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Defiant bikers as horse riders of jihadi Islam

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Written by Ram Kumar Ohri, IPS, (Retd.)

Jihadi Islam is in fast forward mode. Not only in India, but across the globe. The soldiers of Islam are waging a jihad against the so-called ‘kaffirs’ (read the non-Muslim) from America to the Phillipines via Europe, Middle East and Indian sub-continent. The fast-forward epidemic of rowdy bike-riders have managed to hold the citizens of Delhi for ransom during the last two successive years. There is a method in their madness. They are conveying a warning to the Indian masses (read Hindus) of the coming clash of civilizations.

In June 2013 the denizens of Delhi, especially the motorists and pedestrians on Delhi roads had to wade through a harrowing experience of lawlessness throughout the night of the Muslim festival of Shab-e-Barat . Th unsuspecting motorists and commuters were caught in a frightful melee caused by thousands of skullcap wearing jihadi motorcyclists. Many of them were gesticulating at motorists, especially to frighten the lone women car drivers, while performing stunts on the roads of New Delhi. Their shameful antics and rowdy behaviour was roundly criticized by the media which faulted the police for the monumental breakdown of public order on the fateful night.

This year, too, on June 13, 2014, which was the night of Shab-e-Barat many teams of skullcap-wearing bikers tried to stage a repeat performance of lawlessness and disorder unleashed last year. In a desparate bid to dissuade the defiant jihadi bikers from creating mayhem across the city on the night of Shab-e-Barat, the Delhi Police went out of their way to seek help of several so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim leaders, including 21 Imams of various mosques. But their endeavour ended as an exercise in futility

Interestingly despite the assurances given by the Imams and leaders of the Muslim community this year, too, the jihadi bikers chose to defy the law and the police. Caring two hoots for the warnings given by the Delhi Police Commisioner and unprecedented extensive deployment of police force at nearly 180 strategic points several determined groups of biker warriors of Islam came out in large numbers in a bid to create chaos in the central and south-east Delhi. They tried to create an atmosphere of lawlessnes in certain Muslim-dominated areas of East Delhi like Seelampur and Usmanpur. They succeeded in disrupting the orderly movement of traffic on a number of roads during the late hours of night and early morning hours. The police measures failed to stem the onslaught of rowdy bikers and there were multiple traffic snarls due to erection of multiplebarricades on major roads

muslim-bikers-indianewsMercifully the police were able to prevent the jihadi bikers from going berserk. They challaned nearly 15 00 to 2,000 defiant bikers and impounded more than 300 motor cycles. Even then after idnight many bikers tried to confront the policemen by throwing stones at them. Many roguish bikers could not be caught and challaned on the spot despite best efforts of the police personnel detailed to arrest them.

There have been sporadic reports of skull-caps bearing bikers trying to create similar lawlessness in some other cities and towns of the country. Unfortunately the intelligence agencies and police officers have failed to read the tea leaves of the fast approaching ‘faultline conflicts’ forecast by Samuel Huntington in a seminal essay in 1993 which was subsequently elaborated in his famous tome on the clash of civilisations.

Our intelligence agencies have refused to learn any lessons from the havoc played by jihadi bikers in several parts of the world. Well known proactive members of Islamic outfits in several countries have been organizing Muslim bikers gangs. Some of them operating in Sydney and other twons of Australia call themselves as ‘MBM’ or Muslim Brotherhood Movement. Apparently the bikers claim to represent the ideals and goals of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. There is another gang of Muslim bikers, known as ‘Soldiers of Islam’, or “Sons of Islam” who have been operating with impunity in Australia’s Gold Coast, nearabout Mermaid Beach.

