Whether Christ is Omniscient By Chattampi Swamikal

Initial Creation Oh! Christian preachers, Why did Jehovah create the primeval man and woman devoid of discrimination? Had they discrimination, why did they eat the forbidden fruit and fail to know that to refrain from doing forbidden things right and to do them is wrong? Why weren‟t they initially bestowed with the knowledge of good and evil that they gained after eating the forbidden fruit? Why did Jehovah plant a useless tree in the Garden of Eden where they were sent to live though they had no discrimination? Suppose a father brings home a pretty looking poisonous fruit, bids his children to stay away from it and in his absence the children get tempted, eat the fruit and fall sick, … Continue reading Whether Christ is Omniscient By Chattampi Swamikal

Whether Crist is Omnipotence by Chattampi Swamikal

   Material Cause  Oh! Christian preachers, Does not your Bible say that Jehovah created the world out of void? Cause should always precede an effect. The effect is, however, contained in latent form in the cause and it  becomes manifest when efficient cause comes into action later. For instance, the pot was in latent form in the clay and it  became manifest when the potter created it out of  clay. Bible mentions only efficient cause (Jehovah) for Creation which is an effect and is silent about material cause of Creation. This is no way logical.   If it is argued that God could create the world out of void because He is omnipotent, it doesn‟t fit. Omnipotence is the power … Continue reading Whether Crist is Omnipotence by Chattampi Swamikal

Whether God is Selfish ? by Chattampi Swamikal

 Purpose of Creation Oh! Christian preachers, Jehovah created this world comprising of sentient and insentient beings. Logic is that every effect has a cause. So, this world, being an effect, must have a cause and therefore a purpose behind it because no one will do an action without a motive. “प्रयोजनमनुद्दिश्य न मन्दोऽिि प्रवर्तर्े” – even a fool does not act without a purpose. As regards whether the motive behind the Creation is selfish or unselfish, it is beyond any doubt that this Creation is only for the benefit of Jehovah as it is said in Bible that “for I have created him for my glory” (Isaiah 43:7). Moreover, as per basic principles of  Christianity there were no souls before … Continue reading Whether God is Selfish ? by Chattampi Swamikal

ओउम नाम की माला लेकर, फूल हमेशा खिलते हैं |

भला किसी क कर न सको तो ,बुरा किसी का मत करना । पुष्प नहीं बन सकते तो तुम, कांटे बनाकर मत रहना ।। बन न सको भगवान अगर तुम , कम से कम इंसान बनो । नहीं कभी शैतान बनो तुम, नहीं कभीहैवान बनो ।। सदाचार अपना न सको तो , पापों में पग मत धरना ।। सत्य वचन न बोल सको तो, झूठ कभी भी मत बोलो ।। मौन रहो तो ही अच्छा कम से, कम,विष तो मत घोलो । बोली यदि पहले तुम तोलो तो , फिर मुंह को खोला कारो ।। घर न किसी का बसा सको तो , झोंपड़ियाँ न जला देना । मरहम पट्टी कर न सको तो, घाव नमक न लगा देना ।। … Continue reading ओउम नाम की माला लेकर, फूल हमेशा खिलते हैं |

भजन कविता

सब के गुण , अपनी हमेशा गलतियाँ देखा करो | जिन्दगी की हुबहू तुम झलकियाँ देखा करो ||   हसरतें महलों की तुमको गर सताएं आनकर | कुछ गरीबों की भी जाकार बस्तियां देखा करो ||   खाने से पहले अगर तुम हक़ पराया सोच लो | कितने भूखों की है इन में रोटियां देखा करो ||   आ दबोचें, गर कहीं तुम को सिकंदर सा गरूर | हाथ खाली आते जाते अर्थियां देखा करो ||   ये जवानी की अकाद सब ख़ाक में मिलाजावेगी | जल चुके जो शव हैं उनकी अस्थियाँ देखा करो ||   जिंदगी में चाहते हो सुख अगर अपने लिए दूसरों के गम में अपनी सिसकियाँ देखा करो | मिलाजावेगी जल चुके जो शव हैं … Continue reading भजन कविता

Islam was spread with sword

In today’s world this topic is highly debated, that whether “Islam was spread with peace or Sword”. Is Islam a religion of terrorism or peace? Many Islamic scholars today claim Islam to be religion of peace, and Islam was spread with peace. They also say, that Muhammad fought no offensive fight. They (Muslim Scholars) add that all the fight in Islam were defensive. There was no use of sword or violence to spread Islam. To answer these questions, and to separate the wheat from chaff, we will have to look in the Historical background, when Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad. As per Qur’an itself, the Arabs did not believed Qur’an to be revealed book, and Muhammad to be Messenger of God. We have … Continue reading Islam was spread with sword

देव दयानंद अकेला था

देव दयानंद अकेला था……. थे न मठ मंदिर हवेली हाट ठाट बाट , सोना चांदी कहाँ पास पैसा था न धेला था | तन पै न थे सुवस्त्र हाथ थे न अस्त्र शस्त्र , जोगी न जमात कोई चेली थी न चेला था || सत्य की सिरोही से संहारे सब मिथ्या मत , संकट विकट मर्दानगी से झेला था | सारी दुनियां के लोग एक तरफ थे प्रकाश, एक ओर अभय दयानंद अकेला था ||

आर्य मंतव्य (कृण्वन्तो विश्वम आर्यम)