “sword verse” [Q. 9:5]’; Mujāhid said, ‘This [stipulation] applies exclusively in the context of the People of the Scripture, for it was revealed regarding the Banū Qurayza; and rely on God, put your trust in Him; truly He is the Hearer, of words, the Knower, of actions.

So again in this case the verse is expired and cannot be used today, as Muslims are commanded to believe and practice verse 9:5. Another blatant lie which the grand Mufti repeated above is that, “non Muslims are not fought because of the mere fact that they are non Muslims.” I guess our Grand Mufti has not understood Quran well, as it clearly commands Muslims to fight all those who do not believe in Allah, so fighting Non-Muslims because they are Non-Muslims is allowed in Islam, read the verse 9:29 which says:-

Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled. [Quran 9:29]

In authentic hadiths of Muhammad, it is clearly narrated that the Prophet fought and allowed to fight his troops until the innocent people testify that only Islam is the true religion. It clearly proves that Islam allows to fight and kill innocent people because they are Non-Muslim. Regarding the verse 2:190 again I would like to say that the verse is abrogated in view of early scholars of Islam and is not in use, for reference read the Tafsir of Ibn Jalalayan.

Therefore Jihad is a noble war to fight injustice and lift oppression and tyranny and not a shooting spree of individuals as some uninformed people try to promote. If this noble war shifted away from legal guidelines which include all the necessary conditions, restrictions and elements which if applied would qualify fighting as an eligible noble war- if these rules are not applied then jihad is deemed illegal and simply turns to corruption on earth or betrayal and treachery because not every war is jihad and not all killings in war is permissible. Waging wars against non Muslims every where is not part of Islam or its noble teachings as this understanding is a sheer aberration from the correct authentic way of understanding the concept of Jihad in Islam. As for the above mentioned verse which says, “and when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, God is Forgiving and Merciful.” (9:5)

COMMENTS:- This is the height of  fabrication and dishonesty by such a revered scholar of Islam. His definition of Jihad is in contradiction with what Prophet of Islam taught. An Islamic site defines Jihad as:-

As regards jihad, it is to do one’s best to make the Word of Allah, The Most High, prevail, whether by hand, with money or with the tongue. The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: “Fight against the polytheists with your money, hands and tongue.” (Reported by Al-Nasa’i, with anauthentic chain of narrations.)

Jihad with hand is fighting against the polytheists and the people of the book and others, to make the Word of Allah prevail.

Allah says: “ And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah) and (all and every kind of) worship is for Allah (Alone). But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zâlimûn (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.) (Al-Baqarah 2:193)

Allah further says: “ O you who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allâh is with those who are the Al-Muttaqûn (the pious).” (At-Tawbah 9:123)

Jihad with money is spending money in the path of Allah. Allah says: “March forth, whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and poor), strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the Cause of Allah. This is better for you, if you but knew.” (At-Tawbah 9:41) [SOURCE]

So it would be safe to say that Jihad is killing of Non-Muslims until they embrace Islam and accept Muhammad as the Prophet of God, or pay Jizyah willingly. Waging war against Non-Muslims everywhere possible, is the basic teaching of Islam. Every killing of innocent Non-Muslims in name of Allah and his messenger is Jihad, and this is only the real and true concept of Jihad.

This verse has to do with those who breached their covenant, fought, killed, betrayed Muslims and had calculative moves to annihilate them and thus God commands Muslims to defend themselves against polytheists and God described these polytheists in the later verses as “They do not observe toward a believer any pact of kinship or covenant of protection. And it is they who are the transgressors.” (9:10)

COMMENTS:- The verse 9:5 has nothing to do with anyone who breached the covenant with Muslims. In fact it is even hard to prove that Non-Muslims broke any such covenant. In view of Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi, Chapter 9 was revealed to convert the remaining Non-Muslims in Arabia into Islam. He writes:-

If we keep in view the preceding background, we can easily find out the problems that were confronting the Community at that time. They were:

  1. to make the whole of Arabia a perfect Dar-ul-Islam,
  2. to extend the influence of Islam to the adjoining countries,
  3. to crush the mischiefs of the hypocrites, and
  4. to prepare the Muslims for Jihad against the non- Muslim world.

