Muhammad an imposter

Muhammad an imposter “And is there anyone more wicked than he who deviseth a life of God, or saith “I have had a revelation” when nothing revealed to him? And who saith I can bring down a book like that which God hath sent down.” (5:93.) C. ~ This shows that when Mohammad pretended to have had a revelation from God, some other imposter also declared that he too had received heavenly messages, and claimed to be a Prophet. Mohammad must have resorted to his device (i.e., the publication of the above verse) in order to defeat his opponent and increase his reputation. “We created you; then fashioned you; then said we to the angels. “Prostrate yourselves unto Adam,” and … Continue reading Muhammad an imposter

Women are pollution

Women are pollution “They will also question thee as to the courses of women, say: they are a pollution, separate yourself, therefore, from women, and approach them not, until they be cleansed. But when they are cleansed, go in unto them as God hath ordained for you. Your wives are your field, go in, therefore, to your field as ye will. God will not punish you for taking your oaths falsely.” (2:246.) C. ~ Prohibition of sexual intercourse during menstruation is commendable, but likening women to a field and giving permission to approach them whenever (the faithful) desired will make (them) lascivious. If God does not punish one for swearing falsely, all men would become liars God will thus stand … Continue reading Women are pollution


THE ARROGANCE OF ALLAH FAVOR AND DISFAVOR OF ALLAH “The path of those whom Thou art incensed, nor of those who go astray.” (1:6, 7.) C. ~ Since the Mohammedans do not believe in the previous existence of the soul, nor that it ever did any deeds before, their God will be open to the charge of being partial by showing favor to some and disfavor to others inasmuch as it is quite unjust to bestow happiness on men or subject them to pain and suffering without paying any regard to their merits and demerits. It is also against the nature (of God) to unreasonably look at some with mercy and others with disdain and anger. Indeed He cannot act … Continue reading THE ARROGANCE OF ALLAH


SCIENCE AND ISLAM A day whose length is fifty thousand years? “By which the angels and the spirits ascend to him, in a day whose length fifty thousand years.” “The day on which they shall flock up out of their graves in haste, like men who rally to a standard.” (70:4, 42.) C. ~ If the day equals fifty thousand years in length, the night is bound to be the same. But if this is not the case, the day can never be fifty thousand years in length. Will God, His angels, and those who hold the books of destiny in their hands keep sitting, standing, or walking during all these fifty thousand years? If so, then all these will … Continue reading SCIENCE AND ISLAM

Allah a Servant of Muhammad

Allah a servant of Muhammad  “Why, O Prophet dost thou hold that to be forbidden, which God hath made lawful to thee, from a desire to please thy wives, since God is lenient, and merciful. Verily God is his protector. Happily if he put you both away, his Lord in exchange will give him wives better than you, Muslims, believers, devoutly penitent, obedient, observant of fasting, both known of men and virgins.” (50: 1, 5) C. ~ If we reflect a little on the above, we shall see that God is but a servant of Mohammad to manage his affairs – internal as well as external! Two stories are told in connection with the first verse. One is that Mohammad … Continue reading Allah a Servant of Muhammad

Condemning some women to life of sterility

Condemning some women to life of sterility “His, the keys of the Heavens and of the Earth! He giveth with open hand or sparingly, to whom He will.He createth what He will, and He giveth daughters to whom He will, and sons to whom He will, Or He giveth them children of both sexes, and He maketh who He will childless. It is not for man that God should speak with Him, but by vision, or from behind a veil.* Or, He sendeth a messenger to reveal what He will.” (40: 48, 49, 50, 51.) C.  God must be possessed of an inexhaustible stock of keys considering that he must unlock each and all places. Again it argues childishness on … Continue reading Condemning some women to life of sterility

Believers of the Q’uran must be illiterate

Believers of the Q’uran must be illiterate “As to the youth his parents were believers, and we feared lest he should trouble them by error and infidelity. Until when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it to set in a mire fount; and hardly had he found a people. They said, “O Dhoulkarnain!” Verily, Gog, and Magog waste their land, shall we then pay thee tribute, so thou build a rampart between us and them.” (18: 79, 84, 93.) C. ~ How unwise of God! He feared lest the parents of the boy might be led to rebel against His authority. This cannot be compatible with the nature of God. Again mark the ignorance of the author … Continue reading Believers of the Q’uran must be illiterate

आर्य मंतव्य (कृण्वन्तो विश्वम आर्यम)