Allah, the great deceiver

Allah, the great deceiver “He that said to him “Be” and he was. The infidels played a trick with God and He played a trick with them, for, verily God is a great trickster.” (3: 50, 52.) C. ~ Whom did God order, since the Mohammedans do not believe that anything but God existed before Creation and what came into being? The Mohammedans could never answer these questions even if they were to be born seven times, because no effect can come into being without a material cause. To believe otherwise is to deny that one’s parents were the cause of his body. He who cheats and plays tricks with others can never be God, he cannot even be called … Continue reading Allah, the great deceiver

Fasting copied from Hinduism

Fasting copied from Hinduism “You are allowed on the night of the fast to approach your wives, they are your garment and ye are their garment. God knoweth that ye defraud yourself therein, so He turneth unto you and forgiveth you! Now, therefore, go in unto them with full desire for that which God hath ordained for you; and eat and drink until ye can discern a white thread from a black thread by the daybreak.” (2 183.) C. ~ It seems that at the time the Mohammedan religion came into being or before that period some (Arab) must have asked a follower of the Puraanics as to what was the mode of observing the Chandrayana fast, the latter being … Continue reading Fasting copied from Hinduism

Muslims, idol-worshipers

Muslims, idol-worshipers  “We have seen thee turning towards every part of Heaven; but we will have thee turn to Kibla which shall please thee. Turn then thy face towards the sacred Mosque, and wherever ye be, turn your face, towards that part.” 2: 139.) C. ~ Now is this trivial idolatry? We should think, it is the crudest form of idolatry. Mohammedan. – We Mohammedans are not image-worshippers but image-breakers, because we do not believe that Kibla is God. C. ~ They too, whom you call image-worshippers, do not regard the image as God. They profess to worship God behind the image. If you are image-breakers, why do you not break that big image called Kibla (the sacred Mosque). M. … Continue reading Muslims, idol-worshipers

Allah destitute of compassion

Allah destitute of compassion?  “Cut off the uppermost part of the infidels. “I will verily aid you with a thousand angels, rank on rank.” “I will cast a dread into the hearts of the infidels.” Strike off their heads then, and strike off from them every finger-tip.” (8: 7, 9, 12.) C. ~ How destitute of compassion are God and his Prophets who order that the heads of the infidels should be cut off. Is such a God, as commands the faithful to put the infidels to sword, and sever there limbs (from their bodies) and aids them in this work, any better than Ravan, the cruel king of Ceylon? This command is te invention of the author of the … Continue reading Allah destitute of compassion

Allah ignorant of physics

Allah ignorant of physics ? “Verily, your Lord is God Who hath made the Heavens and the Earth in six days – then mounted His throne to rule all things.” (15:3.) C. ~ Space is not the result of combination or a compound substratum. It is uncreated, eternal. The assertion, that it was created, furnishes a positive proof of the fact that the author of the Qoran was ignorant of physics. Had God to spend full six days on the creation of the world? When it is written in the Qoran “Be’} and “it was,” it follows that this assertion about the creation of the world in six days is baseless. Were the Muslim God All-pervading, why would He establish … Continue reading Allah ignorant of physics

Does God create by the caprice of His Will

Does God create by the caprice of His Will ? If it is God Who feeds people and makes them observe the laws of health, there should be no disease. But we see that even the Mohammedans do suffer from disease. If it is God who cures people of disease the Mohammedans should always recover, but as they do not, it is clear that the Mohammedan God is not a skilful doctor, for if He were so, the Mohammedans would always come round. Again, if it is God Who kills people and brings them to life, then He alone should take the consequences. On the contrary if it be believed that punishment or reward is awarded according to deeds done … Continue reading Does God create by the caprice of His Will

Is the earth stationary

Is the earth stationary ? “When the earth shall be shaken with a shock, and the mountains shall crumble with a crumbling and shall become scattered dust.” (55: 4, 6.) “Then the people of the right hand, what shall be the people of the right hand! And the people of the left hand, what shall be the people of the left hand.” (56:8,9>) “On coaches in wrought with gold and studded with stars reclining on them face to face: aye -blooming youths go round about to them, with goblets and ewers and a cup of flowing wine, their brows ache not from it nor fails the sense: and will such fruits as shall please them best, and with flesh of … Continue reading Is the earth stationary

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