Apart from the above evidence, we have the context problem. As per the context of verse 9:5, it is Allah and Muhammad who declared the disassociation of treaty with Polytheists of Arabia, as commanded in Quran 9:1:-

[This is a declaration of] disassociation, from Allah and His Messenger, to those with whom you had made a treaty among the polytheists

So we don’t find the verse saying that the Polytheists broke the treaty, but it was Muhammad who declared that after the grace period of four months no Non-Believer will be safe. Allah even commanded Muslims to kill those non-Muslims who were not deficient towards Muslims.

Conclusion:- In conclusion we can say that the majority of today’s scholars, Muftis and Maulvis are fooling ignorant Non-Muslims to convert them into fold of Islam. They play with words and misinterpret their own Holy Book. If anyone ask me to define Jihad based on the canonical scripture of Islam, I would certainly agree with the actions of Muslims, as they have carried out more than 20,000 terrorist attack since 9/11. The Prophet of Islam himself said, “The highest level of Islam is jihad in the path of Allah.” (Reported by Ahmed and Abu Dawud.) So without a shadow of doubt we can say that Islam is the most Inhumane religion still existing on face of earth, and the followers of Islam are the most barbaric species found today on earth.

Allah admires Blind & Irrational Believers

Allah admires those who put blind faith in him, which means followers of Islam lacks qualities to judge or reason. This fact is based on authentic scriptures of Islam and its holy Book, which completely forbids a man to use their own logic, reasoning to know the true face of Islam. How can a rational mind accept a religion which is full of myths and superstitions without questioning it? Let us see some verses to support my claims.

Quran 50:30-33
On that Day, We shall ask the hell: “Are you full?” And the hell will answer: “Are there any more?”[30] Paradise shall be brought close to the righteous, which will no more be a distant thing, [31] and it will be said: “Here is what you were promised. It is for every penitent faithful person, [32] who feared the Compassionate (Allah) without seeing Him and will come before Him with a devoted heart.”[33]

Very clearly here Allah states, that whoever fears him without seeing him will be rewarded with heaven and garden of wine. Let’s also see what Tafsir Ibn Abbas says about this verse:-

Tafsir Ibn Abbas [50:33]
(Who feareth the Beneficent in secret) who strives for the Beneficent even he has not seen Him (and cometh with a contrite heart) sincere in his worship and profession of Allah’s divine Oneness.

Ibn Abbas also confirms this statement by Allah that, he loves those servants who worships him and strives for him blindly. Further in [Ch 67:12] he again states that Allah is pleased with those who fear him, without seeing him and follows him blindly, Allah also promises great reward to such followers.

Quran 67:12

As for those who fear their Lord, although they have not seen Him, shall have forgiveness and a great reward. [12]

So to be rewarded with fabulous richness of Paradise a believer must fear Allah, even though He is unseen. The believer must, without any hesitancy or doubt, obey Allah and His dearest companion Muhammad. So, we can now understand mentality of Allah, he wants his followers to be blind in faith and except each and every word of Muhammad without judging it on the parameters of reason and logic. This is not all, Allah also dislikes those who question him or his revelations, and who ever questioned Muhammad about Allah and his revelations, he only cursed them without answering them. Here are few such verses from Qur’an:-

Quran 5:101

O believers! Do not ask questions about things that if revealed to you, may cause you trouble. But if you ask a question about something when the Qur’an is being revealed, it will be made known to you. Allah has forgiven you what you did to date, Allah is Forgiving, Forbearing.[101]

Let us also see commentary of Ibn Abbas on this verse:-

(O ye who believe!) This was revealed about Harith Ibn Yazid who asked the Prophet (pbuh)-when the verse (And pilgrimage to the House is a duty unto Allah for mankind) was revealed: “Is it once every year, O Messenger of Allah?” So Allah forbade him from asking such questions, and started by addressing him with (O ye who believe!), (Ask not) your Prophet (of things) that Allah has relieved you of (which, if they were made known unto you) if they were made obligatory upon you, (would trouble you; but if you ask of them) if you ask of the things that you were relieved of (when the Qur’an is being revealed) when Gabriel brings down the Qur’an, (they will be made known unto you) they will be made obligatory upon you. (Allah pardoneth this) this questioning, (for Allah is Forgiving) of the one who repents, (Clement) vis-à-vis your ignorance.