Similarly in the United Kingdom there is a bikers gang organized by Jamal Richards who had also founded an outfit called ‘Concerned Muslim Citizens’. Jamal is also the organizer and leading light of a devout Muslim bikers gang called ‘Deen Riders’ which was established 5 years ago in the year 2009. The Deen Riders ultimately plan to ride on motor bikes to Hajj in Saudi Arabia. According to Jamal Richards his group of the faithful proposes to call the bike journey to Hajj as “Enduring Hardship for Allah’s Pleasure”. He claims that people love to see the shining bikes of Muslims.

The Muslim bikers phenomenon has now surfaced in the USA. One such organization is known as United Muslim Bikers (or UMMA M.C.).They have branches and chapters of bikers in California, Oakland, Las Vegas,Atlanta and East Coast, etc. A number of hard-nosed Islamic preachers like Hasan of Oakland, Naim of Las Vegas and Dawud of Los Angeles are associated with the bikers movement across America The United Muslim Bikers also try to impress on their members that Prophet Muhammad was an excellent horse rider of his times. In Today’s world motorbike is a substitute for horse. The UMMA Club is meant for the Muslims who love to ride motor cycles.

The Muslim bikers of the USA had also tried to organize a ‘Million Muslim March’ on 12th anniversary of 9/11 jihadi attack. The American Muslims Political Action Committee was behind the proposed Million Muslim Rally and its avowed objective was to counter the unfair fear of Muslims caused by 9/11 terrorist attacks. But their attempt to cow down the Chritians was thwarted by a determined nationalist group who threatened to organise a two million bikers march against ‘Fear’ caused by Islamists. Though falling short of the 2 million mark, several thousand Christian bikers road into Washington D.C. on September 11. After thwarting the Million Muslim March, the national coordinator of the Christian bikers march Belinda Bee, announced that they plan to be present on 9/11 every year.

Interestingly the Muslim bikers also promised to return for a bigger show next year on anniversary 9/11. So a race for supremacy appears to have been joined by the bikers of the two communities, namely the Muslims and the Christians

It is time that the Indian police officers and intelligence agencies woke up to the reality of the bikers menace seen in Delhi for two successive years and tried to learn lessons from the growth of Muslim bikers gangs in several countries. Equally important it is for the Hindu leaders to awaken the masses of the danger posed by jihadi bikers. As explained by the United Muslim Umma of Motorcyclists, they are going to use motor-cycles as the 21st century horses of jihadi Islam.

In Delhi the gangs of Muslim bikers try to gather in the infamous ‘No Go’ areas where entry of police is invariably resisted by aggressive rowdies. During the UPA regime the number of ‘No Go’ areas in Delhi and several Indian cities has grown manifold, especially after the Intelligence Bureau, NIA and CBI shifted their focus from Indian Mujahideen and SIMI to the so-called threat of ‘saffron terrorism’ as exemplified by Rahul Gandhi in December, 2010, during a meeting with the US Ambassador,Timothy Roemer. More importantly this allegation was repetitively emphasized by Digvijay Singh, a heavy-weight political guru of Rahul Gandhi and the former Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde.

The truth, however, is altogether different. India’s intelligence agencies like the Intelligence Bureau and the Research & Analysis Wing of the Cabinet Secretariat, including the top political echelons of the Indian government are fully aware that the Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan has a long term plan to overrun India, i.e., Bharat, annihilate its Hindu population and establish a powerful caliphate in this part of the world.. Their ultimate goal is to convert the entire sub-continent into Dar-ul-Islam. For achieving their sinister objective the ISI has managed to plant thousands of fifth columnists and fellow-travellers of militant Islam across the country.

