AUM: Vatsala D. Radhakeesoon


A (अ )*,U (उ )*,M (म् )* –
Three Devanagri* letters shine in AUM*.

The Vedas* with a brush refined
paint it as the golden name for God.

Each Letter with maturity unmatched
branches further to names all- profound.

From A, Virat* flows
From A, Agni* flows,
From A, Vishwa* flows.

God illuminates the universe immense,
God is all- knowledge, omniscient,
God is in all, omnipresent.

From U, Hiranyagarbha* smiles,
From U, Vaayu* smiles,
From U, Taijas* smiles.

God is the source of light all-bright;
God creates, then destroys with all might.

From M, Ishwar*emerges,
From M, Aaditya* emerges,
From M, Praajna* emerges.

God has knowledge infinite, perfect;
God is immortal, free from damage effects.

Thus, in AUM dwell God’s attributes,
AUM is wholesome, unfailingly absolute.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

*(अ ), *(उ ), *(म् ): Main letters used in Sanskrit and Hindi forming the word AUM

*Devanagri : The alphabet used to write Sanskrit ,Hindi and other Indian languages

*AUM: According to the Vedas, the main name of God

*Vedas: The main sacred books of Hinduism

*Virat : God who illuminates this multiform universe

*Agni: God who is all-knowledge, omniscient and worthy of adoration

*Vishwa: refers to the fact that all the world and worldly objects dwell in God and he resides in all of them

*Hiranyagarbha: God as the source of light

*Vaayu: God as being the life and support of the universe and the cause of dissolution

*Taijas: God who gives light to the sun and other luminous bodies

*Ishwar: God, whose knowledge and power are infinite

*Aaditya: God as being immortal

*Praajna: God whose knowledge is perfect and He is omniscient

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