It’s not difficult to understand this Quranic verse, Allah is unseen, and only Muhammad can see Gabriel, so to clear doubts regarding Quranic verses the only option is to ask question. But Allah the true friend of Muhammad solved this problem too by revealing verse 5:101. Muhammad showed no proof of divinity of Qur’an and his relation with Allah, due to which the poor Arabs continuously asked questions from Muhammad. Muhammad was frustrated and embarrassed with this situation, which made Allah reveal several such verses which cursed and frightened such people who asked questions.

Quranic verse 21:23 sheds more light on this topic, which reads :-

Quran 21:23
He is accountable to none about what He does, but they are accountable to Him.[23]

This verse can increase doubts in mind of an unbeliever. Why this god, who claims himself the lord of this world, who knows all things keeps running from questions. This is because when Muhammad was questioned about Qur’an and Allah, he used to answer such questions with Quranic verses, which were not at all satisfying. Allah revealed verses to frighten those who asked questions. This is also confirmed by Sahih Bukhari, here is the Hadith.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4 Chapter 54 Verse 496
Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “Satan comes to one of you and says, ‘Who created so−and−so? ’till he says, ‘Who has created your Lord?’ So, when he inspires such a question, one should seek refuge with Allah and give up such thoughts.”

Allah forbids man to question his origin or else the questioner is Satan. This confirms how Allah plays with poor Arabs, he frightens those who asks question about his origin. Allah is afraid that if people keep asking such question, they will lose faith and he reveals this verse:-

Quran 5:102

Some people before you did ask such questions and later lost their faith because of those very things.[102]

For this verse Ibn Abbas comments :- (A folk before you asked) their prophets ((for such disclosures) and then disbelieved there in) when things were made clear to them, they disbelieved in them.

Why reasonable minds will not accept revelation of true lord after believing it when it is made clear to them? It is absurd to believe such verses, nowhere in entire Qur’an Allah answered questions of Arabs, instead he tried to frighten them, curse them or give them threats, so that they don’t question further. People of time of Muhammad were aware of the fact that Muhammad was a faker, and Allah was his own creation, so they continued asking question and challenged Muhammad, for which Allah promised His wrath, vengeance, terror and threatened the Quraysh Pagans with Hell if they dared to continue with their challenge to him (i.e. Muhammad). Let’s read few verses from Qur’an supporting this claim.

Quran 10:38
Do they say: “He (the Prophet) has forged it?” Tell them: “If what you say be true; then produce one Surah like this, you may even call to your aid anyone you want other than Allah.”[38]

Arabs at the time of Muhammad believed that it was Muhammad who was making up all the Qur’an, and Muhammad himself was unable to prove his appointment by the Most High. So, with all his anger and frustration Muhammad turned to his friend(Allah) for some divine help, and even Allah was incapable of helping Muhammad in this case, so he revealed above verse to shun their challenges. But this verse didn’t help Allah and Muhammad, so he revealed another verse with bigger challenge to avoid such embarrassing situation. Here is the verse:-

Quran: 11:13

Do they say: “He has made up the Qur’an himself.” Say to them: “Make up ten Surahs like this and call to your aid whomsoever you can, including your gods whom you worship besides Allah, if what you say is true.[13]

Let’s also see Ibn Abbas commentary on this verse:-

(Or they say) Nay, the disbelievers of Mecca say: (He hath invented it) Muhammad has invented the Qur’an and presented it to us. (Say) to them, O Muhammad: (Then bring ten surahs, the like thereof) the like of a surah of the Qur’an, such as surah al-Baqarah, Al ‘Imran, al-Nisa’, al-Ma’idah, al-An’am, al-A’raf, al-Anfal, al- Tawbah, Yunus, or Hud, (invented) by you, (and call on everyone you can) seek the help of what you worship (beside Allah, if ye are truthful!) that Muhammad (pbuh) has invented it.

