This is treason: Dr. Dharmveer

This is treason 

“ Pakistan Zindabad, India will bleed with a thousand cuts, How many Afzal’s will you sentence to death when each house will given birth to an Afzal, Kasmir will win its freedom, This fight will continue till India is destroyed”. These slogans even if heard in Pakistan would have been enough to make us agitated. We would have cursed Pakistan, made some announcements condemning the episode may be even announced action, but these slogans were heard on the 9th February in India’s capital at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. These slogans were raised by the students of the university. These slogans were repeated and the sentencing of the terrorist Afzal Guru was claimed to be the murder of justice. The Supreme court of India and her constitution were cursed repeatedly. Can a country expect its very own citizens to raise such slogans in the heart of its capital city and in a university! This is the tolerance of India! and it seems that these people are very miserable living in India.

JNU Delhi, has always been notorious for its anti national activities. From treason to nudity of Hindu goddesses, everything is seen to be a sign of being progressive, liberal and freedom of expression. The very foundation of this University is anti India. When the university was established it had all the departments except Sanskrit. When the then HRD Minister Murli Manohar Joshi decided to open Sanskrit department in the university, the students organized strikes, demonstrations and protests. However the central government went ahead and opened the Sanskrit department here.

The University also organized a beef festival on its campus which could not materialize due to protests by the ABVP and other hindu organizations. All the anti national and anti social activities are in the name of progress and freedom of expression.  These activities had so far not been brought to light and therefore no action had been taken. The past governments were also with them.  The University management and officials were also guardians of the same anti national brigade. The statement of the university professors and the officials in light of this incident is the result of the same tradition that has so far continued at this university.

Sandip Patra recently said on a news channel that the students and faculty who had earlier protested against the anti social and anti national activities at the university were punished, insulted and ultimately thrown out of the university.

When Zee news first broadcast the recent incident at JNU, the whole nation was enraged. Which citizen would hate his own country and detest his own fellow countrymen and claim his behavior to be his right. Those who study with the money paid for by the country declare their treason as their freedom of expression. There cannot be a greater misfortune for a country than this.  If this incident had transpired in China, Tiananmen square episode would have been repeated by now. The more disgraceful part of this episode is the way the media, political parties like Congress, AAP and the marxists are supporting these anti national students. Some want to dismiss this episode as just another incident by some outsiders and not the students. Others are trying to defend the incident as the freedom of expression.

This episode is nothing but treason and all those who are defending it are India’s traitors. Anyone who supports a traitor is also definitely a traitor himself. This episode could come to light because it was all captured over camera. When the president of the student union was brought before the judge he declined having shouted anti India slogans and blamed it on the outsiders. When he was shown the video evidence of him shouting the slogans, he blamed it on the students of ABVP of having spoilt the JNU environment. Basically he is saying that to stop a thief from stealing is spoiling the environment.  Some shameless politicians have also adopted this line and saying that it is not confirmed who was shouting the anti national slogans. They are also saying that the police should not enter the university campus to arrest these anti national students. It is interesting to note that the Pakistan supports can stay there, pakistani spies can live there, but the police protecting Indian citizens cannot enter the university.


We should also note here that this is not the first incident of this kind. There has been a chronology of such events. A similar episode had happened in Hyderabad. However a camera recording was not available for that incident. There it was associated with the atrocities on the Dalits. In the Hyderabad University more than 300 students had gathered to protest against the death sentence given to Yakub Menon. Students prayed for his soul and shouted that Yakub Menon will be born in each house. One of the member of the students’ council protested against this episode and wrote a scathing piece on his Facebook page. More than 30 Yakub Menon supporters dragged him out of his room in the middle of the night, beat him up and forced him to write an apology letter and got his Facebook post removed. Is this tolerance? Is it freedom of expression or social justice? Even if you do wrong it is your freedom of expression and if someone protests you will kill him? The mother of the student approached the court after this episode. The students of the University went on a strike and amidst all this the student” Rohit” committed suicide. The politicians and the anti national forces used this episode as the atrocities of the Modi Government on the Dalits and oppressed class. Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal went to Hyderabad University to express their solidarity with the students. No one wants to pay attention to the real cause of this incident. No one went their to dissuade the students and no one criticized their actions.


The JNU episode is the second in the series. The student Rohit from Hyderabad had written to the central government to intervene and put an episode to such incidents. The central government’s response was in the interest of the society and the country. But India is a nation of Jaichands. Today the Congress and the whole opposition is occupied with just one thing – to make every action and every episode as an act against the Modi Government.  While the students of JNU were shouting anti India slogans, another episode was taking place simultaneously. Pamphlets with photos of Afzal Guru and Yakub Menon were distributed. They were criticizing the death sentence awarded to these terrorists. This was organized in another liberal bastion, the press club of India. Needless to stay that the faculty members of JNU were also a part of this group.


Is it possible in any other country of the world to use the government institutions for anti national activities?  It can happen only in India because the enemies of the State are a part of the system and the government machinery. From Nehru to Sonia gandhi, the objective of all governments was the same – destruction of India’s culture and it traditions. It is a result of their policies that Indians do not take pride in their own country, culture and traditions. Newer generations consider our beliefs to be backward and obsolete. The Western traditions were glorified and considered ideal at the same time destroying our own values. JNU is an example of this policy. These policies have nurtured anti national elements in the country. To grab the power appeasement has been followed to such an extent that all anti national activities were ignored.


The protests against the JNU episode are the result of awareness in the general public. The fact that some members of the student council opposed it and that a couple of news channels like Zee news stood firm and brought this episode to light have made a judicial investigation and action possible. These traitors are weak and cowardly and most of them ran at the first sign of trouble. Some of them are still at large. If those arrested are dealt with strictly then most of the supporters and comrades would be seen absconding.


Anyone in public who supports Afzal guru, shouts Long live Pakistan, eulogizes terrorists is a traitor. Anyone who shouts slogans of “ Long live Khalistan, praises Bhindarwale and distributes pamphlets in support of his actions is a traitor. Those who support them are also guilty of treason. Treason is an unpardonable offense and if dealt with strictly and firmly it might restraint these anti national activities. The students, zee news and times now and the public who raised their voice against the anti national activities at JNU deserve to be lauded.

Our scriptures say that the traitors should be punished severely –

In a nation where leadership is strong and justice and punishments is severe, it does not let its subjects deviate from the righteous path.

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  1. If there were a hindu organisations like isis or gov. Like china then i think these traitors wouldn’t dare to do so. i hope some day there will be a strict gov. In india……

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