Does Allah ride a camel

Does Allah ride a camel ?  “And thy Lord shall come and the angels rank on rank. And hell on that day shall be brought there.” 89: 23, 24.) C. Does the God of these people, like a police inspector or a commander, parade his forces? Is hell like an earthen pitcher that it can be carried somewhere? If it is so small, how will it be able to contain countless prisoners? “And said the apostle of God to them – “Look after the camel of God and let her drink water. But they treated him as an impostor and hamstrung her. So their Lord destroyed them for their crime, and visited all alike.” (101:15; 15, 18.) C. ~ Does … Continue reading Does Allah ride a camel


ISLAMIC PARADISE Sexual intercourse in Paradise “Aye, blooming youths round among them, when thou lookest at them: thou wouldst deem them scattered pearls. With silver bracelets shall they be adorned and drink of a pure beverage shall the Lord give them.” (76: 19, 21.) C. ~ Well Sir, why are boys of pearly complexion kept there? Cannot those in paradise be satisfied with being served by grown up men, and their desires being ministered to by women? It would not be at all surprising of the unnatural crime, which some of the most wicked people commit with boys, had had its origin in this verse of the Qoran. And why is in paradise partiality shown to some of the inmates … Continue reading ISLAMIC PARADISE

Believers of the Q’uran must be illiterate

Believers of the Q’uran must be illiterate  “As to the youth his parents were believers, and we feared lest he should trouble them by error and infidelity. Until when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it to set in a mire fount; and hardly he found a people. They said, “O Dhoulkarnain!” Verily, Gog,and Magog waste their land, shall we then pay thee tribute, so thou build a rampart between us and them.” (18: 79, 84, 93.) C. ~ How unwise of God! He feared lest the parents of the boy might be led to rebel against His authority. This cannot be compatible with the nature of God. Again mark the ignorance of the author of the … Continue reading Believers of the Q’uran must be illiterate

What an injustice of Allah

What an injustice of Allah! “These are they whose hearts and ears and eyes God hath sealed up; these the careless ones. And every soul shall be repaid according to its deeds, and they shall not wronged.” (16: 110, 112.) C. ~ When God Himself had sealed up their hearts, etc., the unfortunate ones are condemned to destruction without any fault on their part. They are denied the privilege of being free-agents. How unjust it is! And yet we are told by the Qoran that everyone shall be repaid according to his deeds, and shall have neither more or less than what he is entitled to. When the sinners were not free-agents in committing sin, but did it yielding to … Continue reading What an injustice of Allah

Allah beguiles people

Allah beguiles people “God truly will mislead whom He will; and He will guide to Himself him who turneth to Him.” (13: 23) C. ~ When God beguiles people, what is there to distinguish Him from Satan? If Satan is condemned for beguiling people, why should not God be regarded as a greater Satan for doing the same thing, and why should He not be condemned to a residence in hell for the sin of beguiling others? “Thus then, as a code in the Arabic tongue, have we sent down the Qoran; and truly, if after the knowledge that hath reached thee thou follow their desires, thou shalt have no guardian nor protector against God.”(13: 38.) C. How did God … Continue reading Allah beguiles people

Muhammad an imposter

Muhammad an imposter “And is there anyone more wicked than he who deviseth a life of God, or saith “I have had a revelation” when nothing revealed to him? And who saith I can bring down a book like that which God hath sent down.” (5:93.) C. ~ This shows that when Mohammad pretended to have had a revelation from God, some other imposter also declared that he too had received heavenly messages, and claimed to be a Prophet. Mohammad must have resorted to his device (i.e., the publication of the above verse) in order to defeat his opponent and increase his reputation. “We created you; then fashioned you; then said we to the angels. “Prostrate yourselves unto Adam,” and … Continue reading Muhammad an imposter

Women are pollution

Women are pollution “They will also question thee as to the courses of women, say: they are a pollution, separate yourself, therefore, from women, and approach them not, until they be cleansed. But when they are cleansed, go in unto them as God hath ordained for you. Your wives are your field, go in, therefore, to your field as ye will. God will not punish you for taking your oaths falsely.” (2:246.) C. ~ Prohibition of sexual intercourse during menstruation is commendable, but likening women to a field and giving permission to approach them whenever (the faithful) desired will make (them) lascivious. If God does not punish one for swearing falsely, all men would become liars God will thus stand … Continue reading Women are pollution

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