Greatly perturbed Allah challenged Arab poets to compose ten surah likewise of Qur’an. Allah was quite inconsistent, he forgot that already he has challenged Arabs to compose one surah likewise of Qur’an. Or else, the first challenge was met by Arab poets, so Allah was forced to reveal such verse, to help his desert friend Muhammad. Now, with increasing challenges to prove his(Muhammad) relation with Allah, he was highly frustrated and infuriated complained Allah about this problem. As usual Allah helped his desert friend, but this time Allah changed his tone and was furious now on Arabs, he threatened and frightened now to those who challenged Muhammad, let’s see some verses from Qur’an:-

Quran 34:5
As for those who strive to discredit our revelations, there will be a humiliating painful punishment.[5]

Tafsir Ibn Abbas reads for this verse:-

(But those who strive against) those who deny (Our revelations) Muhammad (pbuh) and the Qur’an, (challenging (Us)) those will not escape our punishment, (theirs will be a painful doom of wrath) they will have a severe chastisement.

Only thing Allah and his desert friend know is to frighten infidels and Arabs who challenged them. This proves how fake Muhammad was, he was unable to answer his own followers, when they posed any question about Qur’an and Allah. The above mentioned evidences and quotes from canonical scriptures of Islam, clearly proves that  Allah admires Blind & Irrational Believers

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Offensive Battles of Prophet of Islam

Muhammad in his entire life time undertook unlimited battles and fought some eight of them. [1] When we ask these things to an Islamic scholar that why the Prophet of Most Peaceful religion fought so many battles, their instant reply will be that these battles which Muhammad undertook and fought were all in self defense. Some Scholars even say that “not a single battle was offensive, or he (Muhammad) fought because Allah informed his messenger with the help of Archangel Gabriel that the Non-Believers were plotting and planning against him to kill him.”

But how can we trust these Scholars without going through the evidence of their claim. So in this article we will see that whether really Muhammad fought his battles in Self Defense or were offensive battles. Lets start with the Battle of Badr.

Battle of Badr


This battle took place when Muhammad commanded some his men to go to the place called Nakhlah, which is situated between Makkah and At-Ta ‘ if and asked them to lie in wait for Quraish and bring their news. When these Muslims on command of Muhammad reached Nakhlah, they found a caravan of Quraish, which passed from near by. [2] The Quraish men in that Caravan were Amr Ibn Al-Hadrami, Uthman Ibn Abdullah, and his brother Naufal, and Al-Hakam Ibn Kaisan. When the Muslims saw these Quraish with their Caravan, they decided to attack them in the Prohibited month, and one of Muslim named Waqid Ibn Abdullah shot Al-Hadrami. Uthman Ibn Abdullah and Al-Hakim were captured and Naufal was successful in escaping from Muslims.[3]

When Muhammad came to know that his followers have looted the Caravan in prohibited month and killed one of the Quraish, he denied to take anything from the Loot. On this Allah suddenly revealed a verse, which is Qur’an Ch 2 Verse 217, which reads:-

They ask you about the sacred month – about fighting therein. Say, “Fighting therein is great [sin], but averting [people] from the way of Allah and disbelief in Him and [preventing access to] al-Masjid al-Haram and the expulsion of its people therefrom are greater [evil] in the sight of Allah . And fitnah is greater than killing.” And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able. And whoever of you reverts from his religion [to disbelief] and dies while he is a disbeliever – for those, their deeds have become worthless in this world and the Hereafter, and those are the companions of the Fire, they will abide therein eternally.

One of the famous commentator of Qur’an, Ibn Jalalayan says on this verse:-

Thus the Prophet (s) sent forth the first of his raiding parties under the command of ‘Abd Allāh b. Jahsh. They fought against the idolaters and killed [‘Amr b. ‘Abd Allāh] Ibn al-Hadramī in [the sacred month of] Rajab, thinking that it was the last day of Jumādā II. The disbelievers reviled them for making fighting lawful in a sacred month, and so God revealed the following: They ask you about the sacred, the forbidden, month, and fighting in it (qitālin fīhi, ‘fighting in it’, is an inclusive substitution [for al-shahri l-harāmi, ‘the sacred month’]). Say, to them: ‘Fighting (qitālun is the subject) in it is a grave thing (kabīr, ‘grave’, is the predicate), that is, heinous in terms of sin; but to bar (saddun is the subject), people, from God’s way, His religion, and disbelief in Him, in God, and, to bar from, the Sacred Mosque, that is, Mecca, and to expel its people, the Prophet (s) and the believers, from it — that is graver (the predicate of the [last] subject), [that is] more heinous in terms of sin than fighting in it, in God’s sight; and sedition, your idolatry, is graver than, your, slaying’, in it. They, the disbelievers, will not cease to fight against you, O believers, until, so that, they turn you from your religion, to unbelief, if they are able; and whoever of you turns from his religion, and dies disbelieving — their, good, works have failed, that is, they are invalid, in this world and the Hereafter. Thus they will not count for anything and will not result in any reward. The specification of death as a condition is because if that person were to return to Islam [again], his original deeds would not be invalidated, and he will be rewarded for them, and he would not have to repeat them, [deeds] such as [performing] the Pilgrimage: al-Shāfi‘ī is of this opinion. Those are the inhabitants of the Fire, abiding therein. [Source]