According to a news published in an obscure corner of Times of India, New Delhi on June 20, 2014, a Hindu activisit, S. Suresh Kumar who was President of Hindu Munnani’s Tiruvallur unit was killed by four assassins who came on motor-cycles on the noight of June 18. The police authorities suspect them be members of extremist outfits. The murder led to outbreak of violence next day during which 17 buses of State Transport and shops were damaged.1 [Source: Times of India, New Delhi, p.4, a news item titled ‘Munnani Neta’s murder sparks violence in TN’]

The notorious terrorist of Indian Mujahideen Yasin Bhatkal was arrested on Indo-Nepal border near Dharbhanga. His interrogation by the NIA revealed that Yasin had planned to carry out multiple jihadi attack across the country with help of his close associate, Waqas, who was an expert bomb maker and an active participant in the notorious Hyderabad blasts. Among other things it was admitted by Danish Mohammed Ansari, another member of the I.M., in a statement got recorded by the NIA under section 164 Cr. P.C. before a Magistrate that in 2010 Yasin Bhatkal had confided in him that the I.M. had already enlisted nearly 33,000 volunteers for carrying out subversive activities and terror attacks in India. The point to note is that a statement recorded under Section 164 Criminal Procedure Code is admissible as evidence during trial. Unfortunately thereafter the trail went cold.

Interestingly neither the NIA nor the Intelligence Bureau were able to make any break through for identifying and arresting thousands of fifth columnists and militant volunteers who had joined the Indian Mujahideen.

The threat posed by the skullcap-wearing rowdy bikers of Delhi and other cities and States needs urgent attention of the intelligence agencies and security experts. The gangs of bikers have become a major threat to the maintenance of law and order. It is time to remember that today India is under siege of thousands of fifth columnists. Could it be that the rowdy bikers operating in Delhi and many other cities and States part of the 33,000 members enlisted by Yasin Bhatkal and his associates for subverting the Indian nation?

In any case, the time for stringent action against the growing menace of skull-capped militant bikers has arrived.

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क्या श्री राम ने पशु वध किया था ??

अम्बेडकर वाड़ी दावा :-

राम जी ने मॉस प्राप्त करने के लिए हिरण का वध किया था ….

