hadees : BATH (Ghusl)

BATH (Ghusl)

For the exercise of prayer, the whole body must be washed to absolve it from uncleanliness after certain acts: menses, puerperium, coitus, and pollutio nocturna.  This practice is derived from the QurAnic verse: �If you are polluted, then purify yourselves� (5:6).

There are over two dozen ahAdIs on the subject of Muhammad�s own custom in this regard.  �Aisha says: �When Allah�s Messenger bathed because of sexual intercourse, he first washed his hands; he then poured water with his right hand on his left hand and washed his private parts . . . � (616).

Muhammad�s practice was that after the sexual intercourse, �sometimes he took a bath and then slept, and sometimes he performed ablution only,� postponing the bath till the end of the night before the morning prayer.  When �Aisha reported this to the narrator of this hadIs, his pious reaction was: �Praise be to Allah Who has made things easy� for the believers (603).

The same obligation lay on women.  One Umm Sulaim went to Muhammad and asked him: �Is bathing necessary for a woman when she has a sexual dream?� Muhammad replied: �Yes, when she sees the liquid [vaginal secretion].� Muhammad�s wives were scandalized when they learned that Umm Sulaim had put a question to the Prophet which suggested that a woman too could have a sexual dream.  �You humiliated the women,� they told her (610, 611).

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  1. Namskar Sab ko mere akha kainat Ke sardar na kisi ko paida huwe na kisine unhe janma o toe bus fariste lakar bibi ammena kae godh Mae jananti libas pehnakar chod gaye , kya koi bata sakta hai mujhe, Krishna devaki ka putra tha lekin devaki janmi nahi thi aise hi na mere akha kabi kiwi se intercouse nahi kiye intercourse ki jarurat use hoti hai jise duniyaki khwahish hoti hai unko bus khudaki khwahish thi aur umat ki fikar

    1. shree krish to maataa se prakiti ke niyamanusaar hee paida huye the

      Ishwar apane niyam naheen badalta

      ye to quran ka allah hai jisako apane niyam badalne padte hein

      ye usaki alpagyata ka suchak hai

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