We are told how the institution of azAn began.  In the beginning, in Medina, people forgathered in the mosque without knowing when they were to pray.  As a means of calling people to prayer at fixed times, some suggested using a bell, as the Christians did; others a horn, as the Jews did.  Some even suggested that a fire should be lighted.  All these methods were ruled out.  To make the Muslim practice different from that of the Jews, the Christians, and the Fireworshippers, the system of the human voice was introduced.  BilAl, who was very loud-throated, and �Abdullah b. Umm MaktUm, who later became blind, were the first mu�azzin (callers) (735, 737, 741).

AzAn is very effective.  �When Satan hears the call to prayer, he runs away to a distance like that of RauhA,� a distance of 36 miles from Medina (751).

author : ram swarup

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