दावे का भंडाफोड़ :-

प्रश्न-क्या श्री राम ने किसी हिरण की हत्या की थी?
उत्तर-रामायण के अनुसार वो कोई हिरण नही था असल मे वो एक मायावी बहरूपिया मारिच था जिसने सीता जी ओर रामजी को भ्रमित करने के लिए हिरण का छद्म भेष बनाया था।(ये ठीक इसी प्रकार था जैसे कि रात मे रस्सी को साप समझ कर भ्रम मे पड जाना,रेगिस्तान मे प्यासे को पानी नजर आना)
असल मे मारीच भेष बदलने के अलावा तरह तरह की आवाजे(मिमिकरी)निकालने मे भी माहिर था।
उसके इस छल के बारे मे लक्ष्मण जी ओर श्री राम जी को भी पता चल गया था,,
जैसा कि बाल्मिक रामायण मे है-
शड्कमानस्तु तं दृष्टा लक्ष्मणो राममब्रवीत्।
तमेवैनमहं मन्ये मारीचं राक्षसं मृगम् ॥अरण्यकांड त्रिचत्वारिश: सर्ग: 4॥वा॰रा॰
उस मृग को देख लक्ष्मण के मन मे सन्देह उत्पन्न हुआ ओर उनहोने श्री राम जी से कहा-मुझे तो मृगरूपधारी यह निशाचर मारीच जान पडता है।
वास्तव मे वो सब बनावटी था इसके बारे मे लक्ष्मण जी ने श्री राम से कहा-
मृगो ह्मेवंविधो रत्नविचित्रो नास्ति राघव।
जगत्यां जगतीनाथ मायैषा हि संशयः॥अरण्यकांड त्रिचत्वारिशत: सर्ग 7॥वा॰रा.
लक्ष्मण जी कहते है,है पृथ्वीनाथ!है राघव!इस धरतीतल पर तो इस प्रकार का रत्नो से भूषित विचित्र मृग कोई है नही।अत: निस्संदेह यह सब बनावट है ।
अत: इन बातो से यह निश्चत है कि श्रीराम जानते थे कि वो बहरूपिया असुर मारीच था कोई हिरण नही,,
लेकिन बेवकुफ लोग यहा भी प्रश्न करेंगे कि वो एक बहरूपिया था फिर भी श्री राम ने उसे क्यु मारा ओर उसका कसूर किया था,,
उ०-अरे अंध भक्तो राम जी जानते थे कि वो पापी था क्युकि एक बार पहले भी श्री राम ने उसे क्षमा कर दिया था उसका ओर श्री राम जी का पहले भी सामना हुआ था,,
खुद मारीच ने इस बात को रावण से कहा था कि वो कितना पापी था।
भयं लोकस्य जनयन्किरीटी परिघायुधः॥
व्यचरं दण्डकारण्ये ऋषिमांसानि भयक्षन्।
विश्वामित्रोsथ धर्मात्मा मद्वित्रस्तो महामुनिः॥अर॰का॰,अष्टत्रिशः सर्गः,२,३॥
मारीच कहता है कि मेरे शरीर की कांति नीले रंग के बादल के समान थी,कानो मे तपाये हुए सोने के कुण्डल पहिने,मस्तक पर किरीट धारण किये ओर हाथ मे परिघ लिये हुए,तथा लोगो मे भय उपजाता हुआ मै दण्डकवन मे घूम घूम कर ऋषियो का मांस खाता था।धर्मात्मा महान महर्षि विश्वामित्र भी मेरे से भयभीत थे॥
उसके इस वर्णन से पता चलता है कि वो दुष्ट था साथ ही शस्त्र,मुकुट,कुण्डल पहने एक नीच मनुष्य ही था।
प्र०-क्या सीता जी ने उस मृग को मांस के लिए श्री राम जी से पकडने के लिए बोला था?
उ॰-नही! हिरण सीता जी ने मांस के लिए नही बल्कि सीता जी ने खेलने के लिए मंगवाया था।
“आर्यपुत्राभिरामोsसौ मृगो हरति मे मनः।
आनयैनं महाबाहो क्रीडार्थ नो भविष्यति॥
अरण्यकांड,त्रिचत्वारिशः सर्गः॥
सीता जी कहती है-है आर्यपुत्र,यह मृग मेरे मन को हरे लेता है,सो है महाबाहोः इसे तुम ले आओ!मै इसके साथ खेला करूगी॥
इससे पता चलता है कि सीता जी ने उस हिरण को मांस के लिए नही बल्कि खेलने के लिए श्री राम जी को पकडने को कहा था।
अत: रामायण से ही स्पष्ट है कि श्री राम ने किसी मूक पशु का वध नही किया न ही सीता जी ने उसे मांस के लिए मंगवाया था,,,

Response to Riddle of Krishna of Ambedkar




World wide a large number of people are influenced with Shri Krishna. He is known as Yogeshwar Shri Krishn. But unfortunately Krishna has also been used as a tool by a group of people to cover-up their unethical acts and wishes. Shri Krishna has been projected by people as a carrier of all the unsocial activities and behavior, whether it is prostitution or misbehaving with ladies or it is theft etc. Because of this Shir Krishna has been targeted by people from outside as well within India by different sects.


Maharshee Dayanand considered Shri Krishna as a noble man. Shri Krishna was one of the character whom he considered as noble personality. He was very upset with those kind of people who were indulged in the process of maligning  the image of the great person of the era(Dwapar).


He is the character whose name was referred as noble by Maharshee Dayanand Saraswati to the people of India. Maharshee Dayanand writes in Light of Truth that :

“The life-sketch of Krishna given in the Mahabharat is very good. His nature, attributes, character, and life-history are all like that of an apta (altruistic teacher). Nothing is written therein that would go to show that he committed any sinful act during his whole life, but the author of the Bhagvat has attributed to him as many vices and sinful practices as he could. He has charged him falsely with the theft of milk, curd, and butter, etc., adultery with the female servant called Kubja, flirtation with other people’s wives in the Rasmandal, and many other vices like these. After reading this account of Krishna’s life, the followers of other religions speak ill of him. Had there been no Bhagvat, great men like Krishna would not have been wrongly lowered in the estimation of the world.