Here we see how Allah justifies killing of Quraish in prohibited month by saying that Non-Believers were the first to bar the way of Allah and were the reason of  Fitna, but when we look in to the historical context of the verse, we can clearly see that this verse was revealed only for Muhammad. As he denied to accept the booty, because his companions killed people of Quraish in prohibited month and the Jews and people of Quraish started opposing him and considering it as a bad omen. [4] So Muhammad took help of his lord, and made him justify killing of Al-Hadrami, so that he can take the 1/5 part of the war booty. ( As mentioned in Qur’an Ch 8 Verse 1)

So we see the background of the fight and it cannot be said that Muslims fought a defensive fight, as we clearly see that Muslims were the first to attack, kill and loot the Caravan and people of Quraish. After this incident Ibn Ishaq says, that Messenger of Allah heard Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb was coming from Syria, with large Caravan of Quraish, containing their money and merchandise, accompanied by some thirty or forty men. The Messenger of Allah summoned the Muslims and said,

“This is caravan of Quraish which contains their money. Go out to attack it; perhaps Allah will give it as a prey.” [5]

When Abu Sufyan came to know about Muhammad’s plan, he hired Damdam Ibn ‘Amr to go to Mecca to order Quraish to come out to save their property from Muhammad and his companions. In this context Ibn Kathir relates Bukhari narrating a hadith, Vol 5, Book 59, No 286, which reads:-

Abu Jahl addressed Sa`d saying, “I see you wandering about safely in Mecca inspite of the fact that you have given shelter to the people who have changed their religion (i.e. became Muslims) and have claimed that you will help them and support them. By Allah, if you were not in the company of Abu Safwan, you would not be able to go your family safely.” Sa`d, raising his voice, said to him, “By Allah, if you should stop me from doing this (i.e. performing Tawaf) I would certainly prevent you from something which is more valuable for you, that is, your passage through Medina.” On this, Umaiya said to him, “O Sa`d do not raise your voice before Abu−l−Hakam, the chief of the people of the Valley (of Mecca).” Sa`d said, “O Umaiya, stop that! By Allah, I have heard Allah’s Apostle predicting that the Muslim will kill you.” Umaiya asked, “In Mecca?” Sa`d said, “I do not know.” Umaiya was greatly scared by that news. When Umaiya returned to his family, he said to his wife, “O Um Safwan! Don’t you know what Sa`d told me? “She said, “What has he told you?” He replied, “He claims that Muhammad has informed them (i.e. companions that they will kill me. I asked him, ‘In Mecca?’ He replied, ‘I do not know.”Then Umaiya added, “By Allah, I will never go out of Mecca.” But when the day of (the Ghazwa of) Badr came, Abu Jahl called the people to war, saying, “Go and protect your caravan.” But Umaiya disliked to go out (of Mecca).

So it is clear by the above authentic narration that Quraish fought the battle of Badr to protect their property from looters and raiders of Prophet Muhammad.People of Quraish answered the call of Damdam and got ready to protect their property and money. On this occasion Quraish men said, “Do Muhammad and his companions think this is going to be like Caravan of  Ibn Hardami.” All most every man of Quraish went to fight Muhammad and his companions for saving their property.


This was the background of Muhammad’s fight of Badr and according to the evidence from canonical scriptures and biography of Muhammad we can now say without the shadow of Doubt that this fight of Muhammad was not defensive, but was very offensive. He tried to loot the caravans of Quraish and in that process his companions even killed some Quraish men and looted their property. Quraish fought back to protect their property and that too when Muhammad again tried to to loot their caravan. In this case Quraish were defensive, not Muhammad.

Now this is sufficient evidence to prove that Muhammad was a Looter, a Thug, and we can also discard the claim that he led a peaceful and simple life.



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