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If one lost too much body heat during the bath, it could be regained by lying again in the embrace of one�s wife.  According to a hadIs quoted by TirmizI, �Aisha reports: �On many occasions it happened that the apostle of Allah came back to me after the bath of purification with the intention of warming up.  I �wrapped� him up round me even though I myself had not taken bath [and was therefore in a state of impurity]� (vol. I, hadIs 108).

Notwithstanding all these rules and regulations, Muhammad was not bound by them.  He had his Apostle�s privilege, which, in this case, he shared with �AlI.  According to AbU sa�Id, Muhammad told �AlI: �O �AlI!  It is not lawful for anyone except me and thee to go to a mosque in a state of sexual defilement� (TirmizI, vol. II, hadIs 1584).

author : ram swarup