There are lots of literature available about Shri Krishna. Mainly literature that speaks about Krishna is Mahabharat, Harivansh and few of the  Puranas. There is too much of  differences that is found in the different stories about Shri Krishna in the different books. This fact is accepted and supported by different authors who have researched and wrote about most prominent personality of Dwapar Yuga. Most Authentic story which has less adulterated verses is found in the Mahabharata.


Now , we will discuss various objections of Dr. Ambedkar one by one.

Dr. Ambedkar first of all has proclaimed that Ugrasen’s wife had an illicit connection with Drumila the Danava king of Saubbha. From this illicit connection was born Kansa who was in a sense the cousin of Devaki.   Whatever Dr. Ambedkar has written in this regard is totally baseless. Nothing is mentioned in this regard in the Mahabharata or Bhagwat (mostly known books about story of Shri Krishna). It seems imagination of his mind that is baseless and should be condemned as without and base writing such derogatory statement does not suits the image of person he was.

First Dr. Ambedkar has cited birth of Balram as miraculous mentioning that the seventh child, Balram, was miraculously transferred from Devaki’s womb to that of Rohine, another wife of Vasudev and has also discussed about the birth of Shri Krishna. Dr. Ambedkar has written about the most common story heard around of a voice of heaven that Devaki’s eight child would kill the Kansa and hence Kans imprisoned both Devaki and her husband Vasudev.

Story about miraculous birth that  Dr. Ambedkar has cited from Purans don’t find any place in Mahabharata. Bakim Chandra Chatopadhyay wirtes that in Bhagwat and Mahabharat Krishn declares that Kans was uprooted his father from the post of the King and controlled the kingdom and he was so cruel that people started to leave Mathura in search of safe heaven. He writes there about the possibility that by considering the environment of the terror, Vasudev and Devaki might have placed Krishna and Balram in the supervision of Nand. Further Pandit Chaumupati Ji have mentioned in the “Yogeshwar Shri Krishn” that in Maharabharat while elaborating the criminal acts of the Kansa, Krishn neither has discussed that Vasudev was imprisoned for ten or twenty years nor he has said about the personal torture of Kansa on his parents. Hence all the facts confirms that there was nothing miraculous in the birth of Krishna and Balaram.


Dr. Ambedkar has written that the killing of Asuras and number of other heroic deeds, impossible for an ordinary human child. But these are the chief staple of the Pauranic account of Krishna’s early life. He says that first of these is the killing of Putana. Pandit Chamupati has discussed this aspect as under:

Let’s have an ideas what Puran says about the Putana.

वसतातोकुळेतेषाम पूतना बाल घातिनी।

सुप्तंकृष्णमुपादायरात्रौ सा प्रददौस्तनम

यस्मैयस्मैस्तनंरात्रौ पूतना संप्रयच्छति


अंश ५, अ. ५ श्लोक ७,८,

In Vishnu Puran , Putana is resident of Gokul. In Hariwansh she is called care taker of Kans and In Brahmvart she is called sister or Kans. There are different stories about the Putana in various puranas in this regard and their stand on Putana are not tuned in.

Bankim Chandra Chatopaddhyay says that this story is also available in Mahabharat,   in Shishupal murder chapter.  Shishupal has called her “Shakuni”.

Eagle, and other meat eater birds are called “Shakuni”. Shishupal says in Mahabharat:

यद्यनेनहतोबाल्येशकुनिश्चित्रमत्रकिम।  सभा. ४१/७

If a child has killed an eagle so what exception he has done?  So when even Sishupal doesn’t see it as exceptional even why does Dr. Ambedkar has declared it in that manner. Continue reading Response to Riddle of Krishna of Ambedkar